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  1. I started QBasic in Grade 9 and quit programming after that due to extreme difficulties.
  2. Man I wish they would just make some 1.5 GB mini discs or something. My cube is full of dust and there seems to be many gc releases (iso wise) lately. I guess the panasonic GC with dvd capabilities will have no problems and probably the best thing to have now that this mod chip is out.
  3. Those bastards, have you tried contacting them to ask for their comments?
  4. That's BS man. Sega sports was always a better alternative for sports games! I'm going to miss them, I hope EA chokes on a chicken bone or something.
  5. Sorry but, what is a flip top? And it sucks for that to happen to a brand new system. I've had mine for about 2 years now and it hasn't been a bother yet.
  6. I wish I had a computer powerful enough to try it.
  7. I don't know if it's been mentioned in the past 8 pages but there's a movie called "The Twins Effect" that I've enjoyed. It's a Chinese movie set in modern time about two vampire hunters who try to defeat some boss dude. Lots of special effects and a great cameo with Jackie Chan in it. There's just some scenes that are annoying. It's also called "The Vampire Effect" in North America. Also, Tai Chi Master was is the absolute fave Jet Li movie for me. I seriously recommend the original version over the English version called "Twin Warriors". It's one of the best movies for action, emotion and musical soundtracks.
  8. Damn it, I thought I read somewhere that he was Asian. He looks like it, and its set in Japan so maybe I got a little confused there. But what is he then? Latino?
  9. You just sound like a Capcom fanboy K'dash, your arguments are rather weak. 8 people? Who cares? I can make the crappiest game in the world and use in defense that it was only one person who created the game? Fact is this game brings nothing new to the table and dies rather quickly in the fun department. It's idiots like you that allow Capcom to rehash stupid crap over and over again without them "Evolving" their series. If no one played it and real fans showed their real feelings, Capcom would have to bring back Street Fighter like never before to win back the fans. Instead we have people like you who says its "Fun but you need people" and then they go on doing the same thing over and over again. There is no logical reason why this game is called "Evolution" the series still needs far more work. And wow, you can different Street Fighters in one game...thats so new. They also added a new Title Screen and box art.
  10. How long have you had your ps2? Does it happen on all games and all different type of disc brand and formats?
  11. Okay, i've looked and looked but I can't find the full length movie on this thing. This ordeal began when I just got the game and looked around for the movie, I couldn't find it and thought it was on a separate disc. Then I read on a review that the movie was indeed on the disc but its hidden inside hyper street fighter in the gallery mode...when I go to gallery mode I see the following: Opening: "Different Street Fighters" Staff Credits (or something like that): "Different Street Fighters" BGM: "Titles" BGM CPS 1: "Titles" BGM CPS 2: "Titles" Any help?
  12. I don't think that would be necessarily exeem's fault, happens all the time,
  13. I'm guessing no one is updating that list anymore... Lots of those games have been released now. EDIT: Forgive me oh great one. I really didn't mean to bump it per se, I just want someone to update this list of gba games.
  14. Aria of Sorrow would be my second fave castlevania. It's so great because the masterminds of SoTN worked on this game too. And its nice to have an Asian lead character.
  15. I partially agree with you on that one, sometimes they give really good reviews to some overhyped games.
  16. Definatley, but who said adding additional characters would the lag the damn thing?
  17. If the stars are aligned, it may be the greatest game of all time.
  18. Just remember to go to Aquios before heading to Mosel Dunes...or you'll get into problems like I did.
  19. I'm guessing you guys believe A Link to the Past is better than Ocarina of Time right?
  20. Man, from just reading the title of this topic I thought you were going to give this game a ridulous score like a 7 or something. 6.5 is reasonable but still arguable in my opinion. I really didn't like this game at all, so little play options and the computer reeked like big coconuts. Playing with a friend provides some entertainment but most people feel that a good majority of characters were left out. This game would've been killer if all the characters from each series was included.
  21. I really want to try this game. IGN gave it a 9.1 while gamespot a 8 something.
  22. I definatly don't agree with that score, that game blows big time.
  23. LOL nice work. He's the kung fu master of masters.
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