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  1. my first was secret of mana 3 or SEIKEN DENSETSU3. on hte Snesx, i thought ill never get a chance to play cuz it came out n japan but hell tha game impress me pushes the Super nintendo limits, just give me a brand new mana game for Gamecube and ill be goooooood to go
  2. tha dude from the Marvel vs Capcom game i think his name is Jin where is he from??
  3. It would be nice to see some of the fighters from world hero's and Some more Sam showdown characters, i wanna see some one cut chun-li or Cammy's outfits. Since they took preicous wasted time to put in the mars men, add some one from metal slug and throw in B.B. Hood from darkstalkers and have them shoot each other hell throw in one of those guys from Sengoku or something lol and some one from Matrimelee but for capcom they gotta alot of games and they be pickin the same ol, it would be crazy to see some from Onimusha or hell Viewtiful Joe. him and Dan can taunt there life bars aways. and i would Love Capcom if they bring some one from Breath of Fire series the would be real tight or that Guy for Chaos Leigon he was a Bad Ass
  4. reason i decided to throw this up in the air is... after playin the both Cvs 1 & 2 and played Svc chaos im left a lil bamboozled, its like every time they bring out on these games they put some good characters and some bad ones and they put characters that make say "what the hell", so this thread if for who, you think should make the line up. Since its was my idea ill guess i go first... 1. Ralf Jones ( i just wanna beat the hell out of some capcom characters with him) 2. K' ( my boy, it would be nice to see K' and Ken go at it would be a nice Rival) 3. Shingo ( i think he's funny, but hell of a fighter as well would be nice to see him n Ryu duke it out) 4. Kazuki from Samuria showdown 4(my second Fave, it would be nice to see him and K' or Ken go at it. well that who think need to been in those game if u disagree then list ur characters and reason
  5. im kinda late on this thread i been on here for a little while Name is J-dilla from Maryland but no relocated in Pittsburgh for school im into mostly fighting game, releaves stress i always say, but i have and Neo geo ragex, snes gens, neo geo pocket and mame emulators and i alwasy try my best to get a good fightin game everythin now and then. so tha me and that all mayne
  6. i thought svk chaos was iight, wont be up there with my top list but it coulda been better and i think snk need to partner up wit capcom and dump off playmore, cuz i think playmore aint doin a good job bring back snk(samuria showdown 5 anymore??) but as the line up for the snk vs capcom i think they need to poll it, cuz i miss my man Ralf, K',Shingo and Kazuki from sam show 4 and they added these dumb people like.... the Mars people... athena...? and that little annoyin bastard with claws Choi and fat boy earthquake then on capcom Tessa was cool in poket fighter but ill pass, hugo looks like a drunk retard every time i fight him, but if u gonna add a Dark stalker character bring back John Talbain or Donovon and we all know Dhalsim aint no fighter we establish that when we first saw him, they skippin all the other people in the capcom world. Zero was a cool addition, they coulda of added Fei-long, it would be nice to see Guy or hell even Maki or and they coulda add Hayato from Star Gladiator wouldnt be be bad but anyways, every game has a good side n bad and this one had a couple of bads
  7. I new at this and i recently downloaded Svc chaos for my neo geo rage and it wont work so i heard it works with nebula but im havin problems, settin up nebula so if there anyone out here tha can help me out it would be appreciated
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