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  1. Ooo, I've always been fascinated by tournament vids, especially GGXX or Kof games. I'll have to wait till tomorrow to download this (56k blows big time). Im going to download it at my cousin's house tomorrow. Im going to have to bookmark your sig
  2. Well, I think im getting closer to the answer. I've concluded that it is not the iso's themselves, I borrowed a friend's psx game and and tried playing it in my ps2. It was burned on a memorex cd, however, after I tried to make a copy for myself on my personal spindle of memorex cds, that grinding stuff happened again! So, it could be 2 possible reasons why this is happening. 1. The spindle which I bought is defected or different from the other Memorex cd's spindles in some way, the samsung 650 cdr's can't be read by the ps2, and they only work in computers/cd players etc. 2. My burner is messed up and its not making burning the iso's properly.
  3. Pit Fighter is an awesome game. Not only are the graphics the most realistic of this century, the controls and playability are top notch. The character selection is far better than any Capcom or SNK game, and tournaments are never complete without a google amount of pit fighter combatants.
  4. I believe you can find it in the distant future Seriously, there is no such thing. North American's would have a field day if something like that was created.
  5. Well, it was only directed to K'dash, I wasn't expecting anyone else to read it. Its not a big read anyways, most of it is quoted from K'dash huge post on page 6 i believe.
  6. He won without anyone knowing? Darn it, that's what happens when you say something intelligent and not full of swears. 1 and 1/2 hours of writing for nothing! lol, It sure is dood. I skimmed through it now. But It IS 1&1/2 hours of writing so...bleh. Furthermore, I barely understand what you're talking about. Cancels..air dashes...no idea at all. Probobly why I lose so often. Yeah, it was 1 1/2 hours at least. Im guessing you may be thinking that is should be longer, however most of the time was used digging up old information, confirming facts before posting, and replaying a bit of each game to get a better feel of authenticity.
  7. He won without anyone knowing? Darn it, that's what happens when you say something intelligent and not full of swears. 1 and 1/2 hours of writing for nothing!
  8. I would, but I don't want to get banned. Truely, I don't think you would be able to. I've been very busy this week and if I had enough free time as you my friend, I could seriously pull out the big guns and point out the many flaws of your so called "in-depth" comparison. For all of you who didn't read the pages of posts, this "flame war" started with the SF2 vs MarioRPG for the best game ever created poll. Considering the fact that SF2 could never possibly be able to claim the crown as "Best Game Ever" I pointed out the fact that there are many other games that have higher quality in content. I agree with you, this isn't Dragonball. You can't fly or power-up or create spirit bombs. However I don't see any relevance to why this fact is used to detail the reason why there isn't any blocking techniques. You may be considering the fact that I did forget that SF2 Turbo does have specials, however, not once have I said I was using it as a comparison to Guilty Gear. I was only comparing GG to SF2, the original game. But, I'm at fault as well. For I too have not cleary defined which GG I was using in my defence. Of course I would've have used the up to date and latest version, GGXX for the PS2, or arcade. