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  1. They can be run as separate emulators I think. I tried capcom fight club and this is how I ran it.
  2. To be fair, you won't have to set it all up. Packs are being created for a particular category/system - best of capcom fighters, best of shmups, best of SNES .etc
  3. http://www.urbandict...e.php?term=idot
  4. I guess I can try games made for Net Yaroze. Some games here: http://psdev.psio.com.au/index.html http://psdev.psio.com.au/yaroze.html
  5. Great to see homebrew for Playstation! Are there anymore that you know of fu?
  6. It's true, the chips used to look and taste much better than they do today. Used to have a real nice chip shop near my school. At lunchtime, we would climb over the school walls, so to avoid the head teacher, who would patrol the school entrance. He later found out what we were doing during our lunch time, and came to the chip shop one time. Good thing we had those concrete pillars on the estate to hide behind!
  7. i like pizza i like bagels i like hotdogs with mustard and beer i'll eat eggplant i could even eat a baby deer lalalalalala-la-la who's that baby deer on the lawn there?! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlDVo0SPuWg
  8. I really don't know what the fuss is... just be patient and wait for the lite version or standalone. I know everyone is excited by CoinOps 4's release, but all this fuss over the locks is not helping matters. (This is nothing new and has been discussed ad infinitum). @Gamez Fan - good idea about an official arcade version of CoinOPs. I don't see why BP will not go for it, but the current climate has to settle, I'd imagine.
  9. I'd like to add my thanks aswell, it seems that a lot of new systems have been added. I look forward to trying out CoinOPS 4, as I skipped number 3 all together.
  10. In all honesty, my volunteering to mod the coinops section was half serious I haven't been keeping up with developments on coinops, so I wouldn't be the best person to mod such a section. gamez fan or fumanchu would be better candidates, as they are both very knowlegeable of coinops.
  11. That's exactly my intention +T+, and which is why I would be the perfect candidate.
  12. I'll volunteer to moderate the CoinOPs section My resume: Have a good knowledge of coinops Can interpret the authors idiosyncrasies Am a firm, but fair moderator Have past dealings with the author, both good and bad (lately, on good terms with him)
  13. Have you tried any of the beta releases for pcsxbox ? You can get them over at emuxtras.
  14. Thanks to incrediclint and thanks for the info fu!
  15. Just stick with Final Burn Legends, no weird goings on there
  16. Thanks +T+, problem solved I don't have my Xbox at the moment, so can't test FBL yet. Are these games decrypted as they load in FBL ? (Therefore the decrypted bins are not even needed ?)
  17. Okay, how about "Sengoku 3 (decrypted C) [Hack]", which also has decrypted bins
  18. How are you dealing with the "decrypted.bin's" ? For example "The King of Fighters 2003 (Japan, JAMMA PCB, decrypted C) [Hack]" needs the "271-c1_decrypted.bin, 271-c2_decrypted.bin" .etc
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