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  1. If Microsoft were to do that, Halo3 would get owned so bad by the ps3. PS3 is going to sell like hot cakes. Remember the first ps2 with the 500+ price tag? It didn't stop Sony lovers from getting the system. I also think this thread is pointless. It brings back memories of when people where deciding whether to buy ff8 or dreamcast...lol.
  2. I was really into this game a few months back. I've played about 10 hours. Just need to get my mojo to get back into the game.
  3. The problem is with the revolution is that Nintendo is doing their marketing incorrectly. I'm taking international business as my major and I do know a few things about this subject. First of all the market should be homogenous. Nintendo is aiming for the 1yr old - 99 yr old market, making it very difficult for them to appeal directly to the consumers they are aiming at, because they're so diverse. Second, Nintendo isn't aiming for what the market wants, they try to find things that haven't been done before but may be appealing. That's great in but Nintendo has failed to live up to their innovation arguments failing in such accessories as the GameBoy Player, E-Card Reader, GBA/GCN link cable, dual screen handheld and so forth. Thirdly, they seem to be aiming at people who DO NOT normally play videogames instead of people who eat, sleep, breath, and drink the stuff. It's almost like aiming to sell personal computers to the elderly...they know they want to get their PC on. Fourth, because of these logistics, they fail to misinterpret their own goods in how the public will use them. For example, with the Cube they said right off the bat that they won't need 3rd Party support to survive. Then they made that crappy 59 block memory card because most nintendo games don't need that much space. Then came all the sports games and others that required so much storage, it wasn't there and then we get wash downed versions of these games and less support as well. I've had the SNES, NES, Gameboy Pocket, Cube, GBA, but it's the end of the line with my Nintendo support. I trusted them to oust PS awhile back with the N64...didn't happen. I wanted them to take back the market with the cube...nothing. I wanted them to tell Sony to "STFU we rule the handheld market." they come out with the DS. Sorry Nintendo, your going to be the next Sega...although Sega is much better.
  4. I just beat Shadow Hearts 1 for the PS2...Oh man am I feeling it. Wow, finally. It's been a longggg time since I've been interested enough to complete a game. It took me 23 hours in total and the boss fight took 1 hour of battling to beat. The ending is sad however...subtle but sad.
  5. I assume that most Nintendo fans agree that the Revolution will be Nintendo's reawakening, fixing past mistakes. A new interview at IGN with one of the main dudes at Nintendo has confirmed it...Revolution is the last home console for Nintendo. In my opinion of course. Click Here for the Horror Here are some quotes: IDIOTS!
  6. I always knew golf was dangerous. Especially for that guy who collects the balls.
  7. I don't usually watch Law & Order, but that episode description sounds like propaganda (sp?). I know it is possible for some psycho to be influenced by violent videogames but tv and the news are making it seem like anyone who touches a "M" game is going to be a murderer.
  8. Thanks, I ripped it using Alcohol but I may have done it wrong or something if it's supposed to be 5.3 gb.
  9. The funny thing is that a normal DVD R can only hold about 4.4 gbs and a dual layer is about 8.2. The thing is with Gran Turismo is that the image I have is 4.95 GB because I ripped it myself and I was thinking that if I just burned it on a dual layer disc it would work.
  10. Man those taser things are scary. They like shoot this dart into you and then zappppppp. I saw it on tv once and it was freaky. But then the guy looked like he was dancing and I laughed.
  11. Did he uppercut him into the pit? Seriously that's no joking matter. Those people need to be put away.
  12. Read the British judge article and its freaking hilarious. That's not even homer simpson stupid...
  13. Wow, two different stories huh? Microsoft is hording the Japs now.
  14. I started playing Final Fantasy X2. I came into the game expecting nothing but a girly game and I was SO dissapointed from the intro, dialogue, story, music. But I gave it another shot and now I'm into the game. Good thing im optimistic because X2 is one of those games you have to put in the extra effort for it to satisfy you.
  15. Now all we need is some exclusive abunance of RPG's on the Revolution.
  16. In that case, since you need some handheld gaming, you could get the DS and use the flash card or whatever to enjoy the large range of GBA titles that platform has to offer. It can tide you over till Jump Superstars comes out. Phew, good thing it wasn't coke you ruined.
  17. That's great for XboX. Now they can have some decent RPG's.. On another note, Gryph posted this during the East vs West topic.
  18. Actually, it's not a crackerd EXE. It's a standalone program tht calls the original Nebula.exe, and while doing so, bypasses Nebula's own lockouts. Sure, there might be hacked Nebula.exe's floating around too, but I've never seen those. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Gryph got owned... LOL Just kidding.
  19. A life gone just for pirated movies...what a waste.
  20. It was down? I was sleeping for the last 14 hours so I didn't notice. Maybe it was flying monkeys.
  21. You probably just need a loader to fix that dat problem and crash problem.
  22. That guy sounds like a jerkoff...
  23. Except Onimusha 2. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> LoL, never played Onimusha two but everyone says it stinks. Number 3 was teh boomb
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