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, I'd like to point out that if you are going to use a game that has many versions, I suggest you cleary define which one you will use as a comparison to GGXX. Not only will be reader be unable to follow what your talking about, there may be confusion created because of this fault. PS. Only the CPS2 version of SF Turbo has specials, the SNES or Genesis only have turbo mode availiable with new characters as its new components. In a discussion about which game is the "best" (The game which is most outstanding or excellent; tops all others) we cannot talk about "was". In this case, The best game in gameplay, graphics, sound, replayability, presentation, and overall greatness that was ever created to this point in time. If you want to compare gameplay mechanics in depth, then I'm all up for it. Let me get a few facts out first. Once again, you have used "was". Todays date is April 30, 2004. I don't understand why your mindset would be still focused a decade in the past. SF2 had to be tweaked and improved countless times of course to get to its perfect version of SF2t. There are only two GG's (not including remakes), the first one for PC and PS1, and GGXX for the PS2 and arcade. In fewer tries, GGXX was able to perfect its system and create an overall better game. GGXX has amazing controls and uses various play mechanics to help players adjust and make their own play style. GGXX does use air dashing that could be found in other older games like FF, but it does it effectively, allowing the player to attack multiple times, cancel in the air, and to use the green shield to protect against onslaughts. SF2t was released a long time ago, and you say it "was" tournament worthy. I would understand if it was tournament worthy back then because it was the best fighting game availiable. But 12 years from that date and still tournament worthy? I would probably guess so, but guessing is the best I could do. I don't think you either know the true fact to this, you just assume it. Usually, 12 year old games don't usually stay in arcades, especially in Canada. You are from Montreal im correct? I've been in tournaments for GGXX in many places around Toronto and Quebec, however, during my visits, the only Street Fighter games I see there are SF3 Third Strike, and to a lesser extent, Marvel vs Capcom. Now are these tournaments you go to public? Or inside your basement? Hmmm. If you want to talk about combo's, I suggest pitting SF2 Turbo vs GGXX would be unfair, but since you insist that it is a better game, ill in depth with combo's and moves. Street Fighter uses a 6 button format. Each button has its own attack for air, standing, and crouch moves. Along side with these basic attack, you have special moves. Lets use Guile as an example, Guile has the Sonic Boom, the flash kick, throw, and two specials. So, if I add all these numbers up, the move list would comprise of roughly 23 moves. (note: not too sure how many specials, may range 1-3) 6-Air attacks 6- Ground Attacks 6-Crouching attacks 2-Ground specials moves 2-special meter attacks 1-Throw With these moves, lets see the possibility of combos. -Sonic Boom, Jump Roundhouse, Standing Short, Sonic Boom, Standing Fierce, Sonic Boom, Standing Fierce -Crossup Short, Duck Short x 2, Super Sonic Boom as he jumps over it, Duck Fierce, First Sonic Boom hits, Flash Kick -Duck Fierce, Super -Sonic Boom, (Miss)Knee Thrust, Sonic Boom, Duck Jab x 2, Standing Jab, Sonic Boom, Standing Short, Duck Short, Knee Thrust -Sonic Boom, (Miss)Knee Thrust, Duck Jab, Sonic Boom, Close Fierce, Sonic Boom, Backfist -Sonic Boom, (Miss)Knee Thrust, Sonic Boom, Duck Jab, Standing Jab, Sonic Boom, Duck Strong, Sonic Boom, Standing Roundhouse -Sonic Boom, Jump Fierce, Duck Strong, Super -Crossup Forward, Backwards Forward, Duck Jab x 3, Super -Blanka jumps over you, Sonic Boom hits from behind, Duck Short x 2, Super -Sonic Boom over him, Knee Thrust, First Sonic Boom hits, Sonic Boom, Duck Jab x 3, Super I've found about 10 combos for Guile. If you want a definition of "limitless" read on. "Seemingly boundless in amount, number, degree, or especially extent" Guilty Gear X2 uses a 5 button setup, not 4. The basic moves are as follows: P-Punch K-Kick S-Slash HS-High Slash D-Dust F+HS-Throw forward B+HS-Throw Backwards As in