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  1. Nothing is stopping us from starting the bet again. How about instead of not posting, don't post anything stupid. It's not that tough. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I say we let the bet run for a month this time. Let's see how many coherent posts he can do. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I want a piece of that.
  2. Errr. I don't understand that sentence. Are you calling me an idiot? You really are a troll.
  3. I think the joke kind of got stale awhile back...
  4. Ad Hominem? WTf is that? Read a dictionary. And to my knowledge I haven't done anything wrong so far. Gryph and his goons would've stopped me if I had. And I can use any word I choose. If you can't decipher the context that's your problem. I'm fully aware of what it means dimwit. It's called play on words, or a joke to reduce the mind stress. Maybe you should focus on your family and stop playing Morrowind doofus.
  5. Ah yeah...not the best selection. I don't know what you were trying to go with there. Isn't system shock a fps with rpg elements? Why didn't you add Deus Ex while you are at it. Your troll abilities seem too forced...a troll should be more natural. Nice John Stewart lingo.
  6. Ahahahah, wow, looks like the hero defender comes out of his closet just in time to save the day. Seriously, if you wanted to act like a big shot and come in here to contest what I've said, maybe you should've done it earlier and with better results. Jumping in at that the end of the battle to give your two cents is worthless really. What's your definition of a decent western rpg? Your an "assinine" for not thinking about what example your using and for arguing that games where you designate points are bad examples of great Western RPG...what western game that is good doesn't have options to designate points? What game allows you to put an idiotic skill anywhere and be able to have a powerful character? Why use a FAQ to create an uber character when the whole point of the Western RPG is to have a customizable one...NOT making someone else's character. Racism and prejudice stem from the same account. Both basing arguments on beliefs rather than fact. Here's a definition for you. -Racism- The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others. Did you read that nice and clear? We are talking about western vs eastern remember? Believing that Western are created more superior to Eastern is racist in my books fool. Nearly the entire thread? What have you been reading moron? The majority of the pages are comments like "Western", "Oh Eastern", Final Fantasy discussion and Hot and Cold fool. Maybe you should read them sometime. The only mentions are Morrowind and Fallout, which in your case is the basic essence of Western games. Since we are in the present time I felt I had to consider the latest entries of Western games that are most popular among the masses and not just to you. The market is full of Diablo clones and don't give me this shi t about me not knowing about western rpg's. Once again your the one who just wants a little attention by acting like a big shot. But basically, your just getting shot down. Save your useless defences in maybe the spam topic, because your posts are jibberish.
  7. LOL, that's the smartest thing I've heard lately...
  8. Why are these scammers always named Webber? Just like that clever Webber fellow that crippled the canadian $100 bill. His story is more devilish then this one.
  9. What is it? Lemme know. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Magna Cum Laude <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I think they wanted to add a Latin feel to the title since it's in College. You know how schools love having Latin phrases.
  10. As my post was saying. I was referring to RPG's where you designate skills points and attribute points and then have to redo your characters because you have uber placed proper skills making you feeble in PvP. Is that Morrowind 3 that you've beaten? Maybe beating that long ass game 3 times is sure as hell proof that you've got nothing better to do. Funny how my comments work on multiple levels. Maybe your lack of knowledge leads you to misthink that racist can only be used in literal terms as per it's definition. I was using it figurativly on how some people can prejudge games and define a culture of video games from only a few experiences. And from hearing about how much time you have with morrowind, I wouldn't be suprised if you were a closet hentai lover. Extra tenticles for you? Everquest/Diablo/WoW/Lineage/Baldur's Gate/Dungeon Siege, maybe some of those mentioned aren't true Mass Multiplayer but have strong emphasis on co-operative play to increase the enjoyment. Which leads to pity "my character is stronger than your character".
  11. I read one once but since then the EULA's sounded so familiar with the other programs with the same blah blah blah.
  12. Okay, maybe I'm being a little hypocritical since I'm assuming your stance on RPG's when I was complaining about how you shouldn't do that. Feel free to post your last comments afterwards because I think I had my share of this topic. This just brings back memories of that Street Fighter 2 incident that wasted so much valuable gaming time. Oh, and I was out of line with the culture remark. I take it back.
  13. I'm not here to have a match of intelligence with anyone. I wanted to stay with the idea of everyone likes what like they so just respect that. But many people are gangbanging Eastern RPG's and I just thought it would be nice to level the playing field a bit. If you have further comments to add i'll be glad to read them and give you my response. However, just to let everyone know I'm really playing an advocate to conflict. I'd recently greatly enjoyed WoW and Champions RTA more than my Nocturne and Suikoden IV. I just love video games so much. I'm still addicted to Shadow Hearts 1&2 and Star Ocean 3. So what's all this babbling about? I am not biased toward anything when it comes to games. I'll try anything and I'll play what I enjoy. But I'll be in arms when someone wiener whacks a genre of videogames and becomes prejudice not only in games, but in culture.
