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  1. All the people who like badass characters will take Cloud, Sephiroth or Vincent so ill take Cait Sith instead
  2. if i have the money to buy a new PC, ill just buy what i could afford. why this kind of answer you ask? because here in my country AMD processors are becoming more pricier than their Intel counterparts. AMD just became a replacement for Intel in the market here so i still end up thinking practically of what i will choose between the two. i yearn for stability more than performance (but it is my closest second) since todays PCs are fast enough to do most things. bottomline: give it a good thought and research before buying. maybe people should too.
  3. heres something you may not know. the (original) Japanese version of that game has a different name (i dont know what it is) and in it, Ken's name wasnt even mentioned until the ending. this gave Japanese players some good surprise since they didnt realize earlier that they have been playing with an already familiar character all along. because of this, in the process of porting the game to US shelves, Capcom edited the game (including the title) so the player would know whos the character of the game right from the beginning. factoid taken from an old Tips and Tricks magazine. it may not be entirely correct but thats all i remember from it.
  4. i suggest you still play with the settings though. some games are best played in Japanese Region. like Matrimelee for example, you get the real BGM music. if Console mode has language settings then i would suggest using that too (so you can play in Japan Region mode with English text). i play SVCChaos in this mode (Japan Region / Console mode + English text settings).
  5. FreezeSMS is basically an emulator+frontend package (the emulator itself is renamed). anyways, sounds like a multiemulator frontend is what will suit your needs (while i dont use those, im fairly sure they exist)
  6. i actually found my copy of the game through google but its a plain ISO/MP3 rip and yes, it was a plain simple search that still applies up to now (i just tested the site where i got it from and the files are still there). however, the most accurate PCE CD Image (or the Saturn version) will be hard to find, thats where P2P, DC Hubs and Torrents will come in play. (edit: im not really trying to bump here )
  7. i still call those as DAT myself, theyre easier to remember and which seems to be followed the most. i just consider them as drivers (as they are intended to be).
  8. yes thats true, but so is open-sourced drivers. it is very limited all right and not flexible but for a closed-source emulator (again, NOT Kawaks) trying to add flexibility, i must admit it is a very clever method. you dont compile DATs, and you dont see what specific codes the DATs correspond to, both true. but for the sole purpose of adding games support, it IS still a driver. the only real difference is flexibility.
  9. actually, DATs can be considered drivers. its just specifically intended to support Nebula (NOT Kawaks). not being written in a source code fashion doesnt make it any less than intended.
  10. it works on XP? i dont think so. at least, i didnt make it to work. i have this package and when i installed it on my friend's PC (and its a clean machine with everything properly set up), it didnt work (only gets a blank screen after choosing new game) im lucky with the price though as i only bought it for 1000 pesos (20 USD)
  11. something tells me the battle against cheating in online games will become tougher
  12. Hi all, i know this isnt the place to ask for such things but i cant think of anywhere else right now. could anyone please pass me the file named "WK01.vms.adx" inside the "vms" folder of Disc 2 (its only near 6 MB)? this is the only file that my CD drive cant read. thanks in advance.
  13. it should, but you may need some tweaking. just dont expect some spectacular results or youll get disappointed. i dont know to be honest, the next best thing that i did with CS netgames is a LAN game with a friend (he lives in another city). im a botgamer essentially.
  14. CS does run on a voodoo (along with most HL mods). exception is probably CS:CZ and obviously, CS:Source.
  15. im pretty sure MAME will at least tell you what files youre missing (if you really are missing some files).
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