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  1. pretty good but im still getting the ps3
  2. yea part 2 was alot better they should really lose that main chick shes a nemesis lol
  3. damn i thought u guys knew http://www.scarfacegame.com/us/
  4. im gonna download this i get its better then re2 ps hey KyokugenKiss i like your sig
  5. too much fake crap like her runnin on the walls. lol flock those superpowers the whole point of re was that u had no powers all u have is guns
  6. good thing i havent bought a dvd burner ill just wait till those blue-ray things are out
  7. I find it funny that you say that on an emulation site. Doom 3 deserves to be bought. I downloaded it, and bought it in the same day. Eat that leechers. u want a cookie
  8. yes ima have to download this right away
  9. lol really flockin ass. if poeple dont like it dont buy it
  10. Asians? They are bad drivers? The things is that I was in Beijing roughly 3 years ago and yes, the drivers there seems to disregard pedestrians...but could it be a cultural thing? In America there is a stereotype of Asians being bad drivers. According to the stereotype they drive slow and use the turn signal way too early. it was a joke GryphonKlaw was right stereotype in the usa
  11. hope youll be able to backup dvd9 games
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