Street Fighter 2 Turbo, each of these basic attacks can be used standing, crouching, or in the air. However, unlike Street Fighter 2 Turbo, different moves can be executed if you hold a direction right before you use an attack. For example, with Axl, you can push Forward and Kick and he will launch the sickle in the air instead of kicking the opponent. Depending on which character, moves and range from 20- 35 depending on who your using. Another feature GGXX has an advantage over SF2t is the fact that the basic attacks, and in conjuction with direction attacks can be done multiple times exploding the amount of combos that are availiable to use. Now, lets look at Chipp as the character representing GGXX, his combos are as follows. Im sorry if you can't understand the lingo, you have to be GGXX player to understand the symbols and such. The numbers are directions, use the keypad to understand a bit more. :: no meter :: S©-6P(1)-S©-6P(1)-2D -> 41236H (otg), d.S©-6P(1)-S©-H (124) S©-6P(1)-S©-6P(1)-S©-6P(1)-2D -> 41236H (otg), d.S©-6P(1)-S©-H (141) d.S-S(ji)-2H -> 22H, air.P-K(1) -> JC, dj.P-K(1)-S -> JC, tj.H(2) -> DP+S(2) (141) d.S-S(ji)-2H -> 22H, air.K(2)-S -> JC, dj.P-K(1)-S -> JC, tj.H(2) -> DP+S(2) (154) d.S©-6P(1 ji)-S©-2S-2H -> 22H, air.K(2)-S -> JC, dj.P-P-K(1)-S -> JC, dj.H(2) -> DP+S (161) 6H -> 22P, S©-S(ji)-2H -> 22H, air.K(2)-S -> JC, dj.P-P-K(1)-S -> JC, dj.H(2) -> DP+S (197) :: one meter :: d.S-H -> DP(1) -> RC, j.P-P-K(2)-K(2)-S (land), P -> JC, j.P-P-K(2)-K(2)-S (land), P -> JC, j.P-D (147, vs Axl) d.S-H -> DP(1) -> RC, 6H -> JC, j.P-K(2)-K(2)-S (land), P -> JC, j.P-P-K(2)-K(2)-D (slam), 41236H (otg) d.S-6P-S-H (192, vs Axl) d.S-S-H -> DP(1) -> RC, 6H -> JC, j.K(1)-K(1)-S -> JC, dj.K(1)-K(1)-S -> JC, tj H(2) -> DP(2) (203) S-2S-H -> 236S,236S -> RC, 41236H, d.S-H -> JC, j.P-P-K(2)-K(2)-S (land), P-H -> IAD, iad.P-D (169, vs Axl) S-2S-H -> 236S,236S -> RC, 41236H, d.S-H -> JC, j.P-P-K(2)-K(2)-D (slam), 41236H (otg), d.S-6P-S-H (177, vs Axl) d.S-S-2S-H -> 236S,236S -> RC, 41236H, 6H -> IAD, iad.P-K(2)-S (land), P -> JC, j.P-P-P-P-K(1) -> JC, dj.P-P-P-P-K(1) -> JC, tj.P-P-P-P-P-K(1) -> DP(2) (188) d.S-S-2S-H -> 236S,236S -> RC, 6K -> IAD, iad.2K(3) (land), 2P-S©-2D, 41236 (otg), d.S©-6P(1)-S©-H (190) d.S-S-2S-H -> 236S,236S -> RC, 6H -> JC, (air) 236P (land), S(f)-H -> IAD, iad.P-D (land), 41236H (otg), d.S©-6P(1)-S©-H (214) (215 if start with S-H... or S-2S-H) d.S-S-2S-H -> 236S,236S -> RC, 6H -> JC, (air) 236P (land), S(f)-H -> IAD, iad.P-K(2)-S (land), P -> JC, j.P-P-P-P-P-K(1) -> JC, dj.P-P-P-P-K(1) -> JC, tj.P-P-P-K(1) -> DP(2) (222) d.S-H (or S-S-H) -> 236P -> RC, 6H -> JC, j.K(1)-K(1)-S -> JC. dj.K(1)-K(1)-S -> JC, tj.H(2) -> DP+S (214) (216 if starts with d.S-2S-H) :: 1.5 meters :: 6H -> 632146H -> FRC (first hit) (land), H -> IAD, iad.P-K(2)-S (land), P -> JC j.K(1)-K(1)-K(1)-K(1)-K(1) -> JC, dj.K(1)-K(1)-K(1)-K(1)-K(1) -> JC, tj.K(1)-K(1)-K(1)-K(1)-K(1) -> DP(1) (190) :: two meters :: 6H -> 632146H -> RC (pillar) (land), 6H -> JC, K(1)-K(1)-K(1)-K(1)-K(1) -> JC, K(1)-K(1)-K(1)-K(1)-K(1) -> JC, K(1)-K(1)-K(1)-K(1)-K(1) -> DP+S (278) - 41236H - 41236H, d.S(f)-H -> IAD, iad.P-K(2)-S (land), H -> IAD, iad.P-S -> JC, dj.K(1)-K(1)-K(1)-K(1)-K(1) -> DP(1) (108, vs Pot) 41236H, d.6H -> IAD, iad.P-K(2)-S (land), P -> JC, j.K(1)-K(1)-K(1)-K(1)-K(1) -> JC, dj.K(1)-K(1)-K(1)-K(1)-K(1) -> JC, tj.K(1)-K(1)-K(1)-K(1)-K(1) -> DP(1) (139) -...236K (non CH) - 236K (land) H -> IAD, iad.P-D (land), 41236H (otg), d.S©-6P(1)-S©-H (127) (corner) 236K (close) -> RC, air.K(1)-S (land), j.K(1)-K(1)-S -> JC, dj.K(1)-K(1)-S -> JC, tj.H(2) -> DP (144) - 41236K - 41236K, 41236H (otg), d.S©-6P(1)-S©-H (104) 41236K -> FRC, K-H -> IAD, iad.P-D (land), 41236H (otg), d.S©-6P(1)-S©-H (130) 41236K -> FRC, S-S(ji)-2H -> 22H, air.P-K(1) -> JC, dj.P-K(1)-S -> JC, tj.H(2) -> DP+S(2) (144) 41236K -> FRC, S-S(ji)-2H -> 22H, air.K(2)-S -> JC, dj.H(2) -> DP+S(2) (149) - Dust - D /\ ([8]D-D-D-S)-H -> DP+S (144) D /\ ([8]D-D-D-D-D) -> DP+S (148) D /\ ([8]D-D-D-D-S)-H -> DP+S (156) (semi far) D /\ dj(9)K(1) -> JC, tj.K(1)-K(1)-S -> JC, qj(???).H(2) -> DP+S (91) (far) D /\ IAD K(1) (land), j.K(1)-K(1)S -> JC, dj.K(1)-K(1)-S -> JC, tj.H(2) -> DP(2) (95) Im glad you didn't compare the number of combos used in GGXX to SF2t, you really would've been shot down (figure of speech) It doesn't matter if its 12 years old, if its deciding which is better, age doesn't cut as a defence for faults. Yes, but you forgot "was". Because a game has a lower resolution, it doesn't necessarily mean the graphics would be as detailed or better drawn if you change the settings. Yes, I know KOF games are lower res but I'd still beg to differ that the quality of art and animation would be changed if it were upgraded. They would have to be totally redrawn to get the same effects, simply changing the res won't cut it. As for the graphical detail and realism, Sf2t does not incorporate real effects such as visible breath in cold places, such as E-Honda's stage. Nor does it have dust effects when the characters jump, or the lightning effects when two weapons clash together. Neither does Kof, so I don't understand why you'd think they simply changing the res would give sf2 all of these things that GGXX has. You are talking about GG, I was always talking about GGXX. I've never played the original, but if there flaws present in the first version, you have to give them slack for the mistakes that were there. If you don't, then I guess we can talk about all the negative things that were apparent in SF2, for the snes. As I've said before, GG took less tries to perfect its system. How many versions are there of street fighter 2? Wow, its just mind boggling, especially when they use different names for different regions. And it really isn't stealing if you were the people who originally created that button setup. To think that you would use that as a fault to the gameplay mechanics are laughable, I can just say that Capcom was stealing the idea of the ability to walk and jump in videogames from Super Mario. As i've said before, air dashing in GGXX was used efficiently compared to FF. Mulitple moves and the ability to get behind your opponent is a very deadly tool to have in your arsenal. Plus, you didn't mention the ability to double jump and rebound characters off of "walls". You would say that GGXX animations are mediocre? On what basis? Sf2t turbo had the very worst graphics and animations of the other street fighters (street fighter alpha 3 and street fighter 3rd strike.) The characters themselves were drawn in very little frames per second compared to GGXX. If you look at the Ryu in Sf2t, he is nothing compared to the anime detailed version in Alpha 3. Ryu, Ken, Sagat and Blanka are just to name a few who has drastically changed in facial and physical appearance in the newer street fighter games if you look at SF2t. I think you never actually played GGXX before, and only from speculation have you based your "tier' line-up. If you actually own the games, such as myself, and spend some real time on it, you would understand that all characters are deadly weapons if used properly. I think the possibility of a number of characters over powering others is unusual, since every character in fighting games can be mastered and used for serious owning. Take for instance, I've always thought Choi from Kof to be a weak character, but in tournaments that i've participated in, i've seen players do 1 character victories with him. So please don't give me this crap about characters over powering others in GGXX. Oh, and I'd like to point out you forget Testament, Ky Kiske, Venom, Zappa, Anji, May, and Slayer, who all have combos that can do half of a full health bar of damage and more. Infinities and Dust Loops can be used in GGXX, but however, you make it sound very simple to do. Only people who invest a lot of time mastering the art of roman cancelling and remember a huge button sequence can do them. Plus, you