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  1. Happy Birthday Kramer. Twenty-three brings you one step closer to being twenty-five. You know...when real life starts.
  2. That wasn't the best of teasers, but once he started sneaking up and dropping corpses, it got interesting.
  3. GaoGaiGar is where it's at holomes. Git with the times! GAOGAIGAR
  4. And what if we are? Whadda ya gonna do about it chump.
  5. I aquire music at a slow pace... 3 GB of music
  6. Dead Leaves INFO Paranoia Agent INFO Haven't seen Paranoia Agent yet...but I've heard a lot about it. Dead Leaves rocks. It's like FLCL on crack in 50 mins worth of time.
  7. Mind Game http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encycloped...ime.php?id=4363
  8. You probably would want to get in touch with the authors of NullDC. Google NullDC. The first page will take you to their support forum with contact info.
  9. Beat me to it...I've seen the link in Weirdy's sig enough to find it myself.
  10. I think there's already a 1emu lastFM group. I might just join up...
  11. Hmm...I loved the first Spidey movie, and hated the second. Went to a midnight showing on Thursday. I have to say I wasn't expecting much, as 2 was a letdown for me. I guess I'm the minority here in that I enjoyed Spiderman 3. The villains were better in this installment, and I like how Raimi portrayed Peter's struggle with the black suit.
  12. 17 out of 20 (85%) And I'm not even a citizen.
  13. Yes, it supports saving. Most games ask if you want to create a save block. Pretty much all the one's I've run do this automatically. Try using the in-game save option and create a save block if the game doesn't.
  14. Emulation isn't perfect. If you can't deal with the "stuttering", buy the game.
  15. Take your pick. Joy2key http://www.digitaltransforms.com/ http://www.redcl0ud.com/controlmk/index.html
  16. From what I've encountered it does have VMU support. I've been able to save my progress in Power Stone 2, and load it from the VMU in the game.
  17. Well about damn time! Thunder Cats!!! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  18. I always wondered why you changed your name to Jaegermeister. RaZer is your true name hehehe.... Get on Skype Andy. I'll teach you English, for free!
  19. I thought of posting this in spam, but I felt he deserved more than that. If anyone wants to move this to spam, I'm cool with that.
  20. It's been many months my German friend.....what have you been up to? Aside from hitting up our arcades here since you came back!
  21. Here's your happy ending. 300-Happy Ending
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