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  1. You guys ever get bored or too lazy(perhaps broke) to go out and do something... try these Old and New movies - low - res http://www.watch-movies.net Few good movies - 480P or 480i www.hulu.com Listen to music, stream - www.deezer.com
  2. I just read this about nintendo patents, i must say how silly they are getting. but then again, in the future they might prevent some lawsuits like the one they had recently with the remotes. Nintendo Patents
  3. well, we've had sprint for 10 yrs and the last 5 months my bills have been chaos! jumped from 100 to over 200 Dollars a month, the first time we started having problems with this service was because we got a new phone, they charged us twice for the phone and took two month for them to sort that out and for us to get our money back after days of dealing with retards on the other end. then next month, we got a bill of over $250 dollars, so we call them back - and turns out that they were charging us a month in advanced?!? WTF!>??!??! another week on the phone with customer service (which sucks) trying to unravel this again... I had enough with this service by now, they're obviously practicing some weird business here, but the missus want to keep the service cause it's been good for so long - yadda yadda, so 2 month ago, we switched plans, - they got 2 phones on 2 plans?? another fooking week to fix this, after they assured us that is was fixed. then this month we got our bill showing one phone on one plan and the other on another plan. so, this is ridiculous. I HATE THIS SERVICE. I never had this problem with T-mobile, and was cheaper and easier to get through. after another 2 hours of dealing with idiots on Customer service they again tell us that they have charged for next month and the current one in advanced. This should be consider theft! just a little heads up if you guys are thinking about switching to sprint, I don't know what's so hard about doing this. SAY NO TO HIRING RETARDS..
  4. lol, I would have to re-install the game, haven't played it in a long time... but I think it should be similar to riding a bicycle, you never really forget how. I'm on MSN about once a month, i'll send you some info later. I don't do bang bang bang anymore though, allot has changed, and I mean a lot! I'm studying aviation now, my electives include economics and greek methodology, exiting ya? well, I need to move up brackets. yeah, you'll be shocked a bit on what's going on in life. I decided to stay in Cali by the way, I must admit, I enjoy the weather and diversity here. I just registered as cali voter. I'm voting Yes on Proposition 10 (1332. Bonds. Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Renewable Energy. Statute( California is generally the first state to introduce practical technology to the public and make it a law. This is great I think. I have yet to move to the hydro trend, I still own 12K on my 07 Sonata, and 10K on the Santa fe. whew, I can sure use some of that lotto money right about now. I'm writing a report on the candidates economic policy, which is the most important issue their really facing. so every time the TV is talking politics I have to switch it off because they're all just expressing their view on this and It's like watching the news on MTV, really sad. college is so cheap here, people in California should be the most educated people in the nation! (educated does not mean smarter) lol. Mag, I'll try you belthahar a shot to get at me. lol, this old man can maybe still get a few shots if my fingers don't cramp. I still do emu on my DS, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to play SNES GBA, NES, GB, GENESIS, ect. on this little machine. it's great. I don't remember where I left it last though. lol. anyway, going to the movies with the Mrs. (yep) and want to get a light dinner on the way there. I'm doing the Midnight 5K. cause I'm bright awake at that time. Taking my trek bike on a trail run. One day when I make over 100K i'll probably get a flat screen tv, if I really must. I really don't care much about it. umm... oh! if you're dating or seeing someone, and have a quickie problem, I recommend getting those extended pleasure condoms, if you don't have that problem I really DO NOT recommend this product as it numbs your part and really drags the moment too long, women generally think sex last longer than it really does anyway.( Scientific fact) foreplay is a must. Cat's are great pets for someone else to have, they look cute and entertaining but, once you have them, you wish they leave you alone for a while. who WON the Olympics? I missed the whole event.... lastly - Don't drink and drive, Last week one of my subordinates got into one of those accidents, he was a viggie before his parents unplugged him. sad.... and very stupid. can't wait for those self driving automobiles..
  5. I don't really care much about commercial games since they haven't been so good for a while. just some games I have played or still play. because I find them amusing in some way or another. If you got some, Please share. and some Bit of description. 1. GORE - This is a FPS game, is ok, to me this has a PS2 graphics and mulltiplayer is good. 2. shaiya - MMORPG - there are allot of users in this game, well Coded game, the combat system is not like WOW, but has some similar elements, much much better graphics. let me emphasize on that. You need a medium to high-end PC to play this because of the high level graphics. 3. Last Chaos - MMORPG - Tons of users, high level cap similar graphics than Shaiya, PVP, PVC. easy to pick up and get it going, by the time you get to lvl20 you'll get the gist of the game and would like to explore mor of the game. this is one of my faves. 4. Requiem - MMORPG - slower passed MMO, more like WOW, REALLY GORY, well coded, very bloody game. you may find this game amusing.
