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  1. the one I posted yes You can stop trying to get it to work then. No integrated chip (especially one made by Intel; unfortunately the worst kind) will work with Chankast. If you had one made by ATI or Nvidia, then you might have a chance. Either way, Chankast doesn't like integrated graphics chips. No hardware T&L support, so you're flocked. Is nulldc the same in regards to integrated chips? It might as well be.
  2. You think that sucks? Until I can afford to drop the cash on my new Radeons, I'll be relegated to a PCI video card, and the only one I have? A Trident 1 from 1994........ Ok. You win. You just won a few Internets with that confession.
  3. I'll consider it. But ebay has a lot of retards that sell stuff cheap. Just be cautious... some of those "retards" can also be crafty Asians who will sell you a fake. Usually when they use stock footage, or make pictures really conspicuous then one can assume such.
  4. With GUI? Yes and command line Sweet. Get it to run an f-upped Buriki One and you're god.
  5. About time they released this officially for the DS I'm having fun with the DS version. Much better than the NES one.
  6. It was compaq's early days I believe. Must be an old system. I had a compaq. This was it's specs: Processor: Intel Celeron Processor @ 2.9 Ghz Graphics: VOODOO 3 3500 TV AGP 3DFX HDD: 100 GB
  7. 2k2 was pretty fun. Though, it got very tedious fast with a lack of story
  8. It should be the same solution. Change the save to Flash 128K I am having the same problem with VBA on my mac. I have read through this thread and nothing seems to help because the Windows Operating system is much different than that of a Macs, there is no option button where you can change the settings for the emulator. Can someone help? I'll try to get screenshots up if that helps. That would help. I no longer have a mac so I cant remember what the gui is like.
  9. WRONG. You can run A LOT of commercial games with Desmume and Ideas. Not that many. The emulation just isn't up to par right now. I'd suspect it to be very well in a year or two if we're lucky. Right now the sales of flashcards have pretty much stunted the need to emulate the console. Which verily blows.
  10. Xevious is such a good game. I miss a lot of the hack mame builds they had going back around 2001-2004
  11. Ahk. Yeh I got a hold of that. The version there isn't as good as the PSP's though. I'd love to find out where they ripped this one from. Same here. But I am really probably gonna buy this collection. I like ensembles.
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