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  1. They showed off the DS on Livewire (Gamespy/IGN). And the shoulder buttons are there and intergrated into the shell (Kinda like the normal GBA). Flash media cart slot is at the top and the bottom part of the DS houses the GBA games. And it will have enough power Sony fanboys can die once they figure out the battery life for the PSP. Heheh, nice. Hopefully, the programmers will have a good version of SnesAdvance early in the DS' life. @K' Dash Aren't a little bit too hostile towards the psp
  2. I'm probably going to get one. I was planning to get a SP for a long time now, but that idea went down the tube the moment I found of DS was backwards compatible. What really has potential is emulation on the DS. Since the DS will be able to play gba games...that means it will be able to use flash carts. I believe that a Snes Emulator has been in development for the SP but it lacks the buttons and the power to emulate properly. It would probably be harder to do it before, but now with the ds (hopefully having six buttons, I couldn't see the shoulder of the handheld) would have enough power. I know its a long shot but if its pulled off, that could very add another thousand titles to the DS game list.
  3. Can you clarify what you mean? Have I done something wrong?
  4. Thats a nice game list for the PSP. It will be interesting which of those will be availiable during launch week. Hopefully, Capcom will make CVS3 or something on PSP. And, there really isn't any reason to get mad about this topic. If people like DS, then they will get it and enjoy, if people like PSP, then the same thing applies. Anywho, if they can emulate both on PC, EVERYONE"S a Winner! MUhahahha.
  5. Sony having more support then Nintendo in the Handheld biz? Im not too sure of that. Being the king of the handheld scene has created a lot of history between Nintendo and the developers, unless Nintendo screws up like the N64 and lose all the support to PSP.
  6. 10 hours? Are you serious? If you can carry an N64 around for 10 hours and play it then i'd go for that but if not then WTF are you talking about?!!! Who plays VG for 10 hours straight?! If you do you seriusly need to turn off the system and go out side. Unless you're going camping 10 hours is more than enough. Even if its like 20 hour car ride they will more than likely sell those cigaret lighter plug chargers. Besides there are no real specs of the DS so where cant compare our imagination to the PSP. The PSP graphics look DC just like the DS is supposed to look like. It's all up to the games and the controls. NIntendo makes really fun Handheld games and PSP...well i havent seen any so i dont know. Sigh, it seems that you don't grasp the true importance of battery life. Im not saying the average player will spend 10 hours playing a handheld game, im saying that you will be able to play 10 hours before recharging it. Im sorry, but to me, this isn't enough battery life, especially if you have long trips and don't have the time or resources to charge it up. Plus, please notice the 10 hours MAX, that could basically mean that some PSP games could gauge so much juice that you may only be able to play games a few hours, maybe 2 or 3. Now lets take this scenario...im watching FF7 AC on my PSP, after watching it, I play MG Solid for 1 hours and boom, the battery is dead. Its just one of the possible inconviences for Sony PSP owners. However, then again, Sony may surprise us with a special new technology that saves tons of energy, but its just a hope now.
  7. I don't know if this has been done before (I've read some comments about this issue in K'Dash's E3 news stuff). But if it hasn't, lets do it, but if it has, lets do it again. I don't want to get into specs and stuff so ill just make comments on both. Nintendo DS: N64 like graphics, wireless multiplayer, backwards compatible with GBA, PDA screen, internal microphone, huge support. Sony PSP: Play movies and Mp4 Playback, PS2 like graphics, great support, (thats all I know now, please tell me more and ill add it.) Personally, I believe the Nintendo DS will be victorious. Nintendo has never lost in the handheld business. Yeah, you might say "Yeah, well, Nintendo never lost in the console business until sony came, blah blah blah." Here is the main thing I like about the Nintendo DS. I don't care that it has two screens and that crap, but its backwards compatible. That means that in addition to play DS games, it can play the 1000 plus gba games, and thousand plus GB/GBC games. Thats a whole lot of games! When you get the psp, you will have to wait for sony to build up their library of titles. Another key factor is battery life. Nintendo's DS sounds very capable of giving the player acceptable game time. However, the PSP is going to be a huge power guzzler because of its massive power. Really, IGN is speculating that the PSP will only be able to play 10 hours straight MAX before you need to recharge it. The thing is...I rather play N64 like games for 10 + hours...then to play the Sony PSP and run out of juice in a few. Handhelds are supposed to be portable, I don't want to use a A/C adaptor and sit near a power socket to enjoy my handheld. Thats my 3 cents, whats yours?
  8. If you want to beat her easy, use Axl. Since I-no is a attacking !@*#$( , you can just use Axl's counter attacks that do insane amount of damage. (Don't counter her orbs though, it will be futile. Just kill her off quickly and hope you don't get nailed by them.) When I play with Baiken, I wait till she does her orb wave and inch closer to her. After its done I launch a instant kill attack and she always falls for it. Lol.
