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  1. I hear it's going to be released next week. I'll try to get into the series. Never really like Tekkan but maybe 5 will change my ways.
  2. Stupid ass kid. I've played Superman 64 a lot and now I'm going to see if I can fly.
  3. It was reported on IGN a few days ago. Supposibly Nintendo just registered that trademark.
  4. Nothing to get excited about. Most likely that new peripheral that allows you to play mpegs or what not on the gba/ds.
  5. You could've read the first post to verify that info...
  6. I say Drake has to buy everyone a small tonic... And wow, that's a nice essay there. You didn't have to go educational on his ass.
  7. So much discussion about jugs...I'm going to play some Rumble Roses.
  8. So your saying EA owning monopolizing everything is good? What have you been smoking?
  9. The saddest thing in the world was Kenshin dubbed...
  10. H game eh? And people criticize me for playing Playboy.
  11. EA = Flithy stinking rich Next thing they'll do is try to purchase Nintendo and Sony lol (In case you couldn't tell I was being sarcastic.)
  12. The offices in Montreal actually got a few million bucks from the Canadian government just recently. Is ubisoft a Canadian company or French?
  13. Well...I was including taxes and a small popcorn.
  14. Canadian actually...WTF! $1.50? I envy you...so much...
  15. Well I don't know if this has been posted before but if it has...feel free to share your emotions of EA once again. I always had the feeling that EA was a tyrannical monster but they've only gotten ESPN and Marvel so it wasn't a big deal...now that I hear the high possibilty of EA taking over UBIsoft...i'm quite disheartened. Really, Leave us alone EA! Your going to gay up Prince of Persia, Rayman, Splinter Cell and other fantastic titles!
  16. Bleh, I can only imagine the stupid kids downloading and playing this thing...that is so low.
  17. I'm not much of a Keenanu Reeves (spelling?) fan so I won't probably see it. Plus it's like 14 bucks for an adult ticket here.
  18. is that suppose to be a joke ? FMA was licensed.. and aired on Adult Swim every saturday. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Damn I keep getting things confused. Now I remember that it was FMA that got licensed before and it was marginally hard to get because of it and not Naruto. Anywho I have basic cable and I never get to see these dubbed versions. Is the english FMA any good?
  19. 2nd Line after my 1st one. "I'm Violence. Man or woman, whatever you prefer baby."
  20. Don't they usually ask you if you want to install those features once you get on the site?
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