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  1. well ill go with mod inside to show off to my friends and see if they get it
  2. that why im gonna buy its new system cause they goin to go all out with it tryin to get back its fans.
  3. i think so. look gba came out millions bought it. then gba sp came out the same people again bought it. now theres a new gb comin out again the same people are gonna buy it.and look at the gc nintendo are comin out with a new system the same people are gonna buy that.i thank god i didnt buy a gba or the gc.but i will buy its new system and a psp.i fell sorry for those who bought everything nintendo came out these couple of years.
  4. mvc 2 and the re series they look better on the dc then psx
  5. try buring it at the lowest speed. or it could be the game was burn like that
  6. ? how does your dvd player play avis. do u just put as many movies u can fit into a cdr and just play it or what. and do u burn the cdr as a data cd or vcd.
  7. do u know others program that let u trade stuff
  8. damn u guys still play saturn i still have mine and its like NEW i got it when it came with 3 free games.
  9. marvel vs capcom is bought i got snk vs capcom 2 from the net DC++ kind of sucks cause u cant get games there if your lucky and find someone who shares like GryphonKlaw
  10. im bored i got nfl 2k1 resident evil code veronica zombie revenge grand theft auto 2 blue stinger capcom vs snk marvel vs capcom marvel vs capcom 2 capcom vs snk 2 kof 2k2 metal slug 2 street fighter 3 third strike half life ikaruga carrier kof 99 kof 99 evolution fire pro wrestling sonic 2 crazy taxi 2 gundam vs zeon spawn cannon spike silent scope tony hawk tennis 2k2 sega marine fishing guilty gear x wsb 2k2 ufc power stone fighting vipers san franciso rush 2049 daytona usa resident evil 2 street fighter 3 double impact
  11. man i give up ill just play them on my dc. i mean my pc is a p4 2.0 256ram, or maybe its the game im tryin to play. its ms2 and its in nrg format.
  12. man i think its my pc cause it keeps shuting down maybe i have to update my Direct3D thing
  13. hey team player u said to dl 2 dll which one is the other one cuase i dl the d3d9.dll and i started the program its just when i tried to play it it shuts down
  14. well i dont know if its my pc but i keep getting this same error and i dl a couple of times now
  15. i get this error this application has failed to start because d3d9.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem
  16. omg people hispanics are people who are born in the usa whose parents are from mexico and people that are born in mexico are mexcians. latinos are people who are born un cuba, brazil and the rest of south america i should know im hispanic
  17. my bad. u could go ahead and diss me if u want i deserve it
  18. lol ufc is a fag sport this is coming from a kid who i bet never works out or who is a fat or skinny computer geek lol. so boxing is a fag sport too. i bet u think wrestling isnt gay or anything like that right.
  19. omg r u guys saying that 28 days was a good movie that was one of the worst horror movies i seen. even my friends and family and everyone i know said it suck.i know it was a big hit in euro thats cause they film it there didnt they.
  20. im still gonna watch the new dotd movie.about the re movie i agree cutting romero was stupid i heared his script was gonna be just like that game.just watching the old dotd movie makes me think what he could have done with re.
  21. no u cant use the cd to play ps1 games. u have to buy Breaker pro.if u cant soldered then buy the disks if u can or know someone then get a mod. i cant afford to mess up my ps2 that why i got the disk.
  22. the swap magic disk do work some games dont that where u download cdloader at SWAPMAGiCFiX.COM if the game your backingup isnt listing then it doesnt need a fix. i made on own fliptop.about the dvd rip i dont care about them i always do a 1:1 copy never rip cause they ware out your laser. my poor dreamcast.
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