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  1. Nice NeoRyu, are you dead dude lol? Whatever, i gonna send a build to all the bitches i got the email, with HD support for Neogeo, if someone i motivated to test it tonight... As you know i can't test this i got your bitches hanging bro i will test it for you as you know what a great time i'm having with it right now man i crack myself up some times i tell you. just so the rest of you know this was a inside joke.. so ya someone needs to help the man out as he's not just doing this for giggles & $hit.
  2. I hope you put on your rubber gloves before you signed into msn
  3. lol.. Back-Order ships when stock arrives good luck since they came out in 2002. they need to update there site and take $hit like that down
  4. ok, first, were you playing in 480p or 720p? you say you were playing a game in coinops when you got a out of memory error, then you say (as the games have been tested by Hellsfury and should load) so which is it were you playing the game when it happened or did it happen when it was loading? the reason i ask this is because if you were playing the game when it happened then some how you hit the back+A+B and it tried to take a screenshot and with some games there's not enough memory to go around and it will crash with out of memory error. sbpaabck, i have a question for you.. you say you have a xecuter 2.1 lite with built in FTP server, how does that work because i have the same xbox as you but i have a xecuter 2.3b pro and i have never seen where it said it had a ftp server built in and of course i have never tried to use it. the only xecuter i know of that has a built in ftp is the x3 chip and i googled my a$$ off and could not find any info on this matter.. so if yours has it i would think mine would have it also unless it was buggy on the 2.1 chip and they took it out and didn't put it back in until the x3 chip.. so with that said can you tell me how to use the built in ftp. edit: man i wish you knew what game it was.. can you try and find it again? in all honesty i could have missed a game as testing 1000 games is a real pain in the a$$.. took me about 8 hours and at the end my eyes were falling out of my head.
  5. you can get it from xbox-sky, blackcats or usernet.. all of which you need an account for.. paid or not
  6. Hmm.. Features, I say FTP & (SMB) support. As far as title shots go.. don't really use it, and won't lose any sleep seeing this feature removed. Ps. how about keeping it CoinOPS IGNITE and just doing versions, like CoinOPS IGNITE V1.1, V1.2 etc.. instead of changing the name all the time. this way makes it easy to just update CoinOPS IGNITE you already have on the xbox.. just a thought
  7. have fun in japan BP, whatever you do don't go and get locked up... remember to speed safely! Ps. don't hold your breath on me coming to France stf... me one poor mofo!
  8. 2 hours from now i will have a link all can use! edit: sorry guys had a major crash -peace
  9. well robert in my neck of the woods its a felony and a federal one at that to open other peoples mail so you might want to check your laws and if there like ours on the matter you might want to edit your post just a bit. if i was you i would do one of two things go to the post office and ask to speak to the postmaster or send a letter right to the postmaster at that post office. remember to be nice either way. but whatever you do don't tell them you opened the dudes mail..
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