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  1. Its really weird to see Ikaruga being only about 20 megs. The first time I saw that number I thought it was a fake. But to my surprise its the real deal! How can a game with such awesome graphics, sound, and gameplay be so small while other crappier shooters like Gunbird and Border Down be so huge? The mysteries of the universe.
  2. Edit: This was a copy of the post just before this one. I accidentally posted the same things twice. Sorry again.
  3. I guess you are right, sorry for spoiling the fun. I don't really see a need for emulation passed the N64. Console wise that is...mainly because you can never really replace the actual system with an emulated version. I hear a lot of people hollering and hooting and running games like CvS2 with glitches and speed issues, when i've been playing the game in its perfect form for more than a year now. I guess its just me, I have too many games now and actually forget the joy of getting newer emulation in my grasp.
  4. Im probably the only person not estatic about chankast...why is this? Maybe its because I own a dreamcast. I don't know, im pretty sure gryphon and k dash both have dc but why are you guys so excited? Im not trying to be a party pooper but...yeah.
  5. There are a whole bunch of adr stuff, which is the exact filename and maybe a direct link to it.
  6. Probably play dreamcast and watch Rocky movies all day.
  7. Its echelon rip, I've read in the nfo and it says that nothing has been ripped out of it. Whats this BobRedThorps you speak of?
  8. Same thing happens in Fatal Fury Motw for the DC. All attacks and sounds are a half a second out of place. Makes playing the game extremely annoying.
  9. I agree with you buddy. But there are a lot of people who like all that flashy stuff. I feel sorry for Nintendo, they want to stick to their roots and do things their way, but it also gives the impression that Nintendo is making games for themselves and hoping people will like it, instead of making games directly for the people. All in all, they need some killer software big time. Its been awhile since Nintendo introduced something fresh and appealing. Come on, we been all waiting for this. Im not talking about another mario or pokemon. Something really new. I've just been dissapointed by Nintendo so many times, I wait and wait and I get games like Pikmin and Animal Crossing, which are good games in a sense, but I get booed and taunted at school by the devil may cry's and the Gran Turismo's.
  10. Nice story, but there are too many war movies nowadays.
  11. Thanks for the advice. I searched for it but I couldn't find that exact version, so I downloaded the latest one. Hope it still workz. Edit: Ok, I just looked over the tutorial and now im just gonna forget it. I don't do things that have 31 steps or more.
  12. Ok, I just downloaded Gauntlet Legends and it seems like it won't self boot. I downloaded the echelon tutorial and I've gotten up to step 5 or so but it says you need a program or something called "cdrtools-1.9a03-win32-bin" I've looked all over the net but I can't seem to find it. Anyone have it or know where to get it?
  13. You might think its pretty low, but its not like a CPU. The hz thing is the refresh rate and stuff.
  14. I don't think you understand the essence of the situation. PAL games like Soul Caliber and Virtua Fighter 4 EVO are compatible with both frequencies, because sega included the option for non-PAL tvs to play them and for importers to have less trouble. These PAL games should work without troubles during startup, but for some reason SC doesn't. It might be the fact that its not the official copy so, basically I won't complain anymore because I guess I have no right to. Bleh.
  15. No, its proper colors and everything. When you try to play a PAL game on a NTSC system, the screen is distorted, just like on those cable channels you haven't purchased. But the thing is, it shouldn't be set on PAL, it should've been set on a neutral setting that excepts both frequencies so you are able to clearly choose the khz. @ PLasticSlug I know its really nothing to worry about, but I feel like its damaging my tv whenever it goes through the startup phase.
  16. Ok, let me begin by saying that I have a NTSC dreamcast. Im pretty sure I downloaded the NTSC version of SC but I may have the PAL one. Well, the game itself it one of those games that allow you to adjust the refresh rate before you start the game. If you ever played Daytona USA 2001 you know what I mean. Before I have the chance to choose a refresh rate, the screens flashes like crazy until I finally get to that part and choose 60 khz. I was wondering how I could fix this bug, i've owned plenty of PAL games that have this option and they don't flash during the startup process.
  17. Oh, I didn't know that. Thanks for telling me. It seems that this day in age isn't so great for online dreamcasting, only a few games have working internet options.
  18. I just got bomberman online by echelon, but it doesn't seem to connect to the US server...I was wondering if anyone knows if its down or is there a patch to fix it.
  19. Ok, thanx GryphonKlaw. Don't need to worry about it now, it seems that I just needed to update my Ad-Aware...silly me.
  20. Try this link. I hope you have fun with this one. http://pda.ouroad.org/gbastore/roms.php?ro...&&t=1085494121&
  21. Okay, this doesn't usually happen to me, but there are those stupid sites that change the registry on your computer and forces a specific homepage. Now, to fix it you need to edit something in the registry, does anyone know what to edit or an easier alternative? I've downloaded Ad-Adware but it doesn't do the trick. This is the second time i got this bug, the first one my brother fixed for me but he isn't around these days.
  22. I've never encountered these problems. It can be many different sources for the conflict so lets try to eliminate the possibilities: 1. It may not be the emu's themselves, there are many bad copies of snes roms lurking out there in the net. Try to get some fresh copies from cherryroms.com 2. It might be the sound configuration you've set it on. Next time you post, tell us the settings you have and what version of zsnes you got. 3. Make sure your roms have good checksums, there should be a little message when you start a rom on either zsnes and snes9x, make note on whether it says "checksum ok" Come back with your findings.
  23. Oh, I see. Sony PSP looks pretty nice...but I really do enjoy my bread.
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