forgot about the burst technique that allows you to break out of any combo or attack. Actually, my original statement, was: I was saying as a reply to another individual who didn't believe me when I told him SF2 could never be the best game ever. However, since you questioned me, you immediatly went to the defence on how the game is by comparing it. I did say how can you compare, but that was just a figure of speech. I didn't mean for you to take it literally and actually do it. What I really meant was in what ways is SF2 superior to GGXX. But you've already said that SF2 isn't the greatest game ever, therefore without need to write up this whole subject, I have won. Im going to leave it at that. I do not wish to go into depth about FF7, because my original intent was to prove the GGXX is far superior to SF2. I'm not going to reply to this subject anymore, since the topic is already dead, and I am a very busy man. There I did do my homework, are you happy mommy? Just to be clear on one thing, I do not hate. I do not hate SF2, or any other incarnation of the series. I bought the actual cartridge for 70 dollars back in the day and have played it during my childhood. But because of this fact, I cannot state that SF2 is the Greatest game ever, because I am a man who takes the matter and reviews it properly, and not just stating its the best game just because it brings back fond memories. Its really not nice to pit GGXX against SF2, but K' Dash has done the opposite and tried to prove SF2 is the better game. This is just my reply, and opinion. Peace out.
  9. Well, I didn't guess that profanity of such low aggression would considered to be taboo at 1emulation. If he's your friend I guess I should reconsider my post and apoligize for being so rude.
  10. Yawnnnn, you were saying something? Anyway, I was done saying my part disoblige, I didn't know what dash boy said but it doesn't really matter. ill take you on in kof2k2, but, you won't be pretty afterwards. Disregard that if you aren't.
  11. I'll challange it. SF2 was known for its great playablity, control and detailed (note: low-resolution) and interesting characters. GG is known for its great playablity, controls, detailed (note: 620x400 resolution, which gives the illusion of highly detailed characters) and interesting characters. There I just compared SF2 to Guilty Gear. What do you know, same exact points on why they are BOTH still popular! Exactly. Final Fantasy 1 is longer then Final Fantasy 7. FF1 HAS story like FF7, FF7 just went into highly developed plot as oppose to Final Fantasy 1, which is MUCH HARDER then Final Fantasy 7 - note: hard difficluty may be well, hard, but it's also much funner. In 7 team work with your characters in definate. In 1, it goes either way, Solo BM or full party of BM's or mixed classes. Both are great games, accliamed for giving notations to what RPGs are today and for Squaresoft, they were both "Make or Break" games. There I compared it. Now you can say your stupid rant on why I shouldn't compare them. HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH Thats the funniest thing i've ever read! Not only does it prove your stupidity, it just even makes your stand about SF2 being a great game ever worse! Great playability? You can't even run for God sakes, there are no special block techniques like parrying or just defence, not even a cancelling technique like in GG. Can you air dash? No, can you do specials? No no. Is the animations as great? Hell *!$*#*% no. How dare you compare the first Final Fantasy to FF7. FF1 Story is nothing compared to 7. The hero's in the original nes games doesn't even have official names. How can you compare the depth of the story when the characters themselves don't even have profiles? Battle system? What? FF1 doesn't have a proper magic system? Oh I see. I can also believe that FF1 graphics roxxers. (,y @$$) Sorry, you aren't making any ground breaking points in this debate. You can step down now.
