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  1. Or just turn down the BGM in the options menu and blast your own music. Simple.
  2. I don't want to play. I embarrass you guys pretty badly last time. I quit because I felt bad owning you guys.
  3. I registered the Gamesurge one again #1emu. Click link in sig or just pop in there to say hi. Wherever our final server destination takes us, I rather have one with server-side services/bots so we don't have to worry about takeovers, bot flockups (lol efnet 1emu), etc.
  4. I'm up for a revival if people are up for it Which server do you people want to goto? GS? Rizon? Efnet?
  5. Funny as first but tend to get tedious and boring as you know what's going to happen. Plus, I tend not to listen to video reviews as they usually tell me what I can usually figure from playing the game myself.
  6. So even in the arcades, no matter how much you put in you still can't beat the game if you suck? If you can put in some credits and it goes over, its somewhat reasonable. But yes you can't beat the game if you're not good at it. There are DIP switches that the machine operators can set to set how many times you can continue or whether or not you can continue at all. Gaia Crusaders (another beat em up game) won't let you continue at all by default. So Unless you're extremely good at beat em ups, you only have one shot.
  7. Dynasty/Samurai Warriors Lunar Series Shining Force Series Street Fighter series Sonic the Hedgehog series Super Smash Brawl Final Fantasy 1, 5, 7 Edit: Forgot Gain ground These are probably the ones that I can listen to most of the soundtrack and like. I would listen others but I only like a select few of them such as Chrono Trigger or Starfox.
  8. Obvious answer is to get better at the game. If you're using MAME though, use a cheat.dat file and enable cheats and enable infinite lives (so you can still get hit and die. Infinite credits in MAME is like infinite lives anyways).
  9. I'm going to go ahead and say while that's an interesting idea, it might be unreasonable considering it's not in the same scenario as Marvel vs capcom 1 with 4 players or kof with 6 players on Kaillera. This is because unlike those two games, the assists/strikers you call out are your own teammates that can get hurt. So if you have some guy that doesn't know what he's doing and continually calls you out to get shinku hadoukened every time and you get KOed or lose massive amounts of health for no reason. Also, if you watch some of the higher competitive play, they like to do that move with magneto where they knock your guy out and then proceed to crouch fierce you until you die. Considering how crazy mvsc2 is with the assisting, this doesn't seem like a plausable idea to me, but maybe I'm just thinking too much about competitive play rather than casual play. A kobun/servbot 6 player match would be funny to watch. And thats cool mvsc2 is going to xbox live (and PSN). But like Rag said, I'm too casual (I randomly select my team most of the time) and probably couldn't stand up to the high tier teams. Plus, I prefer playing it on the dreamcast anyways.
  10. I play MAME probably on a weekly basis and thinking about messing around with the psx emulator with some old games I missed. But I think if MAME doesn't update as much as it did, I probably wouldn't as play it as much or have much of an interest as I do now. Also, many arcade games on MAME can be finished usually at max 1 hour (infinite continues ftw) so that makes it desirable to play rather than playing 5-10 hour games when I only have a short time period.
  11. 3 minutes and I"m not even halfway. and you can only pause once. Geez
  12. http://booksanime.today.com/spring-2009-anime-list/ 07-Ghost Asura Cryin’ Basquash Cobra the Animation Cross Game Eden of the East Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan! Fullmetal Alchemist 2 Gokujou!! Mecha Mote Iinchou Guin Saga Hanasakaru Seishounen Hatsukoi Gentei Hayate no Gotoku 2 K-ON! Konnichiwa Anne Natsu no Arashi Pandora Hearts Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ Queen’s Blade Ristorante Paradiso Saki Sengoku Basara Senjou no Valkyria Shangri-La Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Crimson S Tayutama Tears to Tiara Full metal alchemist 2 is the only one I see on there that would probably be the most anticipated But hey there's some interesting ones on there anyways.
  13. I'm aware of that. I don't know when it applies to other countries so w/e But if it makes you happy I'll just take it out
  14. I've been watching Witchblade anime, so far it's really good! Not gory as much when the characters die but alot of action. OR you could get all 14 eps of Elfen lied and be grossed out and sad at the same time That's funny. I just started watching that too. Only the first episode though. Been bogged down with homework lately.
  15. Another topic reminding those in US that we lose an hour. Blehhh
  16. silly flash text adventure game There's achievements. They're not that hard to figure out. Probably takes 4-5 minutes to grab all of them EDIT: AHA LANGUAGE FILTER RUINS THE LINK http://www.kongregate.com/games/Rete/dont-crap-your-pants change crap to Sh**
  17. Seems like a basic volleyball game from the old days. And oh hell to me I thought you could move posts separately but I'm noob. Merging them wasn't a great idea afterwards
  18. I always found it funny that people would join the channel and expect everyone else to talk right away. Usually it takes an hour or so for someone to check the window and respond, but oh well. It's not I'm expecting everyone to be idle 24/7, just for more than 4 minutes. Ah well, if we ever feel like reviving it we could.
  19. Sonic games over here. I had a genesis for the longest time and I must have beaten them a couple of times every year
  20. After a long hiatus, finally finished Devil May Cry 3 and Dungeon Siege 2.
  21. Played COD5 and Titan quest recently. Both decent fun
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