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  1. Sounds great, are they/have they made this into an anime? I always had a fit with naruto's characters because most of the main dudes are kids. Right now I'm on episode 110 and it's starting to pick up. Hopefully Sasuke is able to kick someone's ass.
  2. Or you could just buy a new burner. Can't burn RAW? Man my 3 year old 8x CDRW can do that. They have 52x and up speed burners for less than 50 bucks nowadays...so think about it.
  3. Is that really offending you or something? How many people here have people in prison? Sorry if I'm making fun of your families.
  4. DOA is a fighting game? Xtreme Beach volleyball is the awesome. That and Rumble Roses are the best.
  5. Damn, I always wanted to find buried treasure within the lost and found but nothing ever shows up.
  6. LOL. That concept is ingenious. I'm going to post my score later after I give it a whirl.
  7. What's this game about? I'm hesistant to try because it seems kind of odd.
  8. Wish you the best hookers and booze. Have a bash!
  9. Well, I've never been there so I can only assume from tv.
  10. I bet your still eager to try it still? It might be good, depending on your taste. IGN gave Shadow Hearts a 5 and I'd say it kills the recent RPG's like Suidoken IV/Xenosaga 2, but the reviewer was a dick.
  11. Geez, I wouldn't have guessed he would say that. Especially when I read about how those asians are addicted to videogames and forget about food and water...but I guess there's a lot of asians in North America too. Death by Degrees. I saw some reviews and the word on the streets is that game is doo doo.
  12. Oh man, my classroom had a debate on this topic before and believe me, it gets ugly.
  13. My hands aren't nimble enough to steal.
  14. His hero must be jack the ripper. Good thing he's in prison. I hope he enjoys the showers there.
  15. I've been waiting for this. The newer version was taking forever to come out especially with all those new security problems that have arised recently in the web news.
  16. LMAO...you know how she's actually really old. Imagine seeing them when she's... (barf)
  17. Ditto. I've had more fun playing NFSU 2. This game is so mean. Like, if I had GT3 data I can get a sexxy 100 000 credits that could by me a godly car but nooo. Still, I have to unlock this game's hidden potential, and soon, because its due back on Sunday.
  18. Believe me how I tried, my mirage simply can't compete on those circuits. I tried to sell it back but they would only give me 2000 credits for it, if I did that I would have to race the other cars on foot.
  19. I was watching Entertainment Tonight when they brought up this subject and it was showing various celebs like Lindsay Lohan and that Gotti mother and they were complaining they were getting prank 100 prank calls every 5 minutes.
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