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  1. wmv ? Could you expand on what you mean exactly ? XbMovie only let's me write to avi. How do I record to wmv ?
  2. They're not helping me BP, they won't tell me how to get audio working!!! Help me, Obi-Wan KenoBP; you're my only hope.
  3. ... Or the one. I have been and always shall be your friend. Live long and prosper !!! You just want a list of MSX games ? In my sig, click on "MSX Compatibility List"... is this what you mean ? ...I can send you the roms aswell.
  4. Here is XBMC captured in 720P @14fps...
  5. I would of voted for MSX if I was sure it was MSX (and not MMX), ah well maybe next time Any advice for my topic BP ? Xbox Movie Capture Tool (Tests)
  6. I have setup my Xbox to boot into debug mode, and can now run the XbMovie Tool. Here's my first test capture of BlueMSXbox, which obviously plays MSX, MSX 2 and MSX+ games... First of all, there is no audio when I capture. Normal ? <---click Now at first I tried capturing at 720P (1280 x 720) and this captured at around 13fps If I choose 1/2 size (640 x 360),I get much better results. 24 bpp reduces frames too, so I'll stick with 16 bpp for now. <--click I tried some advanced settings too, which gave no significant improvement. (will try out different settings later) Finally I put BlueMSXbox into 480P video mode and captured the video above, which produced a 31fps capture.
  7. Might be a typo.. possibly MSX ? MSX Wikipedia
  8. Thanks for explaining your method, seems an ideal way of making videos. I'm working on making MSX videos, as you know. Some games, I can just load and record and move onto the next game. On others, like "Knightmare III - Shalom", there is a lot of dialog you have to get past until you reach any ingame action. Any MSX interest here by the way ?
  9. BP.. I'm asking you though. Why don't you share your knowledge so that others will benefit? I understand the Xbox needs to boot into debug mode, so I'm looking into this. I already have VS studio 2003 and the Xbox XDK environment on my PC. When I have the Xbox booting in debug mode, hopefully you can be more helpful
  10. Looking in the "XboxSDK.chm" I see the "Xbox Movie Capture Tool (XbMovie)" page... is this the method you use? Which settings would give good results?
  11. BP, can you write a tutorial on how you make videos? I'm sure it would be useful to everyone that wants to contribute to CoinOPS and don't know the process. Thank you for this wonderful frontend/emu called CoinOPS. Don't let the haters get you down!!
  12. Don't forget the N64 had a peripheral called the 64DD.... Nintendo 64DD (wikipedia) Maybe it relates to this? Just a thought... maybe the "y" of "yce" means yoshi? Mario rides on top of yoshi, just like the N64 is on top of the DD
  13. You're still welcome at emuxtras.net BP Hey, you can even join us at RessurectionXtras on efnet IRC channel Phil is there too, why don't you join us there? We can have a nice chat...I'll make the tea, waal can bring some of his french delicasy's and cbagy can pull up a chair for you (you can trust him )
  14. I've been using the emulators on PS3 too, very promising! FBANext is starting to look like a certain C-OPS...your not involved are you BP?
  15. I was playing Aliens on BlueMSXbox recently
  16. Thanks for the explanation BP... I've been using CoinOPS Epic recently, I like the way all the games can be sorted by console type or by just showing Arcade. Thanks for all your efforts
  17. The Xtras Dracula X is BIN/CUE (and plays music) and the CoinOPS Epic Dracula X is CUE/ISO/MP3 (does not play music). Hmm..there are 2 cue files...one has the track list as wav and the other as mp3..I'll try swithching them around... Nope! That just gave a file missing error (MP3.cue)
  18. I was just comparing CoinOPS Epic (yes I have it ) to MednafenX_pce, and Dracula X (for example) has no music in CoinOPS. It does however have music in MednafenX_pce. Is there an option I'm overlooking in CoinOPS? Also my knowledge regarding all things PC Engine CD is limited, so these games only work when ripped to mp3? So we can't use them in the wav format?
  19. I think he means the RessurectionXtras 2-part pack for Playstation, which included the Artwork and Movies. The actual Games were partially released then retracted (too big!) You should be able to use other PSX game images though.
  20. ........and a Happy New year! Here's to another year of CoinOPS Neverending Edition's
  21. On the Service Mode line, press A then you can map it to any button. Is this what you mean?
  22. Right, I'm putting a stop to this right now!!! No Amiga in CoinOPS or you'll have me to deal with!!! (and Waal)
  23. Seeya brother BP, we'll miss you!
  24. I'll comment before there is trouble, Cbagy did the DVD style BoxArt (and very nice too). The upright ones with the cart and the angled ones with green sides are by Azzbarb over at HyperSpin (nice too) Great skins cbagy, looking forward to seeing how they look with movies previews.
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