  14. You act like your judgement is fact. Probably you should refrain from your assumption of superiority because that kind of perception of Eastern videogames is completely ignorant. Saying those kind of comments just proves the lack of intelligence in your posts and shows the reader that your points are not concrete. I don't know about this fallout game of yours but I can say with certainty that having one game that has story doesn't save the rest of the lackluster snorefests. I don't know what exactly entices you about designating points to characteristics. From my experience build your characters is a complete waste of time in the end. With games such as Diablo, every character has a predefined ultimate form making you waste your time endlessy by choosing to place points and skills in the wrong area. Eastern RPG's often have the ability to increase your skill by using it continuously, therefore giving you the option of what kind of skills to build, but you don't see me bragging about it. Tactical Strategy games like Final Fantasy Tactics and Disgaea (which are considered RPG in my books and most gaming sources) provide endless opportunities to build and fashion each character the way you please. My point being, Eastern games can match anything created by Western. You are just racist in the sense that only Western games are worth your time. In addition to outstanding story telling, Eastern RPG's make replaying the games over again through various side quests and mini games. Eastern RPG's can be considered linear because there is always a reason behind the actions you take. Western RPG's have mindless quests to get a new item...wow. Once again you have used Fallout as the saviour of Western games, try more examples next time. Have you ever played Star Ocean 3? It provides one of the best combat systems in RPG's allowing your to choose what skills to improve and use in battle. In turn your success depends on how well you can connect combos and how well skills are used with your team mates. Every battle is different and provides an enriching satisfaction from difficult fights rather then mindless hack and slash. Well duh, all RPG's are like that and I did mention that below that section of text. As I've said Eastern RPGs provide you with a better sense of accomplishment after you saved the world and beat the boss because you remember the difficult journey. With Diablo/Everquest/NWN, you feel nothing and just want to restart your game so you can get some more attribute points. Heh, that's one of the worst paragraphs ever. Western RPG's are all about the MMORPG, therefore it is the most susceptable to emotional attachment. I'm not even going to bother with that one. I'm sure you wouldn't care if your level 76 Mage gets deleted. Maybe you should pick up Harvest Moon sometime. Videogames are heavily based from Literature. The elements of wizards and warriors stem from written work. Saying that you don't care about the story means you've lost the main point of the game. Literature is there so you can experience through imagination about the worlds and people you see. How they act, feel and react all are critical elements to the game. Videogames are not completely different and allow you to see everything. The worlds, the characters and the events. Actually, maybe you should ask that question to yourself. If you want people to accept your beliefs maybe you shouldn't say "They are just plain crap" without any proof or knowledge about the subject. The only reason why I contended to your remarks is because I hate it when people blab about their attitude like everything is universal according to their beliefs.
  15. That's how they get you...with the promotional offers. *Hugs Babes of Norrath Calender*
  16. Yeah right. Storyline is what makes each of the eastern characters stand out from each other, everyone of them having a main conflict and history. With your Western games you are giving a Barbarian and can change his clothing. Whip dee doo da day. Because of your ability of being able to choose different classes and skill trees, the story of your games become most linear since the developers neither have the time to make alternate endings for every choice available. In a sense it seems you are giving an objective and hack and slash your way until you get to the end, just to kill the boss. Eastern games are repetitive in that sense as well, but from the occasional hack and slash you go into depth of the characters feelings and emotions creating a strong bond, even though you cannot do the same thing with character creation. Finally, saying that being unable to make your own characters in an RPG ruins the strengths of Eastern RPG's is stupid. RPG's in essence is a story. You read through the story and are given certain restraints for playing the game. You experience and enjoy it. It's almost like saying that "Choose your Own Adventure" books are superior to masterful works of literature because you don't define cast and characters.
  17. But you like the same old medival wizards and warriors that westerns always use?
  18. I'm just writing it as it is...I just want you to know that I have full knowledge about what the real title is.
  19. This is the truth. Just because SONY added DVD+-R/RW support doesn't mean that they're going to throw the copy-protection/region lockout codes out of the window. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I know, i thought it was ridiculous too, I am just thinking it would be easier to run backup games with a little elbow grease thanks to the inclusion of reading dvd+r's
  20. Like I've said before in the other topic, I can't wait to try this Tekken although I never got into the others ones.
  21. *Ahen* That's fux0red. A strap-on? Oh please. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah Larry gets this girl thats a bookworm in her bedroom. But she tells him that she's not ready for the real thing so she asks Larry to wear a strap on and do it. The light go off and you hear this pleasurable sounds from the girl and then these crunching noises. Later on her roommate turns on the lights and you see larry eating the bag of chips and the bear wearing the strap on. LOLOLOL
  22. But that costs money My friend bought the new slim ps2 yesterday and I was quite impressed with it. On the side of the box it says it supports DVD+R/-R. I know this might be a stupid question but does that mean you don't need a mod chip to play backup games? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Actually it doesn't. It's a simple process DYIers, google a FAQ for it, it's simple. And what they mean is you can play media burned onto DVD-+Rs on it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Like burned movie's and stuff? Because besides that and games what other media do people play on the ps2 with dvd-r/+r
  23. Maxium Impact owned. Too bad they took out the Jap VO's from the US version. Kyo: "I am the Champion!" Ahhahaha.
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