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  1. Wrong! Music does not blow, it kills every tekken's music before it.
  2. I only hate Final Fantasy because the name itself draws so much people into getting the game, no matter how crap it is. Like, Final Fantasy 7+8+10 are good RPG's and everything, but when a great RPG like Shadow Hearts 2 comes out, no one bothers to play it. That's what makes me ticked off. Especially when you are trying to tell people about a new RPG, they won't like it unless it's SquareSoft, Namco, or Konami or whatever. As I write this, RPG fans are probably like...yeah well, Shadow Hearts or whatever sucks really bad and XenoSaga or Suikoden or Final Fantasy whatever is the best. Wrong, SH2 is highly under appreciated and it's a greater game than Suikoden, XenoSeries, or Final Fantasy X/X2. First Trailer Edit: Yeah, it was just released.
  3. I don't think it's really original, grab a few dozen of popular characters and through them into a Disgaea type market that's being saturated now isn't the most unique idea. It just sounds really stupid to me. Like, what are these guys thinking? The only thing you'll ever get is having the novelty of playing your favourite characters which 1. If you love them so much, get the games they were originally in. 2. Don't be expecting such a great feel from playing the game since over 200 characters are going to be in it, don't expect every character to have a storyline or important role in the game. Above all, a distortion in time that brings the characters into each other's worlds is the cheesiest story ever.
  4. The N64's stick was the sheit. Don't be hatin` on that naow. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I totally agree with you. The stick would get all this chalky crap building around it and later in it's life it would be hard to run in adventure games because the stick's angle would be limited.
  5. I think sound deserves a higher score. If you have the super sound system every attack sounds deliciously bone crunching. The music is great but not compared to Soul Caliber 2.
  6. Too late, the stupidness has already begun.
  7. I'm more afraid of that Marvel vs EA...or Nemesis or something.
  8. its a flockin controler?!? what is it supposed to have the dpad on the under side.. maybe then it wont be a rip off. Your a dumbass. Every console controler is gona have some simularitys.... and stop talking about rip off.. the ps2 controler is the snes controler with 2 anolog sticks and 2 more sholder buttons... and a shittyer dpad. N64 had anlog before ps1... n64 had a rumble pack before ps1... werent those all rip offs? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> A yeah, check your spelling bud. Anyway, it's a rip off, end of discussion. They should go ahead and carbon copy the design but they don't want to bow down so they try to pull something out of there ass. PS2 controller took the basic design of the snes pad but enhanced it making it more comfortable and accessible, and the DPAD doesn't suck, you do. XboX controller doesn't improve anything, and they actually had to remake the first one because it sucked so much so shove that in your Box Hole. Oh yeah, the Rumble Pack and Analog control which Nintendo failed to execute properly was incorporated into the PS2 controller like it was meant to be. Don't hate them for making things better.
  9. How is this in any way a rip of of this? The analog sticks are in much better areas... on the xbox controler. Just feels way better to me then the akward ps2 controler. yep... Sure the xbox controler isnt perfect.. but id pick it over a ps2 controler anyday. Also atleast ms sticks with the a , b , x and so on.. not circle , square lol i always kinda laughed when kids would write out codes to ps1 games. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ah yeah...just switch the d-pad and left analog and you got a new controller...yeah. Rip off. Nintendo and XBox couldn't find a better setup so they joined hands, switched two things around and removed 2 shoulder buttons. Yeah.
  10. There won't be a need to change the PS Controller. It works exceptionally fine for every game. The gamecube controller lacks the semmetry (sp?) of the ps2 controller. ExBox was pretty much a rip of the playstations design but it's bulkier and the joysticks feel a bit odd.
  11. Such a gimmicky concept to grab fans of either company to buy this game. I give it a 5.0/10. This game will suxxors.
  12. Once upon a time, there was a game called Shadow Hearts Covenant. The game stood out from the crowd because of it's unique look and superb ratings from various video game sources. I tried convincing my cousin into getting the game but he suggested that since Midway was involved, the RPG would be crap. To this day, I think of him as a moron. That said, I gave it a shot, after being immersed into the series fast plot, great story, unique characters and battle system, I now consider Shadow Hearts one of the best RPG's..ever. Now, I was so hooked, I picked up the first episode that was...not the prettiest. Despite the graphics, I too loved this game because of the characters and storyline. Now the latest mention that Shadow Hearts 3 is being developed in Japan. Thank you PS2, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Die Nintendo, Die Microsoft, Die Final Fantasy. No screens have been released. It's far from being released in Japan, and chances of a stateside release is always dim...but I pray for this game to come. So this is the countdown topic. Any bit of news that comes, I will savour the moment.
  13. You got those cheap ass Nuby ones? Their ok for SCII but they suck for T5 and Most 2D fighters. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah, Noobie's. But they're actually good, I've tried them with KOf2002, GGX2, Marvel vs Capcom 2 and CVS2, and SNKvsCapcom and they work spectacular.
  14. I'll get an XboX2 when it's moddable, and under 200$.
  15. So Prican, have you tried burning the image? And if so, does it work?
  16. I think K'Dash needs a warn for that.
  17. LOL, "Funner". Yeah, the GC controller stinks for playing games like Capcom vs SNK2 and Fight Night Round 2, but when you play like Wind Waker and mario and such, its the best. I never have any hand discomfort even when playing for extended hours. So basically, when it comes to fighting games I just use my SC2 arcade stick that I bought for 25$.
  18. Ahh, can someone translate those figures for the average gamer? Anywho, I think the using the standard dvd format will screw xbox sooner or later. You never know what the market will bring and having a higher capacity disc in my opinion is the safer choice. Games today hardly fill up the dvd5 but this is next next gen graphics we're talking about so you don't know what kind of space newer technology needs. In addition, the playstation 2 has several games such as, Shadow Hearts 2, Xenosaga 2, Star Ocean 3 need two discs instead of one. A few dual layers to name are GT4 and Champions of Norrath. MANY other games like Def Jam 2, GTA SA, Final Fantasy and such are on the border line of capacity. So if Sony goes with the Blu Ray or HD, they are going to be the winners.
  19. I'm not eating hamburgers for awhile...
  20. I think RARE leaving Nintendo hurt them more than it hurt Nintendo. Like come, when RARE was with the big N, I knew every game that came from them. Banjo, Conker, Killer Instinct, and what not. But now that they've gone with M$, I don't even know the names of the damn games they made for them. But I hate RARE now, they promised Perfect Dark for the GCN launched by they lied like bastards. They said they would port it to the XboX but no word. Probably lying again.
  21. Actually, a game is being developed for the DS that is very similar to SSB. It's called Jump Superstars. It's a four player smash bros type game with anime characters instead of Nintendo Mascots. It's being developed by Nintendo and Bandai or so I believe. It will feature characters from DBZ, Naruto, One Piece I think and a wad of others. It's the only game that excites me. For the DS line up that is.
  22. I used to love reading EGM but then something called the internet came to me and it's pretty worthless now.
  23. Ign has this article awhile back. Eventually all the rappers are going to have their own games now. It started with Def Jam, now it's taking GTA's territory with Fear and Respect and Bulletproof. This game is being published by Vivendi and I haven't heard who's the developer. Most Vivendi published games are crap however.
  24. You the last person I would think to hate "team ninja" lol. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> u aparently dont know him then.. he insults anything team ninja <{POST_SNAPBACK}> sigh, another joke not picked up. His avatar is a ninja, he likes ninjas, hating a team called ninja is just ironic. Okay?
  25. You the last person I would think to hate "team ninja" lol.
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