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  1. But that costs money My friend bought the new slim ps2 yesterday and I was quite impressed with it. On the side of the box it says it supports DVD+R/-R. I know this might be a stupid question but does that mean you don't need a mod chip to play backup games?
  2. Its more of a Gauntlet Hack an slash opposed to the party battle based BG 2. Oh, just for fun, here's some screens of Y's for PS2.
  3. Same with GTA: Vice City. Constant streaming. I wonder if that's the cause of my PS2 acting weird every now and then... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Any game like that will wear down the laser on your ps2. The device can only take a certain amount of spanks before it says no more.
  4. Who's actually plays the ps2/xbox/pc version of this game? I am at the part with the bear with the strap on. LMAO ===================D
  5. I personally prefer the Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance over the pc version. More everquest like and easy to get into.
  6. Hey gryph, you should try Ys: The Ark of Napishtim. It's for ps2 but has been on the pc for some time now. It has a lot of hack and slash but more strategic than everquest/diablo games.
  7. Who cares how you look as long as you can prevent that pavement from making your brain splatter.
  8. Maybe if you used DOSBox or something like that. I'd love to be able to play LSL1 again, for nostalgia's sake. Maybe now i could get past the trivia questions at the beginning on the first try now! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> What is DOSBOX? I'm interested. i would like to play some classics again. (still waiting for my Tie Fighter to arrive ) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> DOSBox is a DOS emulator. It's really good for old games like LSL. Hey NeoMaster, I think you can edit one of the INI files to unlock nude mode. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thanks gryph but I don't like to haxxors stuff. I usually tend to explode things. Plus, I like to earn my boobies thank you very much.
  9. Def Jam Fight for NY also will spank your laser silly, Mercenaries I believe also has that effect. From further investigation I have come up with some new details. Test Subject: Mercenaries Disc Type: Maxell DVD+R 4x Now the last two games I had on Maxell discs were Shadow Hearts and Mercenaries. Basically, they both had these clicking problems but Shadow Hearts was no biggie where as Mercenaries gangbanged the clicking sensation. I then tried burning it on a Memorex DVD+R 4x and here are the results. Gone are the clicking noises and now the load times are MUCH longer. The sound usually goes out of sync and often the system beeps because I believe it is struggling to load all that data at once. Possible Solution: My hypothesis is that the 4x are having trouble keeping up because the originals are about 8x discs. The possible solution would be to use 8x discs and see what happens. I haven't tested it out yet because I am dirt poor and have no 8x's. Possible Problem: Before when I had Def Jam 2, the sound was perfect, loading was ok, everything was great. Then came to a point where the cutscenes would lose sync with voice overs. I think this is the time my ps2 started going south. However, I still experience today with the Memorex and less problems with Maxell. But like I said, some games are giving the clickaroo.
  10. Why does everyone think I'm always in it for the boobies? Besides they censor that shiznits out...until I unlock that everybody naked mode...
  11. That's exactly my point about the girls thingy. It doesn't matter where it's from, case and point. But you said that it's impossible for you to like a Eastern RPG...what if they made one that had Western influence? Hence defies your logic about how you can't like a Eastern RPG. And about the girls comment, I've been playing too much Rumble Roses.
  12. LMAO I know, I just named the topic the way it was first conjured by the developers.
  13. This one is clever and witty... I don't know what the old ones are. I'm not a retro dude. Can you at least tell me what systems or the titles of the games?
  14. ...no. You are wrong. I pretty much despise Eastern style RPGs. The last Eastern style one I played was Chrono Trigger and I got bored of that and went back to play Fallout and NWN. Hell, I don't even consider them to be RPGs since there is such little character development and rarely any varying styles of gameplay. Also, Diablo and Dungeon Siege are iffy in the RPG realm, they are basically hack and slash with some character development. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Your a rare kind...it's almost like saying you like only asian girls but wouldn't be enticed to a sexy Italian babe not matter how she smells and struts those fine legs.
  15. So basically, why hasn't anyone told me about this game? I had it sitting in the dvd stack for quite some time now and finally decided to play this thing. It's hella funny what Larry says and the conversations he has with the ladies are so good I think I will try them out in real life. The girls look great (not that I'm attracted to digital women or anything...) and the game is so damn funny that I can't believe I'm having fun playing a tap the button and move the cursor. I can't play this thing for extended time because of my paranoia of my ps2 breaking down but I just wanted to share with you my good times.
  16. Anyway, back on topic. I don't think it's smart or logical to ask which culture of RPG's is better. If you like toast, why not have some butter with it as well? Sorry I haven't eaten in 4 hours. Anyway, I do love the final fantasy's and the dragon quests and have a blast with the Diablo/Everquest/Dungeon Siege and what not. So basically i'm trying to say that anyone who says that they only prefer one type is lying or on some kind of aerosol. Sometimes I get bored of the same level till your 100 and beat the boss or hack and slash that beyotch to death. It just depends...if the game is good, then I like it. Don't matter if it's east side or west side. You down homie doggs?
  17. In that case if you have the chance to try Shadow Hearts 2, I seriously urge you to do so. It's a refreshing change from the Final Fantasys and Dragon Quests. Plus Karin is so scrum diddly umpsous.
  18. Looks like the DS emu ball is starting to roll. Can't wait to get my grubby hands on some free DS gaming.
  19. FF8 owns hard...but I don't think the developers knew how to end it properly so orphans for all.
  20. Mine's modded so I don't think your switcharoo trick will work for me. Now I'm afraid to play the system. Whenever I attempt to play I get paranoid by every sound that comes from the system and shut it off a few minutes after. Looks like I'm going to have to crawl back to my dusty old gamecube.
  21. You don't like FF7 yet you find 9 an "exception". Check your weed bag and clean out the beaver tranquilizer.
  22. To my knowledge, Shadow Hearts: Covenant was just released here a few days ago, but I don't have the financial backup right now. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Its been out for months here...where you live? South Pole?
  23. Well, to find Shadow Hearts in new form is kind of difficult without going online. It's nearly impossible to find it anywhere around my city but I got Shadow Hearts from my local blockbuster. Have you played Shadow Hearts 2?
  24. This is a really dark day for me now. I too have been recently experiencing these "clicking" problems with my ps2 (no flip top). Basically it's nothing really bad as it first appeared while playing Shadow Hearts. When entering the menu the game pauses for a moment, clicks three times and then resumes normally. It happens only about once per gaming session so it's not a real problem. However, I just got Mercenaries and It clicks every time the action gets heavy. I've had the system for about three years now and I'm so dissapointed about what's happening. Anyway, Boomba Goose, have you had any new discoveries or solutions or even reasons why some games do this and some don't? Mercenaries looks like a processor heavy game but nothing happens when I play GTA SA or Call of Duty. Shadow Hearts shouldn't even nudge the laser or the system but it has that small problem. However, playing Shadow Hearts using the real disc doesn't seem to have any effects.
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