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  1. I edited out the rom loading screen and added a crossfade.
  2. The games load quicker than Xbox for a start. The sound is better too, and games look chrisper in 1080P. Then you have all those shaders
  3. Sorry, password is "blank" (all lowercase)
  4. woah! Impressive indeed :) Sonic Retro download link (mirror 2)
  5. People have no choice but to get CoinOPS if they want to play Arcade games. You saw to that alright I'm getting it to compare it to my FBL setup I have. Right, CoinOPS 2 downloaded, will try it out and report back
  6. Didn't Arc_Addict make that video? Not sure what you mean BP
  7. Huh? I did no such thing! Stop all this misinformation BP! Almost done downloading CoinOPS 2, and even though you have slandered my good name, I will still be making that video for you.
  8. I can make you a video, but I'm still downloading CoinOPS 2...unless you wanna give me access to the FTP (I'm getting CoinOPS 2 for FBL comparison reasons...no, really )
  9. Has anyone actually tried to remove roms, to see what happens ?
  10. Thanks for the helpful information, BP. When I resized a vertical game screen, then played a horizontal game, the game screen had shifted to the left. Is this what you meant? Okay, you made your point, there are many issues with FBL. Well I'm gonna finish converting the videos, upload them and inform people of the state of this old build of FBL. I will then point them in your direction and CoinOPS 2, and you can deal with them. This can be a archive of what FBL was and what it became in CoinOPS, so people can make a decision on which to go for.
  11. You can add more paths to different artwork folders (in the path.ini) and cycle through them using Right Stick - left/right. Not sure if this is what you are asking, but I thought I'd mention it
  12. Sega VMU! If I ever finish MSX and the Xtras for it, I'll make a best of, maybe then you can add it (or not). MSX has of course the Metal Gear games, but some great shoot 'em ups too.
  13. You've done a lot for the community BP, hope we can start a new chapter and get along better from now on. I am kinda new to arcades on the Xbox, so am still learning everything. It will be interesting to compare CoinOPS 2 to Final burn Legends 1.3.
  14. Nice to see all this teamwork going on, good luck on the release of CoinOPS 2. Can't wait to try it out!
  15. Clones will work, but you need to build them complete. Like, the parent files are in the clone ZIP. Why not just use the parent, if the clone is not needed, as I found with that Airwolf game. Phil, you even told me that only parent roms are in CoinOps. Ok, if I find any clones that differ from the parent, and add a new feature or something, I can do what you suggested Phil. No, I did not use FBL much when it was first released. I did read about the 720P issues, but this is still a work in progresss. I will be testing the games and take out or inform people of games with problems.
  16. In proportion then. I was talking about vertical game videos, either stretched to fill the 4:3 preview border or in proportion, which would leave black bars on the sides. Yes, I know all these games have all kinds of resolutions, but I did not make the videos, I got them from EmuMovies. So your saying that clones will work without a parent present ? I tried a clone of Airwolf, which did not run. When I added the parent rom, it did. The snaps/titles crash FBL ? I use 720P and have not come across this, but I'll look into it. Thanks for the feedback
  17. Those scanlines would be a great addition. What exactly makes Final Burn Legends so buggy. What problems are there?
  18. Aww you DO care! Yes, I did get the entire set from EmuMovies, maybe I missed those, I'll re-check. Thanks.
  19. So what if those skins are a year old plus, some of these games are years and years old I voted or would vote for dual previews, doesn't my vote count ?
  20. Okay, so can we have dual previews like in FBL ?
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