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  1. I haven't spoken to him for awhile either. He posted on his X-S thread a few days ago though.... Just holding the fort for him here, till he's back (this is hard work ya know!)
  2. A lot of PSX videos have been made for the Xtras, incuding those mentioned. However, I'm sure that BP can make them in 2 seconds
  3. BP your right!!!!!! Those miserable Xtras team, I hate them! No support from any of them!!! I quit!! I quit!!! I'm on your team now, give me everything you know, all the Xbox knowledge, lets set up a msn chat, we'll show those damn Xtras team, I hate them!!! HATE THEM!!!!!
  4. Just to clarify.... I asked BP about his claim for doing 1000 videos in a few days to a week. Now I'm making videos for the MSX system, and have done 100 in a week. My question to BP was how he managed to do so many in such a short time. So BP, as I understand from your replies to my PM's, you can record directly on the Xbox straight to XMV? Even if this is true (I'm no coder, and don't pretend to be) this is no good for me, as I am making the MSX videos both for EmuMovies (for PC frontends) and for the Xbox.
  5. Thought I'd try this aswell, for other's to compare. Using CoinOPS Reignite X (yes I got it ): Street Fighter Alpha 3 10-12 seconds to load / 5-6 seconds to exit back to gameslist menu. Snow Bros 3 8-9 seconds to load / 5-6 seconds to exit back 5 - 7 seconds to shutdown coinOPS Note: Using a 200GB IDE drive.
  6. So this can't be a Sata issue, as some other's have been saying. Hmm... Reignite X = RX? RX!! Spooky
  7. +1. +1 Sux big time. Can't believe some of you guys can waste so much energy and time posting this. Time to move on. Steve Can't believe it's not butter! Can't believe this thread is 6 pages Stop posting here, and wasting your time & energy
  8. Oh? Sesame Street/Muppets to Comics? I can do that
  9. Wacka, Wacka ? Don't you mean "Wocka Wocka Wocka"
  10. I think some members have misunderstood this thread. BP himself said to create such a thread, so as not to clog up his own. I thought I was doing you a favor! So if you want us back in your thread........
  11. You never said thank you either Thank you Mega Man (?)
  12. What's wrong with silly things anyway? I'm not hurting anyone, just messing about. I'll be good, promise
  13. I've been playing this on BlueMSXbox Emulator:
  14. What did I say? Stay on topic or the Cookie Monster comes back!!!!!
  15. At last! A reply on topic. Please continue like this or the Cookie Monster will be back!
  16. What? He asked for a cookie Be sure to join the IRC and I will kick you!
  17. This thread was suggested by BP himself: So is BP a newbe? Discuss!!!
  18. Is your Xbox version 1.6 by any chance? I've been told that there is a 480P/720P bug for this version of Xbox.
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