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    PC & NEO GEO GAMES<br><br>1stPerson,3rdPerson,Racing,Arcade Etc.
  1. Hey Does Anybody know how to play DOOM-III ALPHA BUILD ON MY PC? OS:WIN XP.
  2. U Know I Have Brought A new Pc.And Nfs 7,Maxpayne 2,Unreal 2 Flies On It At 1024X768. P-4 2.6C/512 DDR 3200 Kingston/ASUS P4P800/GF4MX440Chaintech128DDR.
  3. All the Fake Pictures And Fake ROMS That Sucks!!! When Will The Original Kof 2003 Rom Will be released??? I think It Will Release 100 Years later.I think is kof 2003 REALLY DUMPED?
  4. I Wish There Were Rock Howard In Kof 2003
  5. when Will sVc Chaos For NeoRageX Will Come.I Have To Wait It For A Thousand Years???
  6. SvC 2 Groove Lifebar The Best!!! http://www.mgbr.net/&prev=/search%3Fq%3DM....DUTF-8%26sa%3DG
  7. Oh!I Have Visited Coolrom 1000 Times!All Old Neo-Geo Roms.No New Add!Even They Didn't Added: 1.Sengoku 3 2.Rage Of The Dragons 3.Kof 2001/2002
  8. In My Words Sengoku 3 is The Best Classic Arcade Game I Ever Saw On Neo-Geo/Snk.
  9. In My Words Kof 2001 Has Very Bad Graphics.But Kof 2000/2002/97 Has The Best Graphics+Gameplay.
  10. The Downloads Works But The Speed Is Too Slow.But Why Isn't Samsho5.zip & Mslug5.zip Avilable?I Have A 5kbps LAN Connection.
  11. I Am Waiting For Kof 2003 & Metal Slug 5 Even Now I Am Checking All The Rom Websites..
  12. I thought Terminaor 3 will be a smash hit game on pc/X Box/Ps 2 But It's A.I And Gameplay Is Too Bad Graphics Isn't Good Enough. I Was About To Buy That Game.But When I See The Review On Gamespot I Was Greatly Shocked!!!!!!! Terminator 3 Obtained Only 2.0 On Gamespot Less Than Enter The Matrix!!!
  13. Anybody Played Nfs Underground?I Think It Is The Best Nfs Game After Nfs:porsche Unleashed.
  14. 1.Waku Waku 7 2.Metal Slug 3 3.Rage Of The Dragons 4.Double Dragon 5.Garou Mark Of The Wolves
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