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  1. Basically the launch units and most of the earlier models were to succumb to the disc read errors. Mines one of the newer models but i've only had a few small problems since its 2 1/2 yr ownership.
  2. "Sometimes life hurts more than death" I would've pulled the plug a long time ago.
  3. That's why you get something called a flashcard. Most of the DS/GBA prices are incurred through the expensive cartridge format. Even still, I would never buy a GBA game so I flash that sheit. I'm waiting for a PSP+R disc or something like that or maybe a DS flashcard. I think portable games should be less expensive because of the development teams aren't as lucrative as the console counterparts. But with the PSP, the games aren't mere portable versions but rather near perfect ports of the console version. That's why I think PSP will lose. Nintendo has made a portable system to appeal to those who have a few minutes here and there to play and not squat down indulging in "console" handheld games. And finally, why is 40-50 dollars such a big deal? Well, what would you rather spend the cash on? For me personally, if it had down to putting cash I would get the console version, same thing with DVD's, if I ever wanted to buy a DVD movie, no way in hell I'll get a shiity UMD. With the new movies that will support HD/Blu Ray format...lol who's going to pay for EXTREME crap versions of UMD with the lack of space.
  4. I was really thinking that PSP will pwn the ds but I'm not too sure now that I've seen the games and unit prices. Like, if I buy NFL street for ps2, what will incline me to spend the exact same amount in cash for the portable version? What I'm trying to say is that the PSP will most likely appeal to people who already have a ps2, so the market for them won't grow a huge margin but rather split up the market share for playstation games. Have you actually seen some of the software prices? 50-60 bucks? I'm guessing the price is inflated because they are using development costs that rival the ps2 counterparts, which means high prices for the consumer. With the GBA, sure, their were a lot of crappy games but failure in one or two software pieces won't cause much of a dent because of the low cost of making the games. With the psp, 1 or 2 failures could waste millions of dollars in revenue and lose lack of support. That's my theory basically. PSP will die because of piraters or lack of consumer interest and then nintendo will capitalize. It may happen...it may not, but that's what I think.
  5. I'll get a PSP and DS when they lower the price below $100 Canadian Dollars, or $130 if there is a efficient way to pirate games ie. DS flash card or psp rewritable UMD. That said, it will be a long time since I'll get either of the two but right now it seems kind of stupid for DS, 1. Not having enough quality games, and PSP having software prices that match the ps2 counterpart's price tag. I'd never buy a game over $50, especially for a handheld game that I could easily get for the ps2 and play in the comfort of my home...with friends too.
  6. This is probably the only EA game im not interested in...WORST TITLE EVER>
  7. Prince of Persia the only thing there that excites my mojo.
  8. I'm surprised that thing hasn't fallen into pieces...do you even know if it still works?
  9. LOL! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yup, this is exactly what I was thinking. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> LOL, i wrote that to diminish Drake's confidence...but even he saw through my scheme. I'm old enough to be your dead beat father!
  10. Woot! Yay for sony and boob raider.
  11. Actually, I don't only like sony. The consoles, handhelds and arcade I enjoy are NES, SNES, Genesis, NeoGeo, CPS2, GBC/GBA, N64, Dreamcast and NeoGeo Pocket.
  12. Yeah, I know what you mean. But lots of those hours were spent backtracking and upgrading my weapons. Well, I completed SH2, its quite sad what happens in the end and a little confusing. I spend about 33 hours playing the two disc game and it was fabulous. Now I need to find another game that's worthy of completing...
  13. Argh, that sucks. I just played Ratchet & Clank 2: Going Commando a while ago. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I've played about 20 hours of R&C 2 but haven't completed it yet. I wonder how much longer it will take. Oh yeah, Im at the final boss of Shadow Hearts 2, after I beat him I'll share my experience.
  14. 40 is what you get when you have no life.
  15. Why would you defile a PS2 with an Atari? Ass. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Atari > PS2. Actually, anything made by Atari beats Sony, because their sheit lasts longer. And umm, Jackass >_> <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Cow dung breath. Obviously you can't tell a good software/hardware from your ass. If Atari still had it's way, bob from down the street could publish games for that system and would charge you 70 bucks.
  16. Why would you defile a PS2 with an Atari? Ass.
  17. I haven't played SoA but I wanted to for the Cube and PS2. Wow, you call 40 hours short? Woo...anyways, I still think Grandia II is the best DC RPG or maybe Shenmue.
  18. I'm guessing there will be online play right? If so, how many people? Because it blows to play the game with 1 person.
  19. My cereal told me to kill someone before, I didn't do it yet but can I still sue for tempting me to murder?
  20. Hopefully that's not the design, if I ever bought one I'd probably put my pancake mix in there by accident.
  21. Fire Emblem was so...eh...forced. I didn't like the gba version because it held your hand through the whole thing telling you what to do. GC version looks like something to check out but its not like im going to wet my pants over this one.
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