  12. Yeah, he's a bastard alright. Doesn't reply to anything.
  13. Your going to have fun with this one. Its an enhanced version of Shining Force 1. Enhancements: -New Graphics -More storyline about the main character -Storylines for indivual people that join your party -More items to equip (not sure) I don't really know if the gameplay or inventory system has been changed, because its been so long since I played SF1.
  14. What the hell that does that have to do with anything? What does how old it is have to do with anything? It's still one of the greatest games ever made. Most of the best games are old school games. Most recent games aren't even close to the old ones in fun factor. Get on with the program? Why?! New games don't automatically become better than the old ones just because they are new. And its Jeez Louise...not Jeez Louis... Im making a point that it isn't the best game ever, and how I feel towards the subject. Greatest game ever made? I don't think so. Is it the graphics...nah retro 16-bit is dead. Is it the sound? Those midi's are killer. Is it the gameplay? Oh my god, turbo please turbo please! So you compare SF2 to Guilty Gear? Hahahhah, wow your smart. Final Fantasy 7 not as good as FF1 for the nes? Dear God plz spare me. Oh yeah, about the Louis thing, thats my version of saying that expression.
  15. Yeah, what Kramer said, its a dream match. Even though I don't use k9999 or angel or the other people you mentioned, other people do in tournaments and they are quite good. More variety means better matches and experiences.
  16. Wind Waker Link can !@$% himself. He isn't even the real thing. Im talking about the adult OoT link, or even the Melee one.
  17. SNK are idiots if they don't want to use K9999 or Angel, they like Benimaru and Choi but not these characters? It questions they're sexuality. JK
  18. Crap, the site is down again. Lately this massive MAME archive has been bombarded with mother!*$(@ downloading like !($@)%@ and screwing up the bandwidth big time. Its a shame that they might go out forever, they had everything there.
  19. Yes I agree with you, but Link could make chop suey out of Bison. With BBQ sauce on top.
  20. SF2 as the greatest game ever? Im not going to even talk about that insanity. You people are living in the past. I know it was a "defining game" but seriously, I wouldn't call that the best game ever even if I had a gun pointed at my head and grizzly bears gnawwing at my nuts. Sometimes I don't understand these hardcore gamers, you have to stop holding on to the past and get with the program. Jeez Louis.
  21. Your dad sounds like me 30 years into the future. It doesn't matter how old you are, its just fun to play videogames.
  22. *Performs maiden masher plus follow up special on Axl That would be the most silliest game ever created. Come on man, Pikachu vs Justice from GG? Mario vs Blanka? LMAO hahahahah Dream vs Games: Last Blade vs Guilty Gear SF Third Strike vs. Garou MOTW Tekken vs Virtual Fighter
  23. LOL, Ryu with a sword...that will be the day.
  24. Lol, yeah. I have to thank him though, the SVC patches he has right now are the best we can get without getting the super elite version.
  25. This is a dream come true for me. The only ever true classic games I remember for my Genesis is the Shining Force games. Probably my very first experience in the RPG world. After I beat the game, I was ever so hoping to figure out what had happened to that mighty warrior. Now I probably have a chance to do so. Today, the (E) version of Shining Force has been released! I got it from irc. I would like to ramble on some more but I have to get playing it.
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