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  1. hapyp birthday to whoever you are 1 member is celebrating his/her birthday today Thunder In Paradise(26)
  2. me.vote.other.don't.have.time.read.thankyou.
  3. mine is only 74.4GB but is till have 56.6 GB free space
  4. so, I think the second poll "will the highest level here change until 31 december 2007?" is answered except wizard reduce his lvl and this... jkk lvlup so fast i think she(?)'ll pass you. just a matter of time
  5. I'm 167cm tall weight 50kg I'm still 14 >.<
  6. Q 39-46 has no answer? O, they have already
  7. okay, I like stories and stuff like that, I just don't have time to read... if only 1 day is 25 hour....... okay, so you gonna decide anything? I better decide it first >.< (who knows what will happen. oh right, you know) me as .. ummm.. me, the e (with '/' above) doesn't allowed in blogs? well, change it to normal e or e' role? well, something that appear then dissapear, because I post like that. appear at early date, then stop at late date (ISP counts per size, and its 5 US$ per 100mb if I downloaded/uploaded more than 1 GB. enough said, too much explanation) skill... know pokemon? just say I have all of them. no need to mention them all, right? okay, that's all editted some typo
  8. Ask dropdeadend to post 1000 post a day, he says he can, right
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