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  1. BP! I'm glad to see you're still around! I'm 3 years retired out of the modding scene (had a modshop in San Diego) and have been spending my free time trying to get back into emulation on the PC which is nice for PS2 and Dolphin, but stuff like MAME is still a royal pain in the ass having to manually configure everything for each game. Android is coming along too and I use a Moga controller on the go, but MAME and CPS is still kinda spotty. As someone mentioned in another thread, nothing comes close to the convenience of being able to "pick up and play" with emulation on the old Xbox 1. At first, with CoinOPS I was a purist and preferred to keep it arcade-only with older versions, but seeing all the progress that's been made even up to this day is amazing. I'm about to snag v6 right now. As a retired modder, I have two live Xbox 1s with your old CoinOPS loads, 1000 character Xmugen, StepmaniaX, many of the xport and madmab emulators (full collections), PC ports, homebrew, bunch of OpenBOR packs, select japanese-english translated ROMs, heavily modified Xbox1 games, and a ton of other stuff I can even remember. One of my Xbox1s is in an old QuasiCade 2 arcade cab in my garage (The cab controller is one of a kind and has analog sticks but they're way smaller than the joystick so thanks for R16!). I have around 6 spare Xbox1s and 4 007 AUF discs to last me for the forseeable future. Even with something as dated as an old Xbox from 2002, its capability is just too valuable to have it die on you and not have any backup systems. I just hope when I'm 50 or 60, I'll remember how to mod these old beasts and maybe replace some capacitors if needed when the time comes. Your undying dedication to CoinOPS has just inspired me to dust of my old systems, maybe get the new XBMC4XBOX and finally take the time to fully enjoy this timeless little pandora box. One day, when my son is old enough, we're going to have the best time ever.
  2. Whoa I haven't been on these boards in a minute! Just wanted to stop by and say hi. Good to see you're still around BP I knew you'd come back lol. Love how you and madmab are driving the emu scene on the good ol Xbox after all these years!
  3. no you need the newest version check your pm. OneBig- PM replied I have updated all emu's to latest versions. UMK3 Trilogy for Genesis is awesome! - it's on there too. I've also added a few missing translations and other interesting stuff not originally included in the BAED enhanced set.
  4. wmxp was shutdown when he announced BAED Evolved so I doubt he'll respond to you. Took me 4 months to get it via FTP from him and I had to send him a PS2 Matrix Infinity modchip. I have it all. Just decompressed and on an Xbox HDD. If anyone wants it, PM me. I don't have the time or bandwidth to compress/upload anything so best bet is to PM me for my shipping address, send me an IDE hard drive and tell me if your modified Xbox1 BIOS is a F only partition or an F and G partition (prefer F and G if possible). DON'T send me the HDD if it's a softmod. And DON'T send me an external HDD. Internal, IDE - intended to be placed back into an Xbox1 ONLY. This is wmxp's release thread: http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=17460
  5. dude don't leave Stay and play
  6. One time I almost smashed my Xbox1 out of anger but something stopped me. I'm glad I didn't.
  7. I agree for MAME stuff it's pointless but for most of the other old BAED stuff, the roms were properly renamed, dupes, and non-workings removed. Its rom sets saves alot of time for anyone trying to build their emulation motherload for their Xbox.
  8. Actually it hasn't been converted to Xmugen and only exists in WinMugen/LinMugen format. I doubt anyone enjoys reconfiguring mugen so it may not get converted to Xbox (EDIT: Devia might have it, it seems. Hook it up!). I have it on my desktop. All characters from all 2D MKs, including 3D characters from the later MKs converted to 2D, and also new characters: There also exists Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy for the Genesis which is a non-standard extended ROM. I believe it's 12MB+ and requires newer versions of NeoGenesis for the Xbox to run properly. I like this hacked MK the best since it includes all characters from all 2D MKs, was very well done, and has none of the extra crap. If you can't get your hands on MKA for Xbox, then I recommnd "Mortal Kombat Project" up to v4.7 floating around out there for Xbox Xmugen.
  9. I noticed this mobo has an MCPX2 chip instead of an MCPX3 chip which worries me so it's still sitting half wired on a 30 wire mod as I'm still contemplating if I should go ahead and flash the TSOP or just leave it as a debug kit and start messing with XDK stuff.
  10. MK Anthology is also a customized Xmugen release. For perfect MK 1/2/3 you want to get Mortal Kombat Classic. I think someone in this forums PM'd it to me. This MK 1/2/3 was ripped from MK Armageddon for Xbox and someone made a custom launcher for it for each game.
  11. Today I cracked open a Halo green debug kit I got a few months back. I didn't think anything of it since it wasn't a development kit with the extra daughterboards. When I opened it up I noticed it had 128MB of RAM! I still feel like I just saw a Unicorn! Anyway, I'm supposed to be fixing a bunch of 360s all night long but finding this just going to consume my whole night. I have a ton of questions: - What bios should I use for this? - Can I TSOP it with latest Xecuter 2 BIOS? - Is it even safe to attempt to TSOP this thing? - It's a 2002 Xbox so I'm assuming it's a 1MB TSOP. Is this right? - Will 007/raincoat flash it ok? - Do I need to flash it with a special BIOS to recognize 128MB? - What version of Surreal 64 should I use? Regular or XXX? - Is there anything special I need to get Surreal 64 working with 128MB? - I have a full set mameox sitting around. Whats the best emulator for this? - Is the best emulator Mameox 128 Plus? - Can I just copy Mameox 128 Plus over and overwrite Mameox? - If I just upgrade to Mameox 128 Plus, is there some kind of special dat to run it through or not? - With all the updates to Mameox/dox and Fbaxxx does 128MB even matter anymore? - If so, is there a list of games out there for the above emulators that work better with 128MB RAM? - Does GentooX Linux support 128MB of RAM? - Will GentooX work with Xecuter 2 BIOS and 128MB of RAM or is special BIOS needed? - I heard XBMC locks up when accessing above 64MB of memory. Is this still the case with latest version? - Aside from Surreal, MAME, and Linux, is there anything else that will benefit from 128MB? Thanks!
  12. Thanks! I'll try that. The HD you're introducing in ignite and is not in CoinOPS correct? Also, I think there are special HD LCD TV lightguns - I saw them at Fry's. I'm going to get one just in case.
  13. I just bought another Xbox Madcats light gun and am going to test it out with everything on this list I have emulation for on my Xbox: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_light_gun_games Does anyone know which light gun games on this list CoinOPS Gold has? And how he heck do I calibrate my light gun in CoinOPS gold?
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