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  1. Well this story now joins the lines with other freak tales such as the woman ripping off her husband's censor and another woman who ripped out both balls from her cheating lover.
  2. Just some more happy news from our friends at BayTSP
  3. It was just announced awhile back. It won't be out for awhile.
  4. You mean the pyramid... It won't matter how powerful a system is, as mentioned many times in the comments above. The gamecube and xbox are more powerful than the ps2 but it still whoops both of their asses.
  5. Kind of bad news just arrived. Most likely these roms are either fakes or demos. I've been to Pocket Heaven where they have started constructing a list of DS roms and in the comments section the author says that Metroid is just a demo and will be nuked when the real thing gets released.
  6. 0002 - Super Mario 64 DS (U) As mentioned above Mario is the second game released. I just located the rom from the same place as Metroid.
  7. I figured it out myself actually...I feel really stupid. I realized that you weren't supposed to go in that area yet. I was pretty baffled myself. Until that point, the game didn't allow you to go into different areas that doesn't directly move the plot forward. Man, the puzzles after are even more mind numbing.
  8. I sent you the link. I hope to hear from your results. I'm sorry but I don't know about the kinds of emulators available.
  9. Hi everyone, I just visited my favourite gba emu site and I saw this game available for download. I don't know if it works or what not and it sure would be extremely helpful for those who want to use it to test their emus. I'm not posting the link because to my knowledge I think it's against board rules. So send me a PM if you want the info...or if you allow me I will direct link.
  10. I was pretty dissapointed with the battery life of the psp. It's not really a portable device with such demand on the juice. I know the best defence is that: "I ain't gonna play for more than 2 or 4 hours so that's amazing battery life as it is." I sure that your opinion with be changed when you actually spend more time charging the battery than using the system. I say this because, sure you might not be a freak gamer and play extended periods...but what happens when you just play about 1 hour and decide to take it on the road to play movies? Before the movie actually ends you need to wait another 3 hours for a full charge or sit near a power source and watch it there. I'm smelling another gamegear. FYI I'm not biased either, I don't like the DS because of the crappy line up of games and game potential. But I am still interested in the DS because of the EMU possiblilites.
  11. I really liked Enter the Dragon. Even though he wasn't in a hugh majority of the flick the scenes with him fighting were superb. But my favourite martial artist is Jet Li. Tai Chi Master is probably the best fight film ever IMO. About 90% was pure fighting hand to hand and a bit of swordplay. I also like the OUATIC films as well, even though the character he plays is like a robot. It's funny though, kind of like steven segal and how his face doesn't change.
  12. Hello everyone, I downloaded and burned both discs of this amazing game last week and I've played about 18 hours of it. But I kind of ran into a little problem... you see, I am in the ruins of mosel and I found the ancient ruins of mosel location. In that room is a center platform and a door that doesn't open. I've read on the FAQ's that cutscene is supposed to activate once you step on the platform and then the locked door opens...here's the problem I step on the platform and nothing happens! I was stuck running around back and forth trying to fiqure out what was going on but so far no luck. So basically, I did something wrong in the game or it's the burned game. Any help peeps? It worked flawlessy up to this point and I really want to continue playing it. I just hope there's a solution before I go out and buy the damn thing.
  13. I'm testing out the theory that the number of games stored on the flash card affects the battery life. So far I am getting some results. As I've said, about 5 hours of gameplay can be achieved before the power light turns orange with a flash card fully loaded. I erased it yesterday and loaded only Final Fantasy 1&2 (128mbit) and I successfully played it for 7 hours without the orange lit being displayed. It's still green as I speak and hopefully it will go up to 10 hours.
  14. I just have a few questions about the GBA SP battery. I've purchased my GBA in October and I got my flash card (Xrom 512mbit) to go with it. My question is: Does the battery life of the GBA SP become affected by the cartridge used? I ask this because the specs of the GBA SP say that the battery lasts about 10-12 hours with the light on. My GBA using the flash card only lasts about 6 hours with the light on before the juice is drained. Does the size of the cartridge, number on games on the flash card, or just the flash card itself affect the battery life? It's either something like that or my GBA is screwed or something. Anyone else have any similar experiences?
  15. Oh yeah Zelda The Minish Cap was just released today...I really recommend it.
  16. Prince of Tennis Glorius Gold or Stylish Silver...whatever floats your boat. Legacy of Goku 2 was really good. CT Special Forces 3 Bioterror if you like difficult games and V-Rally 3.
  17. I probably go for quantity, it happens so often that I find a game that i've never heard of and its a really great game.
  18. The lag thing isn't a big issue, the original game on the n64 had huge slowdown problems. The developers also used sexier coding to make it run well on the console.
  19. Yeah, even though it makes those sounds, nothing bad has come out of it. I was just curious to see if I was the only person experiencing this.
  20. Well, I just found out today my dreamcast makes weird sounds. When I first got it, it would make these grinding sounds whenever the console read discs, since I've never owned a DC before I thought it was normal. Anyway, recently I went to a friends house and his dc doesn't make the same noise, it makes a similar noise to a ps2 reading a cd. So I realized that mine is screwed. It really doesn't bother me though, the games work fine and everything. I'm not really interested in repairing it or anything (usually when I try to fix things, situations become worse). But I was wondering if I continued to leave this problem alone, will the dc get worse or possibly, will my Game Discs get screwed? Thanks in advance!
  21. Hello again, its been quite some time since I've visited but here I am. I'm not to sure if this topic has been created or old news or crap like that, but I'm making it because there doesn't seem to be one in the first few pages...anywho. I just got my copy today and it seems to be really sweet. Its a nice change of pace for those of us SNK'ers who have been playing the same old 2D stuff for ages. My first impression of MI was that it is fast, the environments are beautiful and they kept a faithful KOF gameplay in 3D. Some of my compliants however are the fact that most combos are redone differently, the throw commands are kind of whack and tripping opponents is way to cheesy. The graphics could've been improved a lot but its SNK's first try at a 3D KOF. I hope it gets better from here, I am waiting for a Maximum Impact 2 and hopefully they will have more characters, better graphics and a more intuitive story mode.
  22. Use visualboy for all the videos except sonic x. Sonic X can be played by RascalBoyAdvance or the earlier versions of VBA.
  23. I would say Mario and Luigi. Its the only game that has been appealing to me. Its simple and fun plus it has comical aspects. Not too much of a fan of Square when it comes to handhelds.
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