  9. Not to excited about hyper sf, but SF Third Strike on XboX live!?! OmG yes. (Hey Neomaster, you don't have cable) What? Damnit. I don't have XboX either...
  10. Yeah, I was thinking new characters. Man, this blows moderately. Kind of dissapointed though, I'd wish someone from garou, ss, or possibly last blade would be included. Well, thats life for ya. Im just going to practice some more on the ps2, tomorrow there will be a big tourney at my friends house. Of course ill win, but fun none of the less.
  11. Yeah, I got the ps2 version of kof2k2. Its in Jap. When I booted it up, the character screen looks that same but Rugal is visible with two empty slots beside him (For Shingo and King). I thought there would be more slots and I kind of got worried that only the US compilation pack (KOF2k2 & 2K3) would have secret characters. I went to GameFaqs.com and it said that Goenitz, Geese and Orochi Iori could be unlocked but you have to beat challenge mode... My question is...IS THAT IT? Only 3 new characters!!! I thought there would be at least 6 new people to choose from. Oh well...
  12. I kind of do what you do. I really enjoy playing someone that is an expert in fighting games. Its not that fun to get your ass kicked all over, but the experience you recieve (not to mention the nifty combos you learn ) will surely be great help in the future, and make the game more enjoyable. I play to win, but also play to learn. You can't drink from the cup of victory, until you tasted defeat. Thats what I always say. Oh yeah! I also like to play to win because I don't like getting up to get more tokens.
  13. I downloaded it, it was pure awesome. I liked the matches, Millia was the best though. LMAO, Johnny owned Sol, AHAHAHAH. 2 Near perfect matches. The only thing I didn't like about it was the final battle, the background music pissed me off. It sounds like men singing in the shower...a prison shower
  14. I think this is still the same Rage of the Dragons...but its probably encrypted/decrypted blah blah blah differently which makes the file a lot larger.
  15. Ahhh! So many questions! Well, I don't own a ps1 but I have a ps2. If you want to play ntsc or pal games or whatever, have a mod chip and MAKE SURE your tv is compatible with both regions. Otherwise, funky stuff happens. Oh yeah, never plug in a NTSC playstation in PAL regions, or system will get fried in a matter of seconds.
  16. Sshhhh, government agencies may be reading this as we speak. Yeah this stuff has gotten me really spooked. I don't really feel safe anymore when downloading stuff. Even though I don't live in America, I still don't use programs like WinMX or Kazaa anymore, they're all out to get you.
  17. I would agree with you on that point, but I can't. Playmore/Eolith made Kof2002, and its one of my favourites. Oh yeah, I voted for SNK, because last blade 2 made me realize the glory of 2d fighting.
  18. Im guessing this 100 pk for 23 bucks is in american dollars...am i correct? If its Canadian...im going straight to sammies!
  19. Don't worry my underling, there will be plenty of awesome games to tide you over. Such as Mario Golf that will be soon released.
  20. Okay, I know what the problem is...its the CD's themselves! Today to test my theory, I went out and purchased some single Sony CDR's. I burned an ISO and it worked! I guess it was the spindle of cd's I currently have that are weird in ways only the cosmos knows. Its really absurd, the cd's I burn using the "defective" spindle work in cd players/cd rom drives/dvd players, but they won't be read by the ps2 drive. Is it some conspiracy that the big corporations are pulling to stop the ISO scene? Whos knows. PS. Im really sorry if i've scared anybody who had downloaded a rom from ******* or was planning to get iso's there. This was just a big mistake on my part. Never before has this type of thing happened before and when it did, I didn't know what to do about it. Its just really strange how this CD memorex spindle i bought (plus the samsung 650's individually wrapped) won't work in the ps2 drive. I know Memorex cd's work for burning iso's, but for some reason, not this particular pack i have.
  21. Ok, I remember GC telling me there was some time limit but I don't remember it being a day. Unfortunately, most times I want to make a poll its already been 24 hours so I never see the option. I'm only going to vote once I see the video but since all my downloading energy is going towards SF3:Third Strike, this video will have to wait. Or maybe I can download it at work tomorow...yeah, I'll do that. Ah ha! I was right, I guess you have to take back that flocker remark...n00bz.
  22. According to IGN, September 2004. So you have to wait quite a bit before you can get your grubby hands on it.
  23. You forgot: Mario & Luigi Superstar Tactics Ogre Breath of Fire 1/2 Shining Force
  24. Kind of a n00b question for someone who has more than 2300 posts! Go to 1st Post --> Edit --> Add Poll Edit: Hmm, I swear I did it before. I just tried to edit one of my earlier topics to see if it would work but the option isn't there. There must be a time limit on when you can change it.
  25. By the time any translation groups finish the job, the (U)/(E) version will be out long before that happens. Its just easier to wait for the North American or Europe release.
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