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    Why do you care, i am nothingness, like vapour, see yourself through ones eyes who are not closed to it all, and see yourself, destroying it all
  1. Well Terry has always been badass, im here to say long live the Lone Wolf, and Kain was cool and all but i wanna see more about Rock mainly. I think in one of the future KOF games they should have like a MOTW team or something, like Rock Jae Hoon or something.I just think the MOTW characters are too damn cool to just throw out like trash, and hopefully SNKP realizes this.
  2. Yea, ive always loved the fatal fury series, in fact Fatal Fury was the first Neo Geo game i played. Garou is one of hte best Neo Geo games ever made,also i wanna see what happens to the rest of the characters, alot of the endings left alot of questions unanswered...
  3. I heard a while back about this, and i havent seen anythign about it.If AOF can get another sequel, then why cant MOTW get a sequel?! Garou is WAY better than AOF.I was wonderin if SNKP is planning a sequel on Atomiswave or if their tossing the series altogether, anyone know?
  4. The Neo Geo as we know it is about dead...but the Atomiswave is on its way..more than likely SNKP has learned from their mistakes with the neo geo hardware (and sammy making their crap nearly unemulatable) we're not gonna see atomiswave emulation unless somebody pulls a miracle out of their @$$....NAOMI is here i think, so thats something to look forward to, the games for it are f*ckin amazing, but stil, whats the emulation scene gonna be like without the Neo Geo???
  5. thank you, arigato, gracias and a sh!t load more, that mugen works perfect =D, now i just gotta find some good characters (got any suggestions???)
  6. my problems are...ive been to www.mgbr.net and downloaded some mugen that works in xp, but for gods sake i cant add characters, it gives me some "mugen.exe has encountered an error and needs to close" whenever i add a char and try to run it, also ive downloaded mugen and teh xp patch and it still gives me some flocking bullshit error and i cant play it, can somebody tell me what im doing wrong, tell me a site that i can get a working mugen if thats the case, or PM or somethign HEEEELP!!!!!
  7. OK, after marathon sessions of KOF '94 through 2003, heres the best characters IMO, i ahte to say it but Angel is pretty damn good,but not the ebst, 2002 Rugal is Supreme God Of All That Is Unholy,Duolon is a straight up and down battle demon, other characters on my top list are Terry(2002 NOT THE CRAPPY 2003 VERSION)Kyo, Iori, (even though hes a total fruitcake) Ash, K' are badass (but god youd think SNKP would stop adding guys who burn $#!+) and and well teh best of teh ebst IMo are (ahem) Best Boss>2002 Rugal, Cheapest Auto Combo biatch>King(2003), Best All around ass kicker>Terry, and Craziest bastard in a game ever goes to Yamazaki, (and his cheap ass LDM is kof2003)
  8. OK, i got the KoF2003 Neo Rage X emulator and the rom and the patch, but the problem is the controls and the moves,well ive played it using MAME, and i can do ALL the moves (even kyo's) with ease, now however in NRX, it seems half circle motions are more difficult to time, and alot of the mvoes are missing(nearly all of joe's and Terry's LDM for example) anyone know a fix or something to help me out?
  9. A-men,Ash looks like a fruitcake, Shen Woo looks like Brad Pit in Fight Club(he kinda looked agy in that movie) and well, Duo Lon is a good fighter ill admit, but hed look alot better if he had more of a darker goth look and not a girlish look.(Terry looks cool and can kick ass )
  10. You wanna see some "questionable manliness" check out the Jrock artist Kamui Gackt from Malice Mizer, hes considered to be irrestible over there,yea right...
  11. The Lone Wolf and the true King of Fighters....TERRY BOGARD!!!!!!! TERRY OWNS EVERYONE!!!!Nobody can beat him!The Invincible Ass Kicking God!Respect his Fatal Fury or DIE! MWAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!
  12. maidenmasher i think your right, hte lense is prefectly clean,and well the power cord to the DVD drive doesnt seem to be messed up but im gonna chek into it, i think the goo that cover the electrical stuff on the power supply is melted a little and i think tis scrweing with my output,im gonna lok into it
  13. ok, my shtty xbxo isnt starting up right, ok, i took it apart awhile ago and cleaned it with some canned air,and now (it could be the fact that it got elft on all night about a week ago and it ahsnt been right since) now when i turn it on, most of the time i cant get the disc tray to open, the light will jsut flash, and now i can get it to open but nothing comes on teh screen, i think its the power supply, cuz i heard a weird ass sound coming form the power supply(not to mention my finger touched one fo teh parts of it and shocked the F*&^% out of me), i need to knwo whats wrong with it, ive gotta beat Breakdown!
  14. hmm lets see, Ninja Gaiden,Legacy Of Goku 2Mega Man X, Mega Man X2, Mega Man X3,Time Crisis 3,im close to beating Chrono Trigger ,7th Saga and Bahumut Lagoon.
  15. Well i just foudn good news on Tekken 5, well the graphics may not be up to apr with TTT for ps2 but it still looks amazing,and even tho they're saying that old geezer diaper wearing crap head Heihachi is ded........i doubt it, hes like a bad habit, never goes away, anyway,Kazuya looks badass,the purple outfit(TEKKEN 2!) is back with a few changes, Jin is back(HELL YEA) along with alot more oldbies and a few newbies, a guy who looks like Blade, a guy who needs to tweeze his eyebrows and uses some Mantis Kung Fu shiznit, and a hot chick, who cares about her style XD, Kazuya is looking cool as hell in this game, though he looks a lil like Demitri from DarkStalkers in this one shot, well i might psot on this more and well ocne more <--------is bored
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