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  1. At the time all this was sitting on my desk the latest update hadn't come in. And about the supposed release... why would you believe someone who would take hostages in the first place? Lets just wait and see if these people come back alive. (This info was sent to me by a Japanese friend of mine)
  2. -info- Aljazeera television on Thursday aired a silent video of the three Japanese - two men and a woman - and read out a statement addressed to "the friendly people of Japan" from an Iraqi group called Saraya al-Mujahidin. The statement gave Tokyo three days to withdraw its forces from Iraq or have its citizens executed. "We are the sons of Muslim Iraqi people. We were friends and on good terms. Why did you betray us and support the US forces which have violated our soil, our sacred places and land and shed the blood of our children?" demanded the statement. "It is time to retaliate.
  3. I apologize for my ignorance. It will never happen again...
  4. I want to join a game via internet. I choose a server and when I click it to join the game, a message pops up that says "You Have Invalid CD Key" How can I overcome this problem and be able to join games online. I can create a game and people can join me. But can't do it the other way around!! Yes I got Halo Copy from the internet (Kazaa) and the CD Key from the internet as well Please help me find a solution.
  5. hmmm.... I don't like the looks of this. -data- Microsoft Japan hints at new console's size and launch date. TOKYO--Microsoft Japan's new Xbox division chief Yoshihiro Maruyama says that his company's next generation machine, casually referred to by media outlets as the Xbox Next, will not see its shadow until 2006. Maruyama's comments support statements made by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer last year, when he told the Nikkei Journal that the console will be released no sooner than 2006 in Japan. But whether the Xbox Next will be out before or after Sony's next generation machine is not deci
  6. Capcom spokesman confirmed that Biohazard 4 / Resident Evil 4 will remain exclusive for the GameCube, contradicting an earlier rumor about the game heading to multiple platforms.
  7. And it will be coming to both PS2 and Xbox. Nice!
  8. Silent Hill 4: The Room... Better shots... still looks like Eric Roberts... Here ---> http://www.the-magicbox.com/Jan04/game010904c.shtml
  9. I'm not certain if it will be titled 2004. some say it will use a new numbering system. Sammy vs. Capcom will be jointly developed by both companies. (Capcom has said they are just getting use to the hardware.) SNK Playmore has updated their game release schedule for the Japanese market: Metal Slug 5 (Neo Geo) - Feb 19, 2004 King of Fighters 2003 (Neo Geo) - Mar 11, 2004 Metal Slug Advance (GBA) - summer 2004 Samurai Spirits Zero (PS2) - TBA King of Fighters 3D (working title) (PS2) - TBA King of Fighters 2002 (PS2) - TBA Well here are the specifications on the new machines for SNK
  10. Yes, and 3! You need a pretty good system but it's improved over the PS2 version thanks to the new features. (The high-res visuals are amazing!)
  11. Hmmmm... Look at this... -data- Cannes, France - May 20, 2003 In an announcement sure to make waves in the entertainment industry, ADV Films President and CEO John Ledford yesterday publicly confirmed industry rumors that the firm has acquired the rights to produce, and has already begun development of, a live-action feature-film based on the Japanese animated television series "Neon Genesis Evangelion," a multi-million dollar worldwide franchise and perhaps the most influential anime title in the history of the art form. Advertisement The project is a collaboration between ADV Films, G
  12. That character looks like Eric Roberts... Here --> MB Silent Hill 4
  13. Final fantasy NES with NESticle on my Pentium 133 The old days...
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