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  1. ya i have a copy of this game for the xbox.. pretty fun game
  2. so does that mean someone else out there has the source code for R4 build, R5 build and R6 build and ain't sharing it?
  3. Moooooooooooo! Thanks for all your hard work my friend!! one thing is for sure Kenshiro, 20 years from now you might not remember me or the others here on the forums but we all will remember are friends.. Kenshiro, iq_132 and the rest that made FBA-XXX possible for the xbox!! Thanks to all. peace,
  4. Thanks Fu. They represent how I like to organize myself and how clear I like to see things. For Mame128 I just wanted to honor BP's skinning. same here, nice and clean for sure
  5. ya it seems like real life things outside of the internet caught up with nes6502, haven't seen a post from him about his project in some time now.
  6. That's not CoinOPs lol, the name will be 1.29. how about.. Mooooooo_1.29
  7. i got hit back in the day with one of them letters from my isp, i was using a public site and it was an xbox game nothing ever came of it and i still have the same isp and didn't stop using torrents, just moved to a private site. and from there to even deeper and darker place for are dirty deeds done dirt cheap.
  8. God... you're dead lmao The real question is: "what would you be more pissed about?" Living with you in your backwoods in middle of nowhere Mooooooooooo! I live on a lake! I can go swimming, fishing, boating, or drowning whenever I want! She'd love it here! Plus, I imagine she'd look amazing in a topless/bottomless bikini.
  9. Poor bastard, living near Detroit. lol I'm in the Jackson area. not to bad bro, i'm about 35 miles from Detoilet and your about 78 miles, so i would say were both to damn close. ahh jackson, as in jackson prison, my dad was buried at cherry hill, he was one of the 4, really don't want to say his name. you might find this a good read. http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/...,866030,00.html
  10. oh hell no.. i want in on some of this action.... 11298 hartford rd washington Twp. MI, 48094 ALways knew my balls were bigger edit: who wants some!
  11. gamecop already pm me back telling me he don't delete anyone's account from this site or i wouldn't have posted like i have to him its not like he hasn't already told me.. he has and it's bull$hit
  12. I do agree with you Gavin, as a Staff BP should delete it. BP is not staff here.. thats just a group thing like Group: Premium Members.. laughable at best the problem here is staff are not doing there job and looking over the forums because if they were this thread would have been delete long ago.. hell i can't even get gamecop to delete my account... yo gamecop who the f**k do you think you are to keep my account on this site when i want my account delete you don't f**king own me motherf**Ker lets see if that wakes someone up around here to do there f**king job.. if you ban me and don't delete my account i will be right back on this site to raise hell and if that means going to you hosting company every f**king day until they get sick of me and send you crap.. so be it.. as i have already ask you nicely to delete my account in a pm to you. you will not hold my account hostage motherf**ker
  13. know problems here, i should have listen to gamecop when he told me it would just be a waste of my time starting up a site -peace out guys i tried to to give something back by taking the world from watching what we all talk about when it comes to this .xbe stuff. not that it matters to anyone but i will be asking gamecop to purge my account i just hope someone out there gives two $hit for the time i spent releasing two full builds of coinops.
  14. dude, every time you go on one of your rants, your arrogance shines through. As far as never coming to the site, you were already there as staff and i banned you off the site. i'm not paying anyone $hit to help me build my site up.. laughable at best! no offense taken, i would rather be banned from here for speaking the truth then to be banned for being a arrogant a$$hole like yourself! oh and what was that you said to me back when iq_132 was helping you with the driver with speed hack on msn, when i said it was great that iq_132 was helping you out, oh thats right, you said that it was no big deal that he did little to nothing. yep i would say thats one of them arrogant moments of yours and you wonder why you can't get know real help! RX was right about you "Also I might start a new FBA thread as ive been doing alot of moding to FBA lately (I will badge it differently and talk to gogo about it..... sorry to anyone it upsets, im not doing it to upset them just cause I see alot of issues with FBA and I wish to use it and some may like my changes)" oh so now your going to hi jack FBA instead of just helping Kenshiro with the gui.. your really a work of art! you just asked me on msn two nights ago if i thought it would make Kenshiro mad and what did i say.. i told you that fba was his thing just like coinops is yours and i was not sure if he would be mad but maybe it would be better just to help him with the gui. man i'm so done with this joker i'm overdone no reply needed because next thing to come out of your mouth will be.. blah, blah, blah... YOU ALL HAVE BEEN WARNED! edit: just a heads up i was replying to bp rant, and something came up and when i got back i finished the reply and by then they all ready posted so this post should have been up on top of there post -peace
  15. This is a question that a true coder would never ask . this is a open source project and with all new builds the source is to be released thats the proper way to do things. the point isn't that no one has done anything with it in the past, the point of open source is to have the most up to date source available in the hopes that someone will come around and pick up on the project. edit: you know BP i have told you this on msn already on top of stop changing the name and do versions and release the code proper... then and only then will you get the respect from the other coders and then just maybe someone will give you a hand doing the things your not capable of doing until you learn more.. Just a thought -peace
