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  1. It works with an updated version of WinKawaks thanks
  2. I occasionally get this error saying: Error requesting server list! I've tried closing and opening again but that doesn't work I've tried deleting and reinstalling Mame but that too doesn't work My firewall is off and I use Mame32K0.64en with Kaillera v0.9 Help!
  3. I was using a an old version of winkawaks the other day and wanted to use my PS2 pad via a USB convertor. But when I went to Redefine Keys it wouldn't recognise any buttons on my pad, so I had to play with my keyboard which kinda sucks. I wanted to know does any of the later version support USB. I think I had version 1.47.
  4. Does any version of Kawaks support pad inputs via USB. If so how do I get it to cos I can't find an obvious way of doing so. Thanks
  5. Would I be breaking the rules if I asked where you can get that? Thanx EDIT: Never mind I've found it!
  6. Hi everyone! It's been a while. Love the changes! Is there a way to use Gameshark/Action Replay codes with ePSXe 1.60? Note: there's no "cheat" tab for ePSXe 1.60.
  7. Anyone know where I can get a version of MAME thats compatable for KOF 2003?
  8. Sol - (GG series) Zero - (Megaman Zero series & Megaman X series) Iori - (KoF series) Sonic - (Sonic series) Viewtiful Joe - (Viewtiful Joe series) Cloud - (Final Fantasy series) Rock - (Garou: MOTW series) Kilik - (Soul Calibur series) Lion - (Virtua Fighter series)
  9. http://s94669954.onlinehome.us/ggxx-epatch.zip I didn't know where else to put this other than here.
  10. Try these torrents for GGXX:#Reload PC Finally here's a save file which has all the EX and SP versions of every character as well as Kliff and Justice unlocked for selection. Simply put it in your SAVE folder. Torrents / Download Links Removed | Please Read Board Rules Have Fun!
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