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  1. Just gonna double post here Finished Watching Skull man and had to say I enjoyed it a lot. Picked up Blood again and still can't really say if I like or not.
  2. Played through Clive Berker's Jericho. Can see why it had one of the worst endings of all time. I gotta admit I did like switching between all the characters though to give it variety. Starting playing Beyond good and evil and I can see why it's such an underrated game (or at least appears on those lists all the time) Still playing Mvc2 on ps3 too.
  3. Easier to take to 5 seconds to convert the japanese or w/e phrase into english than the 20 seconds it takes to explain it and then get asked if you speak japanese and such.
  4. Hiya roger. Welcome back
  5. Ya GOWIII is great. Didn't finish it though. Same with Darksiders.
  6. IMO, the series started out fine, but the end result was a boring mess, that doesn't really satisfies action fans, dark fantasy fans nor ecchi fans. This coming from a person who doesn't find that many animes boring. Personally, I thought they could have ended it with episode 11 Anyways, now watching The Skull Man. Nice break from all the action anime I've been watching.
  7. Just going to add Twisted Metal 2 That is all.
  8. Now Playing: Loads of marvel vs capcom 2 on the ps3. Played: Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay - Good game. Had a decent melee system and stealth system. Was also fun to explore the prison and try to escape all the damn time. Plus its vin diesel aka Cinder Yakuza 3 Demo - Awesome demo. Is Yakuza = Spiritual successor to Shenmue? But definitely cool. Has the free roaming and a pretty good battle system.
  9. Sonic not being developed by sonic team. Discuss
  10. You can check through http://www.freewebspace.net/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=32 A lot of them are legit. Just find the one you need and go on with it. I used to use them when I needed space to host cs maps so people could dl them directly from the webhost rather than the server itself.
  11. Good to know. . I think. Yeah, that one was pretty nasty for a boss. Chapter 8, IIRC. I actually didn't have much problems with that boss (One try!). Regardless, a lot of the difficult bosses in this game rely on patience and dumb luck. Dunno how many times I go into a boss with full potion stock and a revive scroll, only to use all of them, say fuck it and either keep going or die on purpose in order to do it right.
  12. Finished 07 ghost awhile back. Had a good flow to it I thought. Will be awhile til the sequel (if there's plans) since the manga is still going on. Started through 11 eyes. Pretty interesting at the moment.
  13. I dont remember this; what chapter was this? I completely forgot what difficulty I beat the game on; most likely the middle difficulty. But it was still hard as hell. Btw: unlocking mission mode can be done by beating the game on normal mode. I know it's challenging to beat doku at chapter 2, but hell with that, not worth using all your items just for that You guys wouldn't like:
  14. Great Game. Sat through two playthroughs of it and I'm kind of done with it for a while until I somehow forget the story. Multiplayer was decent; nothing too special. The coop missions are pretty fun though (Wish it was local though.)
  15. I've been wanting another good flight sim granted today's flight sims remove the element of taking off and landing (HAWX) which is fine by me. HAWX was alright, played it coop with 2 other guys and we found out you could restock missiles easily by crashing into the ground and respawning. Oh well. Last good flight sim out there that I played was freelancer. IMO, they probably have to do a hybrid with an FPS in order to make it into the market. Where it's like fly around, get shot down, steal someone's plane, and fly out while evading enemies. Or something like that.
  16. Ok I don't remember the last time I posted here so I'll just go from winter break till now 360: Call of Duty MW2: Ahahahah unbalanced gameplay. I call it mvsc2 of fpses. Could be a lot of rage quitting or not Halo 3: Alright, played coop with my brother. Nothing special it seems. Halo ODST: Played coop. Seemed like a downgrade from Halo 3. Much more open ended and can explore the map. Marvel vs capcom 2 online - Man people play to win. Not used to it. Still able to win occasionally PC: Brother in Arms 1 and Brothers in Arms earned in blood and Brothers in arms Hell's highway: All pretty much the same with a few differences between the first 2 and last one. Just another war shooter. The squad system is alright, but most of the time, its better just to suicide charge. Call of Juarez: Ok game. Could have done better I felt with the western genre Call of Juarez:Bound in blood: Prequel to CoJ 1. Really good western game. Showdowns are pretty awesome. Dungeon Siege: Do these dungeons ever end asdofuhnwoeaifnsdf PS3: Legend of Dragoon: Oh man this was a long game cause I chose to grind in it. Still had a good experience Resident Evil 5: My second RE game. Played through it coop. Had a blast even though I know it's vastly different from the other REs Uncharted 1: Fun game, couldn't play through it again until a while Uncharted 2: Awesome game, same as above though. Untold Legends: Not a good game. Played through coop. Gets highly repetitious and the camera is truly a POS. Wii: House of the Dead Overkill: LOL. So messed up. And so easy too
  17. Fixed and organized the Topic. Edit: Second Revision done
  18. Do you guys want this to be organized in terms of. Player - Psn ID Games they have Or Players - Psn id Games that can be played online Psn Id Psn Id Just thinking cause I'm procrastinating enough to do this.
  19. To add on this discussion, you should also figure out what attacks leave the boss open and what attacks you have can quickly damage him without taking much damage. You have to be pretty patient with the bosses. (at least thats the case in sigma 1. Never played sigma 2) As far as memorizing moves in Ninja gaiden, it's not really necessary. Find out what which weapons suit your style and just find some good combos for them. I beat sigma 1 pretty much just jumping everywhere and doing that running jump then triangle move. In terms of combos, the standard square square square and an occasional triangle is usually good enough. Is magic still a bailout in sigma 2? In sigma one, you can cast magic before you get hit and it's an invincibility frame.
  20. Only game I'm wanting to play is the stalker sequel and Demon souls. But I got a huge backlog at the moment so that's not happening any time soon. Plus their prices will go down the longer I wait so w/e
  21. I'd like to know if anyone on this site is still playing this game and their opinion on it. When I stopped playing it on my brother's 360, its rampant with campers waiting to get nukes, knife monkeys jumping everywhere to kill you (Lag doesn't help either), and grenades everywhere. When I stopped playing they just found out about that xp glitch and heard the glitching abuse might be pretty common also. Not to mention the fact that parties suck, and if you're facing a party, you're pretty much effed. And who can forget the fun join a game, the game is 3400-7400 and you lose. Not to mention playing the maps you don't like over and over. Yeah I did not like this game compared to MW1.
  22. TBH, If you download too much from megaupload, it sets a cap to how much you downloaded. You can wait up to an hour for your next file. Rapidshare is pretty bad when the servers are full, but its ok even though you have to wait 15 minutes in betwee. Hotfile seems to be the best atm, you only have to wait 15 minutes between each file and you can usually get in with pretty decent speeds.
  23. Yes. Oh hey no swear filter. This place is an anarchy now.
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