  16. Honestly i just want you slap my ass, then hit me with a shovel lmfao... hmmm.. 111111 can i be 222222?
  17. ya i know the f**ckers deleted it then sent me a warning about the crap.. it's crap like this and the fact that this site is open to the public to see what we all talk about with out having to sign up to the site that has forced me to start up my own privite site thats invite only and were users can talk openly and get what they need right from my site.. so sorry guys i will not be posting here or uploading crap anywhere but to my site. i will leave this post up for two days then it will be edited edit: this is to gamecop if he reads it... look bro i know all you have ever done is to run the cleanest site you can for the public to use.. so if some users come over to my site i don't want you to think i'm stealing your users or anything like that but you know as well as i do when comes to all this stuff you can never be to safe and though a privite site is not full proof at lease the whole world is not looking in on whats being said, and i have made some friends here and they have friends that are willing to at lease sign up to a site and make post and not just site on the outside of the site lurking and watching whats being posted.. i hope you can understand where i'm coming from on this matter and know it's not about me trying to steal users from your site... people have the right to make up there own mind on this matter and whatever they choose to do i'm fine with that and i hope you see it the same way. -peace You uploaded a *potentially* iffy file in terms of copyright to the megaupload server and someone reported it. I'm not sure why you're surprised? Someone probably reported it, but that's exactly why we don't allow links here on 1Emulation for those files. Please see our Board Rules. If you make your own "private site", then that person who reported it will register there, and probably do it again. Otherwise, you have no room for complaint. That's my 2 and a 1/2 cents. i'm not surprised at all and i'm not complaining.. i was just pointing out the fact of what happens when your on a site thats open to the public, meaning people can see whats being posted with out having to sign up,.and i argee with you about someone reporting it. except for one thing "IT'S MORE LIKELY IT WAS SOMEONE SETTING ON THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN, THEN A REGISTER USER THATS INTO THE SAME KIND OF STUFF THAT WE All ARE INTO" and i'm not screaming just wanted to cap it to make sure people read that part as it the whole point. so its unlikely that the rat will sign up to my site as its invite only and i'm only inviting the users that i have made friends with over the past year on here.. nothing is full proof but it's a good start the reason i'm not surprised or complaining is that i was just making a point to the users.. i'm not worried about the report at all as i'm oldskool and go bacll yo the good old days off the bbs you really think i would be so stupid as to use my own isp to upload to a server like that, god you have to just love then poeple go out and by a wireless router and don't take the time to learn about it and leave there network wide open there just on more thing i want to point out to my friends since gamecop didn't mention it... i just didn't make this post for gamecop to come across or for one of staff to find and tell gamecop.. as i sent him a pm with link, so the post wouldn't be over looked so gamecop could speak his peacc.. out of respect for gamecop and his site -peace
  18. i been looking man and i can't find them either.
  19. nah man, every time i try to set it to 720p it locks up my xbox and i think you said you thought others have a trick to get it to work so until someone lets me in on this trick i can not do any testing for you bro.
  20. sorry bro but none of the files match so even if i had to get some other file it wouldn't matter, the one you sent me and one kenshiros sent do not match and i'm not talking about the uni-2.3.rom there is another one which i posted which is uni-bios_2_3.rom and not uni-2.3.rom might look close but they are different as i also have the uni-2.3.rom edit: i just doubled chaeck to make sure and here is my findings. the one fumanchu sent me d_neogeo.cpp neo_decrypt.cpp neo_palette.cpp neo_run.cpp neo_sprite.cpp neo_sprite_render.h neo_text.cpp neo_text.cpp neo_text_render.h neo_upd4990a.cpp neogeo.cpp neogeo.h rom_save.cpp the one Kenshiro sent me 000-lo.lo asia-s3.rom neo-epo.bin neo-po.bin neodebug.bin sfix.sfix sm1.sm1 sp-e.sp1 sp-j2.rom sp-s.sp1 sp-s2.sp1 sp1.jipan.1024 uni-bios.rom usa_2slt.bin vs-bios.rom
  21. ok guys something is really weird here... i have been talking with kenshiro because when i put his build on my xbox using the roms from the old 1.28 build none of my neogeo game would boot kept saying it was missing uni-bios_2_3.Rom so i had kenshiro send me his neogeo.zip.. so i ftp that over and the same thing happened so i went on a google search and found another neogeo.zip and i unzipped it into a folder and bam there was the uni-bios_2_3.Rom with many more roms that was not in my neogeo.zip or kenshiro neogeo.zip so what i did was unzip kenshiro neogeo.zip into the same folder as the one with the uni-bios_2_3.Rom and zipped it back up and ftp it over and bam it worked on kenshiro build with the 1'28 romset. so today just for the hell of it i asked fumanchu to look in his neogeo.zip well instead of that he sent it to me and i unzipped to find that it had some different files in there then kenshiro neogeo.zip or the one i dowloaded so with that said, i'm a n00b and don't know crap about all this stuff but it seems to me that until we all get on the same page about this neogeo.zip, its going to be hard i think for kenshiro to make you builds that work for everyone. just my thoughts and findings... and here's the thing both kof98 and garou work fine on my end.
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