  6. thanks, yeah... sometimes I'm amazed at the stupidity that can come out of certain people. Wow, Magnis is here still, hehehe. I haven't spoken to him in a while either. welp. I noticed the attack system is much different than what I remember. allot of things have changed here, got to get around a bit i guess.
  7. Ok, i'm sick of reading dumb, racist statements at the other forum (you know which one) so, I'm moving to post here, even though I haven't in a really long long long time )) what's up G.C. seems like there are allot of people visiting this site well-done job man
  8. buh, no way... have you ever played a game like that on PC? they're horrible, and it's horrible to be seating on your PC/executive seat playing that type of games. buh.... even on laptops, it's not healthy to say the least
  9. haha - well it is PS2 compatable isn't it? they don't even need to have a PS1 core - just run thru an emulator with better filtering thatn PS2 lol maybe an XBOX2 emulator for PS3 - that would be WoOtabolous!!!
  10. I was reading the news from today's Cell exposure running at 4.6Ghz, :whew: will it really run this fast in the PS3? Incredible hopefully the 65nm shrinking will help to keep it cool, but I imagine that it won't be a quiet console, unless it used other than conventional cooling. I think that even if PS3 would run at 3.0Ghz it would compute more than a 7Ghz intel cpu. I don't think there'll be an emulator for this for years to come, lol :whew:
  11. bah - that's just a plain stupid name oO - Maybe they are trying to comete with ferrari? PCXBOerrmmm XBOX 2 is much better than this. 2nd generation <- i luv this face - lmao. anywho, it's retarded
  12. hah, i remember that, although technically it can with the right software and hardware support.
  13. I was reading up on HP's QSR (Quantum science research) Group, about their new findings on processing, sounds pretty awesome and about time that something gave way to transistors, I think that they are getting close to a consumer level usage, I hope that this brings total new wave of techies to the table that are allot faster than a super computer and is portable =) so I can play my PSP3 (PSP that's right) with some sort or 3D goggles here's the report - Source - Theregister.com PS3 Cell proceessinng unit = T3 (as in terminator 3) To tell the truth I'm a bit exited to see the Cell go into the market and see how it fairs out, and the posibilities. Unlike the PC/PCBOX is a revolutionary console (Like Ps2). But I'm also a bit optimistic about a network of cell units that can talk to each other and use each other's resource and at some level maybe reach an ulmost untapable processing power, I mean with the right - wrong software this can turn out to be a total desaster, but on the otherhand - if it all works out nice and neat like it's suppose to, Aside from pushing what I just posted Up there far back. networking would be a fricking trip, maybe even provide a wireless LAN? here's more - Source - Theregister.com kk - gonna go take a nap
  14. Why have a bunch of systems plugged to your TV instead of just one or two? and I do play PS1 games plenty, on somedays even more than PS2 titles. even though I wouldn't throw away my ps1-PSone - PS2, I would still like to give their lifespan a bigger run, instead of running them down to the bitter end, I use them once a while to see if they still work. obvious no? chummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmp!!
  15. here's my 2cent on this, although I would prefer PS2 over XBOX at the biggining, coming from the PC community back to the console thing was a different experience, I thought XBOX live crap was nothing but a rip-off, but now that I have had an XBOX for a few month and play allot of multiplayer games - on LIVE and LAN, I find this allot more exiting, but still XBOX doesn't have some of my favorite titles, and the graphics for most games are lame. but is good for shooters which is probably all I will use it for =) Now, I like the Idea the CELL Processing erm... something - (I forgot what they call it) brings to the table, aside from it's amazing specs what the PC2INABOX can't match, just by having the cell unit interconnecting with another cell unit would drastically bring down ping time - This means allot to me, I love to play online with a low ping time, but I'm guessing this would take a while, and wouldn't be so drastic since it would have to go thru a PC somewhere. but it's still a good offer meaning that SONY does plan to go ONLINE Multiplayer action, If they would also have a HDD feature this would complete the circle - This is a BIG minus for me, for the same reason that i came from the PC community to console again - I love to Download other maps - make my own if possible - have all sorts of different scenarios and maps =) it's good. XBOX2 will have more probles than sony with backwards compatability - I like this feature on PS2 also, since I still play my PSone games once a while, XBOX2 would have to have an embedded emulator or software emulator to be able to read XBOX games, This is also possible to be the same case for PS3 but according to spilled specs if they're true - PS3 has enought and plenty more to do this each cell would be able to deal with the complicated PS2 each sharing or distributing work. XBOX2 will need to really crunch numbers if it's emulation, because of the same reason XBOX is so powerful now and has much more FX than the PS2. also, a plus for me - would be some sort of link between PSP and PS3 =) cause i already plan to get the PSP regardless of the battery's life time. the technology in this little gadget is supperb. I want it! that's my 2cent
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