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  1. Just watched Resident Evil Degeneration.. Best Resident Evil Movie Ever (...but that's not saying much.)
  2. hu You can't find this. This finds you. he lol i have see the thread but links are dead exept xbmc for fba someone know where i can found a good link ? thanls hell just pm mtsaint. I'm sure he will hook you up with some skin
  3. you used to get betas in the others folder of fbaxxx1.28,so i doubt you would need 5 catagories mt. just a thought. ya i don't think we need one, by the way I'm using your skins MT. nice work!
  4. HyperSpin is an animated arcade frontend for Windows for use on Home Arcade Machines. HyperSpin allows you to create custom menu systems to run most executables with that arcade look and feel. HyperSpin takes a more artwork oriented approach to creating menu's. With this tool you should be able to make interesting menu's for your games, movies etc.. HyperSpin Features: * Wheel style interface * Multiple wheel styles to choose from. * Multiple resolutions * Horizontal support only * Simple setup via backend. * Should run most cmd line exe's. * Mutliple menu's. One main menu wheel. Lots of game wheels. * Mutli or Single menu modes. Use HyperSpin for just one or many systems. * Custom lists. Create your own classics collections. Combine games from different emu's into one list. * No computer feel. Very arcade like. Artwork Features: * PNG support for all artwork including wheel art * Individual game skinning (Change all artwork based on game, not just current menu). * Animation support. Set animation parameters for your PNG's! * Custom animation preset transitions like fade, sweep, grow, ease and more. * Change backgrounds based on game. * Over 80 random background transitions. * Video support in FLV format. * Videos are animatable! * Set a video border with a custom color and custom size for that rounded look. * Custom video overlays! Put PNG's over your video's and they will animate with the video. * Intro and exit video support. * Special artworks to allow for a wide range of possibilities. i.e. Transitioning instructions or blinking art. You can go here.. http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/ and sign up to download the beta!
  5. maybe drawing that helped her forget about her menstrual cramps pretty sick & fuked up though.
  6. hmm.. got kinda quiet in this thread.. yo BP, got any new plans in store for coinops gold?
  7. just wanted to say thanks Kenshiro for adding me to the list of beta testers!
  8. have to agree with Inky.. Boondock Saints is one bad ass movie hands down!
  9. just watched Taken, another pretty good movie.
  10. just got done watching Quantum of Solace.. not bad at all
  11. chilling out with the family and stuffing my face with turkey. That's about it.
  12. changeling. pretty good movie, set back in 1928 and based on a true story.
  13. I'm bipolar.. so I'm just here for the attack system
  14. nice site Shadi_Potter, keep up the good work my friend! peace,
  15. Whats this all about so is the full pack missing roms or something?, & I agree with HF, Bp should have officially released it (both Full & standalone), that way it gets out correctly packed. well in all fairness (xbox) i didn't say BP should release this him self because i know BP doesn't have the upload speed to do that, i'm just saying he should care who uploads his work and only have that person do it on every update.. he had that person but for what ever reason he didn't ask me to release this update for him like i have done in the past for him. so i guess i am not the right person for the job in his eyes either.
  16. why in the f**k would you rollback to the beta core for? who cares if the beta is everywhere! i mean the whole point of a beta is to get as many people as you can to test in hopes they have some good input to help the project along! i think i can say in all fairness that most the users that are following this project want the latest and greatest updates and not something thats been rolled back to some beta form just because a beta copy in floating around out there. sure we are going to all download this but it really sucks knowing there is a bunch of fixes that have not been added to this release based on a beta floating around out there. maybe this release should have been called CoinOPS_Gold_Rolled_Back_StandAlone_Beta_Version PS. BritneysPAIRS you should care who releases your work for you because this time around it got hacked upped and who really knows what you might get! people need to release $hit just like you want them to and not how they feel like doing it,, as in hey i will add this to the release because i'm just a nice guy and everyone needs all 1000+ sceneshots in a standalone release! peace,
  17. Thanks for sharing that info with us Cospefogo... you rock man!
  18. cool! again kenshiro thanks for all the time and work you put into this for the rest of us! you rock bro...
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