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  1. understood...I have no problem waiting (only need two files from Metal Slug 4 decrypted so not like it's life or death for me ). Was just wondering if I'd set my software up incorrectly. After signing up for a monthly service I tend to get nervous when it seems off at first.
  2. I'm a bit new to newsgroups so I'm possibly doing this incorrectly but so far in the newgroups I've had time to check out (alt.binaries.the-terminal and alt.binaries.emulators.neogeo ) your posts seem to stop around the mid G files. Gowcaizer is the last of the files posted from you that i can see. Is there a way to get the rest of these files to show or does this mean that these are all that made it through?
  3. Sigh... What a time for my HDD to die. I guess I'll have to wait to try the latest FBA release when your site goes back up Gogo as none of the "usual places" seem to have a version past April. Ah well...thanks both of you in advance anyways. Nice to see some life still in the Xbox dev scene.
  4. Heh...i wasn't even aware FBAXXX Pro had an option to use cheats...there was no cheat directory in the distribution zip nor any mention of it in either GoGo's or +T+'s text files (that I saw)... How exactly did you set up the ini to enable region codes via the cheat dat to be used?
  5. For example i dug up an old cheat dat file for Final Burn Alpha for these two games.
  6. eh? back when CPS2 games were the new thing region codes were the only way to play certain titles in English while waiting for the US boards to be dumped. In fact there's an option in the original final burn (under control settings I do believe) just for that feature. Kawaks (pc) still supports this feature if you need to see it to know what to look for to enable it. Primarily i'm just speaking about the feature that will enable the japanese romsets to display the English text...it thinks it's the USA region but it's still the Japanese romset therefor Norimaru and anita can still be selected.
  7. is there a chance that FBAXXX Pro could support region changing in CPS2 games? Certain games (MSH Vs SF and MSH) have certain extras in the Japanese roms over the US/Euro versions. so currently have to have those two games as 2 of the same name on the menu if I want to play in English...and i still can't play the japanese version in English (Norimaru/anita's endings) if this feature is already in FBAXXX Pro i apologize. I could've swore I saw it in there a few releases ago but it's definately not in plain view now...and the documentation that comes with the release states nothing about it.
  8. Ok...I ran the program with the c5/c6 for Metal Slug 4 and ended up with a 512kb file called s1_out.bin (CRC 1EAA05E0)...the file I need is ms4n_s1.rom (CRC C349AD60). Obviously there's another step needed to get the rom I need out of the s1 I have now. A patch or something? -edit also the same with SVC: Chaos Decrypted C rom set. Now have a file called S1_out.bin (CRC 6CCAD070) and need svcn_s1.rom (CRC AD184232) Aside from that i'm slowly getting there...once I get MS4 worked out all I'll have left to decrypt is Samsho5/SP and KoF2003. Only thing holding me back on those is finding the right roms to make a complete set (damn bootlegs/old sets with the same zip set names) Thanks for all the help so far guys.
  9. Thanks for the help guys...I think i'll stick with trying to shrink my Mame sets properly (Matrimelee, Metal Slug 4, etc) and avoid the newer rom sets till they reach some kind of standard...think I've downloaded 3gigs of files that rom center just tells me are bad, unknown, and missing files. hard to shrink a set if you can't get a proper parent set after all. i have no idea how you guys got your sets sorted once they fell off the newsgroups. Will this program help me get the correct s1 for Matrimelee?
  10. I notice that for certain romsets (KoF2000, Garou, MetalSlug 3, newest sets) they require a 512kb s1 rom. My only way of decrypting roms (Kawaks) only produces a 121kb s1 (not to mention will not decrypt the latest sets). Exactly how are you guys decrypting these roms the proper way to get the correct sized S1? Also what is the best way to decrypt Matrimeleeto get the s1 that uses actual Matrimelee code? Or is their a specific romset that has this s1 in it? Been wasting bandwidth all week trying to finalize my FBAXXX Pro set and these damn s1 roms are driving me nuts (and before someone says anything I need the decrypted sets to save space...stock Xbox Hdd)
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