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  1. If I Were u, I'll Start With Wario Touched Feel The Magic is Awesome Too u Know it's Ur Choice After All
  2. I'm Still in Blue Chamber it's Creepy Wicked I Like Creepy Stuff
  3. See L.S.D it's Easy, With Some Help U r WelCome RaZer I Hope u Like it
  4. I'm Sure This Will Help Viridian Room Walkthrough Good Luck
  5. Hey Agozer I Didn't Mean That u Know, I Mean I Found it a While Ago Don't Bother u Can Do it L.S.D Ask Me if u Need Any Help I'm Trying 2 Finish The Blue Chamber
  6. I Found That a Long Time Ago it's a Cool Flash Game I Thought Some 1 Will Like it Maybe Any Way FASCO-CS Enjoy
  7. Happy I Changed it Back & I'm "HE" 4 God's Sake
  8. Thanx GryphonKlaw, U r Enthusiastic Too Enjoy This Crap Drake Ya SalaAam Ya Si Elazul Yagami Khush Alyya Khush Lo0o0oL & What's Wrong With That! We R Having Fun Here & I'm Enta Mush Enty I Love 2 Be Nice & Kind With Every 1 That's All, is That a Crime Salam L.S.D Thank u Chaotica, it's Really An Awesome Show
  9. Hey GryphonKlaw What's Up But it Still An Awesome Show Hi NeoMaster Wo0oW That Was,.,.,.,.Never Mind Thanx 4 Ur Reply Any Way Best Regards 4 u All
  10. Hey Agozer That's So Kind From u Thanx Alot 4 Ur Reply
  11. Hey robbbert, The Episodes Title In English u Wish L.S.D Thanx 4 That Link RaZer Enjoy The Funny & Bloody Show Guys
  12. Hey Guys How's Every 1 I Have a Nice Gift 4 u All Check it Out u Gonna Love it 4 Sure it's Funny & Bloody a New Awesome Episode Has Been Updated Happy Tree Friends WebSite
  13. Hey Guys Long Time No See Any 1 Have it I Was Just Wondering Thanx Alot In Advance
  14. Thank u So Much alexis That Link is So Amazing Good Job &Thanx Again
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