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  1. How about awards just to praise ppl like: user of month user of year. or something like that (Gamecop can't participate because he's the user of the lifetime!!!)
  2. Yah they don't belong to Psx Tavern..just saying that u got a lot of them from the community there heres one...but i think they're down right now! Link not allowed -Diso
  3. I didn't like that game for some reason... It was weird o.O It looked like a cheap DBZ clone (no offense)
  4. I'm trying to get all the forum boards to have the last post made by me! I'm conquering half of them already! (O yeah..I'm not spamming the boards with stupid things such as "whee" "boo" "haha" I put comments and links to stuff)
  5. U imported those websites from Psx tavern!!!
  6. I get errors for all of em...
  7. Nice going. Nice Design. Can't wait for it to come out! All Hail Gamecop, The ultimate Rom Finder!! Try not to put as many dead links this time
  8. I'm still putting stuff on my Website... Anyways I got Raiden Project Up on Geocities Groups! (finally) heres the link http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Disoblige200...iden%20Project/ <---snitch on me and i'll hunt u down and beat u up just like what this guy is doing
  9. just wanna know. is there a way to make files into bigger bytes instead of a meg
  10. now they put a group limit on a day...good thing i have many names getting Raiden Project up on my Website.
  11. MAAAAN! what a pain to sign up for all these geocities groups... Geocities! <---DIE GEOCITIES! ARGggGH I'll post link later...i'm still on group 2....1000 more to go
  12. Mamefans won't let me download from them for some stupid reason I had to sign up and do all that garbage and i get an error msg. What balonie :flame:
  13. Infantry is still free if u can snag the client and server from some certain people...
  14. Link not Allowed -Diso A Good psx forum where u can request things... most of the users have about 30 isos or so. They'll give u sum, but I think u'll have to give them something in return There's sum psx iso sites on there
  15. I play Starcraft.....best game that lasted 5 years and still going Online game links: www.subspacehq.com www.neopets.com <--- i dunno why i put that there www.arcadepod.com www.coffeebreakarcade.com
  16. Atari 2600... Fun system Had so many space games on there King of the Hill rules alls!
  17. Yah I trust u guys...But theres some people that h8 ppl like us and snitch on us... I"ll have to make it secret then
  18. Any Fighting Game is Good..Unless theres cheap moves (cough *cable* Cough)
  19. thx now if only someone doesn't snitch on me <shudders>
  20. Hmm how do u split up Iso/bins files.... If u can Because I got like hmm..20 isos that i want to share to the public
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