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    I'm slacking 1000 Deaths now.Congrats.
  2. Shoryuken most likely. Fighting game community
  3. Star Wars Republic Commando I love the Team AI in the this game so much.
  4. Make sure you contribute to the XXXXXX forum. Dont tell anyone
  5. Saw Gran Torino and Slumdog Millionaire. Both were pretty good and worth watching
  6. I dunno about you. but in diablo 2, the unique monsters usually gave me trouble than the boss monsters. But then again I never played it through nightmare and hell
  7. Edit: CES kinda boring I found out so changing the topic to Diablo 3 Game looks pretty good so far. That big boss looks pretty impressive and fun to play against
  8. I'm using a Saitek P2600 I believe. It's an older model but I got it for 10$ at woot.com and it's pretty good. Wanted a 6 button format for MAME games and having a dpad and analog works well with the action adventure games. Only problem with this model is that they included rumble, but rumble is so bad meaning it's very loud and kind of awkward. I'm sure there's newer models out though that fixed it.
  9. So anyone break their resolution yet or doing something to change this year? I forgot to make one and didn't even think of one until now so oops. But I guess mine is the same and continue to try to be more social within some bounds. It's working out so far.
  10. Walk more. Same old story here. School and stuff. Nothing really changed so far.
  11. Eh We were doing so well with ignoring Emu-lmao. We're only giving them popularity by posting their garbage here.
  12. Happy new years guys. Hope 2009 will be good for all of us!
  13. It was definitely better when we had more control over the channel like Gamesurge. We could screw around with each other and the topic and what not. With the bots in EFnet, we kept losing op, kept getting banned (although they were our fault) by the robot revolution and junk. We'll see what happens if we decide to revive it someday.
  14. Got back into Heroes of might and magic (4!)
  15. http://www.animevice.com/news/the-2009-winter-preview/145/ Just posting to provide some insight. I usually just wait till a anime series is finished anyways before I grab the whole thing. But Yeah here you go. Even if its late I have no idea why its Winter 2009. I'm just following everyone else
  16. Army of two on my brother's 360. I like the teamwork feature, and it's definitely better with two human players as the AI in single player is too good and pretty much carries you through the game.
  17. This game is silly. I got to 85% or so before I stopped.
  18. The only one that stands out the most for me this year and where I had fun throughout was Dynasty warriors 6. Even though playing the same formula for about 3-4 years now, I'm still not sick of it. Can't wait for DW6: empires next year.
  19. Far Cry 2. Seems to be a lot of traveling in this game which gets a little annoying since at this point, random jeeps just come by and crash into my vehicle. Ah well. Wasn't expecting a scenic drive through Africa anyways.
  20. Thanks guys. just having a busy day so don't have time to enjoy it
  21. Death cab for cutie - you can do better than me
  22. Not really doing much for thanksgiving. Eating the stuff at lunch and then going out to eat for dinner with some friends of the family. I'm personally not a fan of the thanksgiving food but it's still fun. I think Black Friday has escalated every year. I'll be tagging along with some people that day just looking at stuff and all the insane people.
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