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  1. Very true L.S.D.. In fact the F.B.I says that if a man is standing 20 feet in front of you and has a knife in his hand and you have a gun on your side, that before you can pull out your gun and shoot him the man with the knife can get to you and stab you first.. it's a proven fact But then again if the man with the gun is billy the kid your probably going to have a bullet in your chest
  2. my resolution is to steal all fumanchu 360 games and his 360
  3. If you want to go with roms then get (MAMEoX_v0.72.1b) plays good with sound!
  4. must be something on your end bro, i downloaded it last night just fine and just tried it now and its working fine peace,
  5. Hell yeah mtsaint, Thanks man!
  6. Keeps getting better.. great work, kenshiro Ps. XxHellsFuryxX ...lol
  7. Yo kenshiro, Thanks for all your hard work and time put into this project!
  8. so why was the on/off option for vmm taken out of the settings in coinOPS
  9. hmm.. never really messed with linux for the xbox, guess i will have to check it out.. thx for the info fumanchu!
  10. well SF2MJ, coinops is a work in progress, so far as a final release goes there won't be one for some time to come and when that day does come it will be a sad day for all of us! however for the latest updated release there is coinops gold with BritneysPAIRS recommended roms and a coinops gold standalone which has no roms, both of them are floating around out there for download.
  11. Auto Recovery, worst movie I think I have ever seen.. well the first 10 seconds anyways, had to shut it off after that.
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