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  1. So the roms that I have will they work with this EMU? if so where do I place them? Thanks...
  2. Does anybody know where there is a better version of MAME for the PSP, one that can play the roms that I have on my PC, especialy my NEO and CPS games....
  3. I was wondering if anybody was able to upload a game in the memory stick and played it? and if possible can you play your roms on it?
  4. This may have asked before, but can anyone tell me where I can find Neo CD ISO's please post a link. Thanks
  5. So Agozer have you played this game before? If you have, can you help me?
  6. Yes I,ve looked through all the menus, config screen, everything and can seem to find anything on how to save can you please help me?
  7. I got the PC game Brave Soul but I dont know how to save can someone please help me with this?
  8. Well its on its way, many of you might have noticed that your local game stores have had a small amount of PS2s in stock or none at all, Thats because of this little guy. The new PS2 will have a built-in network adaptor and a faster DVD rom. Not to mention a smaller size to boot, now it won't take up so much shelf space. It should hit stores on Nov 1st. But only for those who preorder it. more details at Playstation.com
  9. This hurricane Ninja Giden is like playing the game in extreme mode. new weapon, new costumes, new camera system, and big bad new fiends.... I highly recomened you download it if you guys have "Live" its free and well worth it.... Im inlove with this game all over again
  10. if ur good at those games, executing KOF moves should be no problem. to me, in my opnion, the complexity comes from the combos. its a lot more, i guess technical? compared to sf or marvel or whatever where the combos are more looose and free. u can really improve ur gamin skills if u can play KOF well enough.. The way this game plays is a lot diffrent from what you think, each character has there own set off punch kick button combinations which can give you the player a huge set of fighting options,.... the only thing in this game that I dont like is the annoying tournament annoucer that shows up between battles.....
  11. If you have Xbox get this game it comes out next month then we can play on Live I have the same user name..... King of Fighters is Exlcusive to PS2 until furter notice. Link to info xbox. Yeah I was mistaken
  12. If you have Xbox get this game it comes out next month then we can play on Live I have the same user name.....
  13. I just opened it and to my surprise it has two disc's..... the game and a bonus DVD... wow, has it realy been ten years of KOF? I can still remember playing 94 at my local arcade....
  14. Here it is........... Cool you get it in this nice lookin box with a book that has the characters and all there moves......
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