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  1. What!!? wow this world is full of idiots!!! 14 bids just for an xbox pict and it was sold in 320.00? come on.... Yeah, jesus... Didn't people know you can get that for $180 in most places? u would had fall for it too cause its for a pic not the system
  2. LMAO that was funny ps. before u mention my mom, take care of yours, i think i saw her with 3 blackmen outside a hotel lol hes a clown if he didnt get ban the thread would had reach over 30 pages
  3. oh yea i remember gc posted it damn i was gonna read it later and i miss it
  4. cmon Agozer let us know what happend she really had to insulted u really bad to be ban
  5. lol nah i got think any one uses music to pick up chick. i really dout u even go to nightclubs cause the clubs over here play nothin but that crap hiphop crap like lil jon. tell me somthin where are u from
  6. u my friend are a nerd a dork. if u really love the 80s i get u use to wear those beach pants and makeup lol. i want u to go round some hot girls and play 80s in your car and see how many are gonna clown on yyour ass lol. so go listen to some guys yellin out loud and talk about there fellings.
  7. i know there goin to be rock i just said that to anger guy since hes a rock fan ps i still hate rock
  8. btw vice city music suck i hate everything to do with the 80s
  9. That's what I mean - look so far it's gone Grand theft Auto Grand theft Auto - London 1969 Grand theft Auto 2 Grand theft Auto 3 Grand theft Auto: Vice City (and now this new one will be) Grand theft Auto:San Andreas Notice how gta san andreas and gta vice city have the same style of names. Does that therefore mean that gta san andreas is not in fact gta 4 the same way that vice city wasn't gta 4? im only missin london 1969 and NO ROCK
  10. rock wont really fit in gta4 maybe in the las vegas stage
  11. i myself hate rock should be nothin but rap but those snoop tracks aint really for gta i like that warren g cause its laid back they should have use nothin but a g thang. i also like that ice ice baby track just for laughs
  12. jk i know gamecop liked it i was just messin with him
  13. i said looks and the movie still sucks
  14. lol this looks like matrix 0
  15. some of the new chara look like crap to me like Alba
  16. hey 1LLMAT1C how did u burn the cogswap loader cause i get this red screen and it freezes
  17. An analyst firm has warned that the price of the future Playstation 3 console could be as high as $500, due to its expected added media features. Industry analysts Michael Pachter and Edward Woo, who authored the Wedbrush Morgan Securities report, reckon that Sony will try to flog the PS3 off with way more functionality than current consoles, including among others digital video recorder, or DVR and a DVD burner. According to the report, by late 2006 – currently accepted as the earliest possible launch date for the PS3 – all of the system's extra features will cost about $250 to include, which will in turn lead to a $500 price tag. Another possibility is that Sony will release several variations of the console, including a minimalist version that will be designed purely as a games console. If they do this, users will be able to choose between the "regular" games system and the more pricey media centre. It's nice to see that Sony will be releasing a purely games console, because the companies save Nintendo seem to be getting far too wrapped up in "media centres" and are forgetting about the games. In related news, Microsoft has spoken out against rumours of its Xbox 2 system having no backwards compatibility. However, in its statement Microsoft did not deny the rumours. If Microsoft wants to compete with the PS3, having backwards compatibility would be advisable – after all, one Xbox in the living room takes up quite enough space. Imagine two of them. Source: The Inquirer. damn that alot guess ill have to jack someone for one
  18. mod chips are the best. if u cant solder then get a flip top
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