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  1. i got my swap magic disk from http://www.mod-chip.com and got it in 2 days. by the way i asked about this and my post got deleted
  2. im sad and happy too cause now kof is gonna look better.oh and the games are gonna be proted to the ps2 so i dont mind.
  3. hey it dosent load up the game i have the rom when it came out it says im missing all the files. when i check the name of the files its the same ones that fba is asking???
  4. he guys i know mame plays tekken but is this the tekken from the arcade, if it is why is it 15 mb doesnt it have movies so shoudnt it be like 200 mb?.
  5. lol me too as soon as i saw justin i turn off the tv
  6. well the only thing being worked on is the gamecube emulator and u know its only going to get better then theres mame, tekken is out so is blitz only u need a fast cpu to run them.
  7. hey guys if i buy a 9600 xt how good is half life 2 goona look on my pc my pc is p4 2.0ghz 256 ram thanks
  8. all i want is robert man i just keep getting better with him robert vs dan what a match up
  9. thanks Agozer it work man ms 5 is a good game i havent beat it well not yet cant wait till it works on nebula.
  10. how do u change the controls i downloaded the mame and ms5 rom.
  11. what the hell are u guys smoking i hate Garou: MOTW the only good thing about this was terry new look and rock the son of geese and kims sons too. well mimes are snk vs capcom metal slug 3 kof 2000 nice backgrounds metal slug x kof 96 theres one more i liked but i forgot right now
  12. can someone PLEASE post some pics and not pics from web sites because they are fakes like the metal slug 5 pics thanks.
  13. thanks i did it and it doesnt ask for the roms no more. but when i was playing it will sometimes restart and geese sounds are missing how can i fix this.
  14. hey guys i got nebula to run the game and it looks 10xs better then kawaks the only thing is it keeps asking for this svc_p1.rom,Bad crc,expected 1CC8FB7A found D005C51E svc_s1.rom,Bad crc,expected AAEF740C found BC670454 svc-m1.rom,Bad crc,expected 9AF84708 found 932AB489 Waring! some roms are missing or different Continue? where can i get the p1,s1,m1 roms or how can i fix this i really want to play this without any errors thanks
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