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  1. hows the emulation with the 2 buttons for snes work out for u
  2. that game is pure crap.But nice trailer.I guess the trailer is the games selling point
  3. its a classic game.If you get 2 experienced players in the same room your in for some great matches.Its still naybe even the best fighter in my eyes still
  4. I'm wondering whty they stopped the series in the first place but then again look how long ot took capcom to make sf2 after street fighter 1
  5. I got an adaptoid and plug the real joypad in.Plays like the machines there use rumble pack and everything
  6. has anyone played the new kof impact or is it not out yet.It looks like its not gonna be that great from the pictures I saw
  7. I have to agree with the andie fans.I also feel he's the man.It seems the ones who talk down on him are the ones who don't have the skills to play him.SHame on SNK for leaving him out of snk vs cap Those A__HOLES
  8. hey friend.I have the ezflash 2.Its unbeleivable what it does.You can put mp3's,small m ovie clips or games.The games are put on a menu which u choose from when you load the gba up.You can switch games and save the saved games for later uses.You can also play games like police quest,leisure suit larry and others that are not sold
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