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  1. does your snowman have a name? if not i think dicknose would suit him fine
  2. hello yeah, new release and i am not finish to complet all too speed lol PS : ben jme la prend severe la ! . You have made a new release ? If i can test it i want it lol Thanks guys ... PS: Je me sent moins seul avec -stf- lol voila du francais bien gras ... you guys need to chill out, there is no new build, all kenshiro was saying is he would send darknior the latest one which is FBA_XXX_Pro_1.29b which darknior already has! PS. now i don't read, write or speak french but i will give it a try... Ribbit, Ribbit
  3. nah man, you have to wack that puppy to the point of it almost falling off, and here's why... say you stop wacking off until your ready to have sex with your girlfriend and or wife, whats going to happen is your going to whip that puppy out and and pop that puppy in and BAM your going to blow your load. She's going to be like "wtf was that?" then she's going to talk with her friends and they are all going to start calling you MINUTE MAN
  4. Vary helpful man.. Thanks Although I don't have a light gun I would like to get one at some point
  5. hey kenshiro, Was just wondering, Did BP send you the CoinOps source yet? Thanks again for all your hard work bro!
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