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  1. what do you mean i have been seeding it since i uploaded it there. Page says 0/0 but it is indeed being seeded. What I don't get is the tracker is PB but yet it hasn't been posted there? No matter, it's public now. It has all been ON topic bar 1 post. The topic is the new release of CoinOps! my bad i thought it was for suggestions or bugs not where you can get a copy or the rest of it, thought that was for the last thread started.
  2. what do you mean i have been seeding it since i uploaded it there. your just going by what you see on there site and i can tell you right now that site is anything but right my work is done, it's out there now.. i have no use for this thread since it's been pretty much off topic from the start peace out
  3. chill out bro, this stuff takes time....... 40 minutes or less and it will be on mininova
  4. boy this thread got OT quick!
  5. ok guys i'm sure your saying wtf is taking so long.. i'm sure you would hate to leech at 50KB/s since its all most 4.5GB i say 100mbps is better then 50KB/s it has about 3 more hours to go then it will hit one private and one public site! like i said before pm for details. please use this thread for this crap and keep the new thread clean.
  6. Here's a little something i made when i was taking a break from testing. it's for all you guys out there that has video preview in your dash. you might like it, you might hate it... all comments welcome! all you have to do is rename the file so it works in your dash! http://rapidshare.com/files/104416393/coinOPS.wmv.html
  7. Ok guys, all the testing is done, all 1,061 games verified working all thats needed now is for BP to finalize the build and then it will be packaged up and shipped out! ok for now you guys can pm me with some places you would like to see it uploaded too, as there will be no links posted on this site! I will post again when releasing has started at that time you can pm me for details on where you can get a copy from! Before anyone even asks releasing will start some time tomorrow
  8. hey bp and the rest of the testers, here's a light gun that works on all tvs and seems to do a pretty good job at it from what some of the reviews i read about it!
  9. vary nice BP, now let us all do this right this time around
  10. EDITED TO ADD: Sorry Gamecop. I just read your latest post. I was in the middle of writing this when the last few posts went through. that right there is a out right lie i have been sitting in here refreshing my screen since gamecop left that post first you came in then you left then you came in again then i posted then you left and came back in then you posted and as far as a few post go mine was the only one after gamecop post not a few post after!! i'm sorry gamecop but RX don't give two craps about you, BP or ANYONE ELSE FOR THAT MATTER!! IF HE DON'T GET WHAT HE WANTS HE CAUSE CRAP PERIOD!!
  11. Okay, enough is enough. I think BP has had enough for the last few days. Anymore bickering will result in warns and/or bans being given. This thread has escalated into a black hole filled with nonsense. Either stay on topic, or create a new thread. Thank you for reading. thanks gamecop, now i'm not sorry for pm you on this matter.. lets just hope BP will find it in his heart to release this build because i know it would make my day a brighter one for sure and many others as well!!
  12. well guys being the man i am i will tell you that i'm the one that went to the admin on this site in the hope that he would come in here and put a stop to the bashing going on and cool things down but all it really did was being others in here and has seemed to make stuff worse and for that i am sorry on the other hand from the start i felt like BP has just been holding this release over are heads and blaming it all on RX kinda like look at what i have you can't have it.. its a shame BP likes all the drama better then releasing the goods to make someones day a brighter one R.I.P arcades2.0/xbmc pimpedHD!
  13. I vote A! The bottom line here is i don't remember BP ever saying he was a teacher! Rx if you want to learn coding then take your ass to school and learn it, as i'm sure BP has done ages ago!
  14. You're half right. Yes, It would be a whole new download. No, your old version of Arcades is not useless to you when the new build comes out. It's true that you could throw out all the roms and start from scratch. But you could also use torrentzip on your existing romset folder (most of the roms will still be the same, but even ones which may be slightly different will likely still have useable parts to them) and then put them in the folder you use the bittorrent client to download to. You will then be able to start the torrent with I would guess between 80 & 90 percent of the torrent already downloaded. If you purge the stuff that romcenter says isn't the same before downloading, you will have the complete set much earlier this way with no garbage in it much quicker than starting from scratch. Of course, if you didn't want to go through all of that work, you always have the option of taking the long way to grab the whole torrent from scratch too. ok i see what you are saying
  15. tell me if i'm mistaken but i thought this was a new build and because of it's size we were going to just delete the old one and install this one then BP would do patches for this one. BP, i sent you a pm on the matter of releasing this any way you want it done, if i can be of any help just hit me up. i have a 100mbit server so speed is of no concern plus i could give you ftp access to get it to me.
  16. well BritneysPAIRS, I'm a non public kind of guy, in fact i hate the public! so you think I could get a copy? I'll be your friend until the end.
  17. lol, I feel like one of them guys standing outside of best buy waiting for the store to open to grab my copy
  18. well i can't speak for everyone else but for me i wouldn't be here following BS work if i wanted every peice of crap rom as BS has pointed out if you want them all theres always BAED!
  19. well BS you know what they say... theres always a RX in every crowd
  20. sweet BS can't wait for it to be done!
  21. hey BritneysPAIRS. just like to say thanks for all your hard work. man this brings back so many old memories for myself, i feel like a kid in a candy shop being able to play all these arcade games on my xbox! i looked through all the rejected games and the only one i would like to see put back is star castle a.k.a starcas.zip... yeah yeah i'm an old fart but loved to play that game back in the day. ps. i have this sweet video that i think says it all, maybe you can add this in some way to the Emu don't know though just a thought. http://rapidshare.com/files/97074479/arcade84.rar.html Again thanks for all your time and hard work so we can have such a sweet Emu like this for the xbox!
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