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  1. Well, we were working on a 1Mugen over a year ago. However, that plan went to smoke. I'd like to see a small project where we take 1emu members and make small fighters out of them (akin to pocket fighters), and where we have movesets related to our real life persona's. Maybe its to big a thing to do...it would be awesome in any event.
  2. STATUS: Offline Just like the Arcade.
  3. Uberfall is listening to: Kanye West - All Falls Down (feat. Syleena Johnson) [0:33/3:43] (160kbps)
  4. Your explanation is pretty vague. Go into more detail.
  5. The Pentium (M) (for "Mobile") was designed for notebooks. They are used in some desktops. Call customer support or your manufacturer. Tell them what you want to do.
  6. You have a Pentium M, so you have a laptop? Except in rare instances, graphics cards for laptops cannot be replaced. And you have an integrated chip set to boot. So yes...seeing as its a LAPTOP, you can't replace it.
  7. It's pretty black and white here my friend. Your graphics card is **** and does not satisfy the requirements to run NullDC half decently. If you wish to continue to dabble in emulation, you'll need to buy a new computer with a capable graphics card. There's nothing to understand or explain. Period.
  8. No ******* kidding. And some more games would be much appreciated.
  9. I'm sorry my guess was right. I just got a feeling, maybe my intuition.
  10. I use it. Do a search for Einhander. It's listed as my religion.
  11. I'm rooting for the Cavs, but even they don't stand a chance against the complete team that is the Spurs. *FIXED* lol i put pistons. Doh.
  12. I listen to some Hip-hip. But I have a diversity of music tastes.
  13. Rurouni Kenshin (TV) is where it's out. Kyoto arc FTFW.
  14. Slow down thar fella. I never said they would. I'd be proud of the Cavs if they win at least one game against the beast that is the Spurs. Should be exciting anyhow.
  15. To King James demolishing the Detroit Pistons? Good lord...this man could not be stopped. I think Charles Barkley said it best. Lebron was a raging inferno. He's burning down his opponents areans, and the Palace got razed to the flocking ground. All hail the king and his merry men!!
  16. If a mod had to go out of their way to fix my grammar, I'd be embarrassed. Seriously. And so should you Bismark.
  17. I was doing some research on how society views marriages among different ethnic people. Found this article and think its a worthwhile read. Maybe we can discuss some of the conclusions posed. I hope the LoveCop throws in his two cents! http://www.isteve.com/IsLoveColorblind.htm
  18. The Arcade has been down since our last server snafu (when Miskie was AWOL).
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