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  1. Hello there. I ported Convey SDL to the Dreamcast. Hooray! It's now the 3rd dreamcast port of this game. My port doesn't even suppport the joypad, you can only use the keyboard. Blame me! I'll release a fixed version soon. The next update should have some new levels, too. I used SDL and KallistiOS from DC Dev ISO R4 to compile it. Please also note that this game was only tested on emulators (Makaron and nullDC), though it should work on a real Dreamcast as well. You can find burning instructions on sites like dcemulation.org or dreamcast-scene.com. Original game can be found here: Cloudsprinter Software Have fun! Download: http://www.maturion.de/dreamcast/conveysdl.rar Visit SEGA-DC.DE
  2. BlueCrab has released an update of his MasterSystem/GameGear emulator for Dreamcast, Mac OS X and Linux. What's new: Download CrabEmu here.
  3. Although this is around 3 months old, I'd like to show you a game I ported over to Dreamcast. Pocket Volleyball DC is a small volleyball game for two players. Unfortunately there's no AI, so you need someone to play with. The game was originally created by Hugo Ruscitti. Check out his other nice games at http://www.losersjuegos.com.ar . Pocket Volleyball is written in C and it's based on SDL. I used Chui's port of SDL and KallistiOS from fackue's DDER4 to compile this. Download : Binary: http://www.maturion.de/dreamcast/volleyballbin.rar Source code: http://www.maturion.de/dreamcast/volleyballsrc.rar Originally released on SEGA-DC.DE and DCEmulation.org.
  4. BlueCrab has released a nice application for Dreamcast: Source: DCEmulation.org
  5. What happened to the channel? Why did it get closed?
  6. http://www.dcemulation.org is my favourite Dreamcast website. It is absolutely legal, and quite all active homebrew developers are over there. They have up-to-date Dreamcast news and a nice community. They are around since 2000. My own website, http://www.sega-dc.de , is also cool.
  7. This should really get added to Xbins...
  8. Do you still need beta testers? I'd be here.
  9. 'Been playing Halo 2 over XLink (after quite half a year) and I just tried out ZsneXbox 3.4.
  10. Russia, Russia, Russia! I'm sure that Germany will win...
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