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  1. I see that the CoinOPS 2 skin will have 5 new colors, which is nice, but there isn't much more you can do with it, is there ? As you say, Rx did a fantastic job of testing the games for FBL (with help from others I'm sure). Glad that you got some of the problem games to work. Your misunderstanding me BP, I did not challenge you, I just want to give a choice for those that simply want Arcades only.
  2. I understand that the FBL core in CoinOPS is more up to date than FBL 1.3, however we are stuck with the CoinOPS skin. What about the wonderful skins that have been made for FBL ? Are snaps, titles, cabinet, cpanel, flyers and marquee supported in CoinOPS ? (I see a "HDimages and a "Screenshots" folder. Is this for them ?) What you call "misinformation" is really just misunderstanding. Like Phil has mentioned, the readme may need to be updated or worded better maybe ? What people really want is choice, how about you have 2 versions of CoinOPS in future? 1. As it is now with Arcade, Consoles and other type games 2. Arcades only (I'd even help with this) Come on you big lug, let's get along and be one big happy Xbox family. What do you say? I mean, look at the PS3 scene, we don't want to turn out like them, now do we?
  3. Same here, hopefully it's fixed in an update.
  4. I feel that this a good opportunity to leave 1Emu, and specifically CoinOPS. (You won't be missed) FBANext on PS3 is my preferred choice anyway, so goodbye CoinOPS on Xbox, your getting deleted (I hardly used it anyway, and that really is the truth). PhileXile, don't bother coming to the IRC channel, you won't be welcomed. (By me at least). If you want your PC Engine CD's deleted from the FTP, then so be it. (I will get around to upgrading it myself if need be). BP, you are the most arrogant person I have ever come across, I tried to mend bridges with you and the EmuXtras team, by acknowledging CoinOPS at our site. Instead you made it into an argument about misinformation, which wasn't my intention. Bigby signing off...
  5. Wha? That was a quick 2-3 weeks break BP Team Zod eh ? "Come to me, Superman! I defy you! Come and kneel before Zod! Zod! "
  6. I sent you the link fumanchu..I forgot though, it's at EmuXtras too.. ah well
  7. Hey darknior, I tried this update and we still can't choose a game path outside of the Emulator root folder. Resizing works though, so that's good Bye
  8. Lets settle this at 20 paces, turn, then fire Join the chat and lets get this whole business sorted once and for all... IRC chat
  9. There are ways around your restrictions, you better work hard on those locks
  10. Well it is locked, but waal has moderator permissions, so I can't help that Do what you want, the thread is staying XtrasGuru has spoken.. the word is... "If you wanna punish your adoring fans, that is up to you. We will leave it up to you to Xplain to them why"
  11. Rx did a package for ReIgnite R5 (I think). No one is saying that is what we are going to do. It's just another site where you can get CoinOPS, if that is what users want. Honestly, this is the internet, you can't control how things are shared...accept it!!!
  12. The XtrasGuru has spoken... the word is... "we can do whatever the hell we want!"
  13. CoinOPS EPIC (latest releases) is back up at EmuXtras... This is only the release information that you yourself provide BP, which I have quoted from your own posts. The thread is locked and only provides info and download links to CoinOPS.
  14. Are you talking about this BP ? A Few Question To Get In The Right Direction This is the reason I wanted an official CoinOPS thread at EmuXtras, so we could clear up any confusion users may have about it. All I can do now is send them back here for any questions they may have.
  15. Both CoinOPS EPIC threads have been removed at EmuXtras
  16. BP, CoinOPS EPIC (releases) thread has been locked, so only release information is posted from now on. Another thread has been made for CoinOPS EPIC (feedback), for any opinions users may wish to post (either positive or negative). Like you said before, opinions are like arses, everyone has one. Hope this is reasonable to you. I'll try to clear up the confusion with the CoinOPS package that Rx released and that you have updated CoinOPS many times since then.
  17. Not sure who you mean, I don't know anyone from that site you mention. I'm not laughing at you BP, I'm laughing with you Seriously though, we're a decent bunch of people over at emuxtras. If you don't want to post, that's ok, I will keep the thread updated with your latest releases.
  18. We do occasionally get asked about running arcade games on Xbox, so hopefully this thread will help newcomers. There is a link back to your CoinOPS thread, so they can come here aswell for any answers they may have. Look forward to adding the link to R8 when it's released. (I will have to use the snesorama link as I have no other direct way of getting hold of it) I hope you will change your stance on not posting at emuxtras, in the meantime please refrain from spitting in our faces
  19. Thought I'd start a CoinOPS thread at EmuXtras.. let's spread the word of all that is great about Xbox! I hope to see you post your comments there BP (Was gonna direct link to the thread, but might be against rules, just search CoinOPS!) (click my emuxtras sig)
  20. If you gave a straight answer BP, we wouldn't have to resort to all this sillyness If you don't want to help, just say so! ace9094.. sorry for hijacking your thread.
  21. You have two options: 1. Use the method I use here - XbMovie Capture tool 2. Use BP's method -
  22. Before you say it BP, 720P stutters...
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