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  1. I agree with you. The GBA SP has a huge install base so that system dying in the next year or so isn't too likely.
  2. Man, If I could make scratch like that I could afford chicken dinners everyday.
  3. I highly doubt that fanboys of the neogeo series would find Kof2k2/2k3 anything new. I being one of them, had these games for ages and played them to death, and my review is my opinion, not general. NeoGeo dudes have stuck to there oldskool ways while that's good and all, I'm saddened that they couldn't have made a stronger effort to gain home console fans love with maybe newer characters or fighting mechanics. In respect, Capcom lovers have dominated the market and I truely prefer SNK over their games but I stand alone without too much people who agree with me. Take for instance SVC Chaos, I thought it was an exceptional fighting game that could've been over the top with the roll or air guard feature. However the Japanese version was a direct port not taking advantage of any of the ps2 capabilities. It's been out and played to death by me and I hear it's coming to North America soon...will they at least spruce up the character select screen. Newer intro maybe? Endings achievable without perfect wins through arcade mode? Newer characters? New music? Roll/Air Guard? Nope they just give you the same stuff that you've been playing for ages. That's why I'm so hard on SNK, no wonder they are getting pwned by Capcom.
  4. I had a dreamcast controller that had a messed up button like the psp...and it was god awful playing kof2002 on it. I was so sad I paid 30 bucks for it.
  5. Make a Flying Disc Shooter with 30 round clips, Oh yeah, i was just joking about that incriminatiing stuff. Did I scare you?
  6. So I guess it would be really hard to tell if you have a beta unless like a glitch explodes your characters or something...damn, im not in kansas anymore.
  7. Don't say things your assuming unless your me or someone more respectful. To almost everyone knows; Backward compatability = TEH WIN! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> My respect level is 1... so it looks like im a few hundred points above you.
  8. How am I able to decipher what's a full game and what's a beta? I've got these games that look real with all playable levels/characters/music and what not, but I read on some forums that they are beta releases. How do these sceners get these versions and why are they available? And why doesn't the damn title screen say BETA in big bold red text.
  9. Honestly, I think the GBA release list is still looking better than the DS'. PSP will probably smoke DS and then Nintendo can start putting back their effort on the GBA which has a great install base already.
  10. Hey Daeval, with the KOF2002 for PS2, is it harder to do QCF standing on the left side of the screen? I remember getting KOF2002 jap version and it really ticked me off that the controls weren't as responsive. I had some difficulty pulling off the QCF in this game where as in say SVC is was a easy. As for the review, I would partially agree with you. The score I'd give it is a 7.5. Reason being is that KOF2002 is so damn old, I had it for the dreamcast like millienias ago, and the PS2 version didn't really add anything new in it that would garner another purchase. But at least this is a much better game than that god awful Capcom Evolution crap.
  11. It only seemed like yesterday where the GBA was a robust system with tons of great quality games being created for it and every month would be a satisfying game for me to play. Now it seems with the release of the DS and imminent coming of PSP, the GBA/SP is running dry of software. I've played the Zelda's, Mario's, Pokemon's, Harvest Moon and such but what's left? The most recent game I've enjoyed is Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories that I've still not completed. But what's left after that? The only thing I can think of right now is Mario Party Advance...dear god please tell me you can do better GBA!
  12. Maybe now Naruto 2 for ps2 has a better chance of getting a north american release.
  13. I'm not blind! But anyway, it might be a beta or something. I don't know. It's really weird, if they had cut out the movie from the disc it should've still had the option to access it but nothing would happen...but there is no movie option period.
  14. Ah yeah...a little too dramatic for my tastes.
  15. "Have you gain weight? I ask because your giving me a gravitational pull."
  16. The only good animes that have English voice actors that I know are Inuyasha and Escaflowne which were done by a Canadian group. Actually, both of those animes share the same actors. Dragonball Z was also well done but I don't know what happened to the original voice actors. Seems that they left and were replaced by American actors starting with Freeza saga.
  17. I think I'll try to get into the DMC games again. The last time I played the series was number 1 but I couldn't beat the spider and said to hell with it.
  18. I thought Naruto was licenced wayyyy back during Episode 50? Wasn't that the reason why it was sort of hard to find?
  19. I know that, but for some reason the option for the movie isn't in my gallery mode. This is what happens when you have unreliable rippers. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thats kinda a perpose of a rip to get rid of the movies to fit the game on a cd. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well, its not a rip and its not on a cd. I am still puzzled why SF3 is 3.5 gigs.
  20. Make sure they don't have anything incriminating.
  21. I'm pretty interested in the shaman king anime but like most tv inspired anime games, the developers tend just to use their names to get people to buy the games without putting really too much effort.
  22. A bird crashed into my apartment window once, but it didn't break it. Pretty scary too.
  23. Sadly no, i have to share it. A very ironic situation where if I download too much everything goes off.
  24. Dag nabbit! I finally got average speed to get upwards to 80-120 kb/s, but after a few minutes of getting to that level suddenly the connection becomes sh\t. It must be this stupid router that's preventing me from high speeds...ugh its more of a hassle than provides protection.
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