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  1. Yup, good point James. It is funny how it's a hack of a hack... Feel the same as iq_132 though, would be good to have from an emulation point of view.
  2. Here's another screen shot... Sorry I had to edit your post as the image links to a rom site
  3. Hello people, I know that if you use the UniBios there are cheats but I would also like to try and have cheats for when you don't use the UniBios... Does anybody happen to know / have MAME cheats for the following games: * Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2003. * Ghostlop. * Diggerman. * Jockey Grand Prix. * Neo No Panepon. * Neo Pong. * Pochi & Nyaa. * Poker Night. * Samurai Shodown V Special / Samurai Shodown Zero Special. * SVC Chaos: SNK Vs. Capcom (bootleg). * SVC Chaos: SNK Vs. Capcom Super Plus. * The King of Fighters 10th Anniversary - All Team Battle. * The King of Fighters 2002 - Challenge to the Ultimate Battle. * The King of Fighters 2003 Plus. * The King of Fighters 2004 EX Hero. * The King of Fighters Special Edition 2004. * V-Liner. I know there's a lot in the list. If anyone has any they they wouldn't mind sharing it would be much appreciated. Kind regards, Damien.
  4. The image isn't that exciting... Anyway, let's see if this works... Sorry I had to edit your post as the image links to a rom site
  5. Hey guys, Do any of you know any more information on "kf10thep" (The King of Fighters 10th Anniversary - Extra Plus) which has been posted on a Spanish website with a screenshot? Damien. PS. If someone can tell me how to post an image, I'll place the screenshot...
  6. Great. Thank you CrashDown Champion!. I thought US was a bit restricted sometimes. With that in mind, I think I'll use the UNI Bios with the region of Euro... Thanks for you help all.
  7. Excellent, thank you all for you comments guys. Appreciated. I'll use UNI Bios v2.0 then... Last question, which region do you believe is best regarding Blood and Violence? D
  8. Hello all, Just wondering what people's opinion is on the best Neo-Geo BIOS to use to with MAME32 for: * Enabling blood. * Enabling violence. * any other relevant settings. i.e Euro, Japan, USA or UNIBios. Damien.
  9. You are correct, sorry I should have said DAT (not driver)... Oh well, looks like I won't be able to play it in Kawaks v1.45 w /loader. Thanks for the info James. Take care.
  10. Thanks for the info Agozer & iq_132. I wrote the driver myself so didn't really what offsets to use... Do you know what the correct crc for kf10-C6.bin is? It's wierd as the same kof10th.zip works fine in the official Kawaks 1.54. I wonder how Razoola got it working, guess he knows the extra code needed? Thanks again. Kind regards, Damien.
  11. Hey guys, I'm trying to get this working in Kawaks 1.45 w/ loader using the driver below. Unfortunately it loads ok but Kawaks crashes when decrypting the graphics. Here's the driver I'm using: %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% System: NEO RomName: kof10th Game: The King of Fighters 10th Anniversary [Program] kf10-p1.bin,0,800000,b1fd0c43,0 [Text] kf10-s1.bin,0,20000,e2a6a999,0 [Z80] kf10-m1.bin,0,20000,f6fab859,0 [samples] kf10-v1.bin,0,800000,0fc9a58d,0 kf10-v2.bin,400000,800000,b8c475a4,0 [Graphics] kf10-c1a.bin,0,400000,3bbc0364,0 kf10-c1b.bin,0,400000,b5abfc28,0 kf10-c2a.bin,1,400000,91230075,0 kf10-c2b.bin,1,400000,6cc4c6e1,0 kf10-c3a.bin,1000000,400000,5b3d4a16,0 kf10-c3b.bin,1000000,400000,9d2bba19,0 kf10-c4a.bin,1000001,400000,c6f3419b,0 kf10-c4b.bin,1000001,400000,5a4050cb,0 kf10-c5a.bin,2000000,400000,a289d1e1,0 kf10-c5b.bin,2000000,400000,404fff02,0 kf10-c6a.bin,2000001,400000,e6494b5d,0 kf10-c6b.bin,2000001,400000,f2ccfc0e,0 kf10-c7a.bin,3000000,400000,be79c5a8,0 kf10-c7b.bin,3000000,400000,3fdb3542,0 kf10-c8a.bin,3000001,400000,a5952ca4,0 kf10-c8b.bin,3000001,400000,661b7a52,0 [system] CartridgeID: 267 GfxCrypt: 0 GfxKey: 0 ButLayout: 9 Fix: 0 %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% I also know that you need to load the C's in a certain order (see below), how can I do this with Kawaks? 1. kf10-c1a.bin 3bbc0364 2. kf10-c2a.bin 91230075 3. kf10-c1b.bin b5abfc28 4. kf10-c2b.bin 6cc4c6e1 5. kf10-c3a.bin 5b3d4a16 6. kf10-c4a.bin c6f3419b 7. kf10-c3b.bin 9d2bba19 8. kf10-c4b.bin 5a4050cb 9. kf10-c5a.bin a289d1e1 10. kf10-c6a.bin e6494b5d 11. kf10-c5b.bin 404fff02 12. kf10-c6b.bin f2ccfc0e 13. kf10-c7a.bin be79c5a8 14. kf10-c8a.bin a5952ca4 15. kf10-c7b.bin 3fdb3542 16. kf10-c8b.bin 661b7a52 Your help would be much appreciated.
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